August 21, 2019

Discussion Question

How well do evaluation rubrics for traditional settings translate to an online environment? How much direct attention and time is necessary for a student to receive adequate instructional support? What are the implications for teaching load?
August 21, 2019

Functionality technology

Read the article “Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in K12 and Higher Education” (in the week 4 readings). Write a paper (4-5 pages) that discusses the functionality, technology and examples (pick a minimum of 2 and is NOT limited to the examples in the table) in Table 1. How have these been used to shape the way we teach online? How do you use these in your classroom? What have you done? How can this be done differently? This paper should help broaden your understanding. Please feel free to cite additional sources and research other examples. EXPLORE.
August 21, 2019

Digital Innovation’s blog

This blog must have 1. Include the presentation you prepared for the “Gartner hype cycle technology” . 2. Discuss the difference you identified between the Gartner 2016 & 2017 strategic technology trends. 3. Discuss the difference you identified between the Deloitte 2016 & 2017 technology trends. 4. Describe in some depth how one of the trends could potentially have an impact in your chosen industry. resoure for reading: Gartner 2016: Gartner 2017: Deloitte 2016: Deloitte 2017: each parts need 200 words.
August 21, 2019

How to share data using Ad-Hoc Network

In this task, I am looking for more technical report about sharing data between Autonomous Vehicle (self-driving car) and roadside unit (RSU). I need for this task at 4 late citation (2013 or newer) from IEEE or ACM .
August 21, 2019

Term Project

Tiffany, Good effort, Here are a few comments about your draft- item 2- knowledge management architecture and its components, missing details about the components, try to name them, explain the function of each component. item 3 – the value to the organization inwards? value outwards ? value to workers, management and customers. item 4 – incomplete, review these processes and describe the relevant tasks corresponding to each process. item 5 – collaborative tools, good, instant messenger? social networking services? item 6 – a type of data? source is inwards, outwards or both? item 7 – approach? top down, bottom up? […]
August 21, 2019

Technological writing

As you study your technical document, you should pay particular attention to the audience it is addressing, basing your analysis on the questions we discussed online. Once you have determined characteristics of the audience the document is addressing, write your technical document analysis based on the requirements below: Your analysis should be in essay form, with at least three paragraphs. Your paper should have introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The analysis should focus on audience. The discussion should elaborate on certain points about the audience (for example, organization, use of graphics, etc.). Your essay should be two typed pages long (double-spaced […]
August 21, 2019

Entity-Relationship Diagrams

The article, “Issues and Guidelines in Modeling Decomposition of Minimum Participation in Entity-Relationship Diagrams,” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1, presents arguments for the construction of tables involving entity relationships with minimum cardinalities of zero in such a way that the table designs minimize the occurrences of nulls in the data. That is, in a 1-to-1 relationship, it is generally understood that it does not matter which table receives the foreign key. In the article, however, when a minimum cardinality of zero exists, improper placement of the foreign key can result in excessive nulls. It can […]
August 21, 2019

UML Diagram

Part 1. Find at least two journal articles that have a similar problem they are attempting to solve in your systems analysis and design project. Use a minimum of two scholarly journal articles from top information systems, informatics, or information technology journals. In one paragraph each, describe the research methods and processes the authors of the articles justified to attempt to solve the underlying problem(s). Part 2. Include at least two unique systems analysis diagrams from your systems analysis project for peer review.
August 21, 2019

International Marketing Through Internet and Social Media

ONLY for Digital Marketing experts Hi Please contact me if you are digital marketing expert. It is final MBA project with Harvard referencing rule. Company name: Fashion brand River Island Project name: International Marketing Through Internet and Social Media I have prepared my project. The project need to be revised as per the recommendation of my tutor. Please, I would like to know are you able to offer your services on fixed fee basis. My tutor may ask to revise the project in future depending on the quality of project. I would like to request offers from International Digital marketing […]
August 21, 2019

Final Project Milestone Three

Using the scenario provided in the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document, provide a web consult, summarize at least 10 of the key functionalities of a potential website, provide and justify practical suggestions to improve the quality of the website, and identify a current website that models the two suggestions. Include supporting screenshots that highlight the functionality. Additionally, provide several recommendations for information security practices for the distribution company. Provide a real-world example of an information security assurance failure to illustrate the importance of these practices. Submit both summaries in one Word document with supporting screenshots embedded in the document. […]
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