August 21, 2019

Starbucks external factor analysis (EFAS) table

SWOT analysis conducted in Unit II, create an external factor analysis (EFAS) table for the Starbucks. Use Microsoft Word, or a similar program, to create your table. It should have five columns. The first column heading should be titled External Factors, the second column should be titled Weight, the third column should be titled Rating, the fourth column should be titled Weighted Score, and the fifth column should be titled Comments. In the External Factors column, list at least six opportunities you saw in the company you researched. Underneath the opportunities, list at least six threats you saw in the […]
August 21, 2019

Business and Law Discussion

Should the FBI be able to force Apple to create an override for the delete after 10 wrong password entries feature on the iPhone to allow the FBI access to encrypted data when the FBI has obtained a valid search warrant? For example, think about how you might feel if you were falsely accused of something and the federal government wanted to confiscate your phone and use the override to access the information and data on it? What protections should be in place?
August 21, 2019

Business Discussion Remedies for Breach of Contract

Instructions Unless otherwise instructed, Lesson Assignments should be prepared in Microsoft Word® using the Times New Roman font, 12 point, single space, double space between paragraphs. Each page must be numbered and your last name and student number included on the upper left hand corner of each page. Each student is responsible for completing all assignments by the required date and time. This course contains a number of lesson assignments and/or case studies. All assignments are to be completed in a Microsoft Word® document conforming to American Psychological Association (APA) formatting standards ( Additionally, please ensure your assignment has a […]
August 21, 2019

Business Report

Write a business report explaining the vocabulary concepts, the relationship among them, and importance to the marketing strategy, with more than 4 references Vocabulary: -Product or service definition -Price, Product, Promotion and Place (4Ps) -People, Process, Physical Evidence (The extended 7 Ps) -Marketing Research -Market segment -Market Niche -Ideal client profile -Marketing strategy -Commercialization strategy -Advertising -Market Positioning
August 21, 2019

e-Portfolio project

The final project for this class is an e-Portfolio. You will create and assemble a collection of artifacts demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and understanding related to your chosen field of study. E-Portfolios provide a snapshot of one’s academic and professional journey and can be shared with potential employers and peers for networking purposes. After completion of this course, you can continue to add to your e-Portfolio, creating a valuable web-based resource to present and promote yourself in your career. An e-Portfolio captures the progression of learning and growth by including various evidence such as text files, videos, blogs, audio files, […]
August 21, 2019

Ch 29 Types of Agency Relationships and Ways to Terminate Agency

For this chapter discussion, answer the following questions. Be sure to cite any sources. 1.) Explain the different between the 3 types of agency relationships; (1) a principal-agent relationship; (2) an employer-employee relationship; (3) a principal-independent contractor relationship. Provide an example of each one. 2.) Name the 4 ways agency can be terminated and provide an example of each one.
August 21, 2019

Ch 33 Glass Ceiling

For this chapter discussion, answer the following questions. Be sure to cite any sources. 1.) Do you think that a “glass ceiling” still exists when females are considered for promotion to the highest executive positions? 2.) Is sex discrimination difficult to prove? Support your answers with reasons why or why not and include examples.
August 21, 2019

Legal Forms of Organization

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a sole proprietor. -What is the difference between a general partner and a limited partner. Give an example. -What are the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation? – Why are LLC’s so popular? -If you were to start a business today, which type of legal entity would you form and why (ex. Partnership, Corporation, LLC, etc.)?
August 21, 2019

Ch 43 Administrative Agencies Discussion Forum

Do you feel that an administrative agency should be able to promulgate a rule (Legislative power), enforce the rule (Executive power), and hold an administrative hearing (Judicial power)? Would this violate the Separation of powers under the Constitution?
August 21, 2019

Business letter-Bad News Letter

Assignment 5 Bad News Letter – Refused Request it’s a business letter so that the language should be easy to read and understand. You stare at yet another solicitation from a well-meaning service organization. This time it is from Help Your Neighbor, a local nonprofit endorsed by various churches in the city. They are inviting your company, St. Bernard Home and Garden, to be a featured sponsor of their annual Help-Out Day. This event, their major fundraiser and publicity effort, has volunteers from all over the city contributing ones day’s labor to help their less fortunate neighbors with yard work, […]
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