August 21, 2019

Discussion assignment

I need you to compete 2 discussion for me. One is due tonight, another one is due next Saturday. Select and read ONE article from the ACM TechNews digest found here: Prepare and post a one paragraph summary of the article and be sure to include an important fact or insight you learned from the article–something your classmates and instructor will find interesting. Note that you will not be able to see other posts until you have made your post. After your initial post, read through posts from your classmates looking to add comments or ask questions. Be positive […]
August 21, 2019

Growth options/optimal level/ actual budget and adopt a maturity matching approach to financing assets

Part One: Financial Management Would a failure to recognize growth options tend to cause a firm’s actual capital budget to be above or below the optimal level? Would your answer be the same for abandonment, timing, and flexibility options? Explain using a practical/hypothetical example from your industry. Part Two What does it mean to adopt a maturity matching approach to financing assets, including current assets? How would a more aggressive or a more conservative approach differ from the maturity matching approach, and how would each affect expected profits and risk? In general, is one approach better than the others? Use […]
August 21, 2019

Financial Management

Discussion # 4 Part One Financial Management (capital Budget level) Would a failure to recognize growth options tend to cause a firm’s actual capital budget to be above or below the optimal level? Would your answer be the same for abandonment, timing, and flexibility options? Explain using a practical/hypothetical example from your industry. Part Two Executive salaries have been shown to be more closely correlated to the size of the firm than to its profitability. If a firm’s board of directors is controlled by management rather than outside directors, this might result in the firm’s retaining more earnings than can […]
August 21, 2019

Vocabulary English

Write up the meaning of the following vocabulary words and also their translation of the word if it’s in Spanish to English and if its English to Spanish. Example: Comercio internacional = International Business Definition: The interaction of two free countries in free commerce (short version) The vocabulary is as follows: Taller Uno: (Spanish or English) Globalización de los negocios Globalización de mercados Globalización de producción Aspectos culturales en los negocios internacionales Empresas internacionales Economia Mundial (English) Global economy Direct Foreign Investment Quotas & Tariffs International Politics International Monetary fund (IMF) World Trade Organization (WTO) Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Factors […]
August 21, 2019

discussion post

This first week of class, write down all of the items (durable goods, not foods or cosmetics or cleaning products) that you purchase and their sourcing (where each is from). For example, a shirt may be assembled in China, designed in the US, and made from Italian fabric. A notebook may be made in the USA. Check the information on each label/ packaging. Please follow this format: Item/Sourcing (EXAMPLE): *notebook/ USA *shirt/ assembly – China, design- USA, fabric – Italy. If you find that you have purchased items from a source country that you are not familiar with, look it […]
August 21, 2019

HRD definition Assignment

This is a Human RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CLASS HRD Definition Assignment This three-part assignment requires that you first access and state an HRD definition on a ” Word Document” that you acquired from a reputable scholarly source (see definition shown below). Do not use our textbook as a source. DO NOT use a dictionary or website that you located via a search engine search. Second, include an APA-compliant in-text citation (author, year, page #) with your definition and then create a Reference section at the bottom of your document with a fully constructed source for your citation(s). If you have problems […]
August 21, 2019

Business Proposal

Business Plan/Proposal for a fishery business. Proposal is to be submitted to the government requesting funds to start up business. This is not an assignment. Its a business proposal. Please consider before putting an offer in. Required before Monday please.
August 21, 2019

Decision Alternatives

Daddy Warbucks, a very wealthy investor, built his fortune through his legendary investing knowledge. At present, he has been offered three investments from which he would like to choose one. The first is a conservative investment that would perform quite well in an expanding economy and only suffer a small loss in a worsening economy. The second is a speculative investment that would perform extremely well in an expanding economy but does quite poorly in a worsening economy. The last alternative is a countercyclical investment that would suffer some loss in an expanding economy but perform well in a worsening […]
August 21, 2019

Research project

Please follow the instructions Do not waste my time and your time if you don’t read all the brief and you just make offers without even considering if you can do a good job I Already closed the topic :”how globalisation can drive business success” I Aready chosed a company : Coca~Cola Thank you
August 21, 2019

Bad-News Message

“Write a response to Ms. Smith”. Please read carefully information and instructions in “Writing Assignment 3”. Look “example letter” to know about letter’s structure . Do not use double pages. it must follow structure in example letter ” Notes: do not copy exactly information from example because the example letter is my friend’s assignment last semester.
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