August 21, 2019

Formal Report & Executive Summary

M4 Assignment: Formal Report & Executive Summary (due end of week 8) Write a formal report (approximately 5 pages) and an executive summary, based on a situation of your choice. Label the executive summary “Executive Summary” so it is readily distinguishable from the rest of the report. The report may be either informational or analytical. Hopefully, it can be a report that you actually have to do for work or for a community group. Evaluate whether you need visuals and, if so, include them as appropriate. Please submit all in one attachment: A completed situational analysis table, with information for […]
August 21, 2019

Discussion Assignment

Conflict Resolution Find an article that discusses the resolution to a conflict that deals with guilt, victimhood, and/or loss in one of the following newspapers: New York Times, Miami Herald, Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal and respond by summarizing and giving your opinion. Please make sure you include the entire citation for the article. Comment on at least 2 other student posts.
August 21, 2019

Negotiation Week Three

Written Assignment 3 Read Chapter 8 and prepare an essay (APA Format) of no less than 2 pages long or 600 words citing and describing some of the consequences of: “Unethical conduct” during a negotiation. You may cite your textbook, but it is a requirement that you enhance your homework assignment with additional research. Hint: Use the Electronic FNU/Library it is a requirement (cite two sources). Overview In this chapter, we turn to power’s complement, influence—the actual strategies and messages that individuals deploy to bring about desired attitudinal or behavioral change. During negotiations, actors frequently need to convince the other […]
August 21, 2019

Business, Society and Environment

(2) Develop a Short Précis. [about 2 pages) A compelling original written piece to help readers understand any issue relevant to the film and topic chosen: e.g. data/evidence, industry and social-ecological interdependences, local context, linkages local-national-global levels, possible business and governance solutions or action plans, ethical issues, etc.
August 21, 2019


In our country,it is widely known that there is a separation between church and state. I’d like you prepare a paper discussing the significance or insignificance of governing with a religious mindset and/or a scientific mindset. Be sure to give at least 3 examples of world leaders who have shown these qualities and highlight what they did to convince you of this.
August 21, 2019

A Passion for Science

Overview When people present their ideas in an authoritative manner, it is easy to assume that they have the experience, skills and education for us to trust their expertise. But how can we know which “expert” to trust? In your position on the Workplace Culture Committee, you can help your peers recognize whether applications of certain theories are based in science or not. In this Project, you will examine two talks on the subject of motivation, then look into some uses of motivational theories that are promoted by different kinds of experts. Directions Your efforts on the Workplace Culture Committee […]
August 21, 2019

Brainstorming Possible Solutions

Read the Portfolio Builder/Team Skills item 15-43 at the end of Chapter 15, about Message Strategies: Proposals. As a group for this discussion: 1.Brainstorm possible solutions to this problem. 2.Once you’ve developed a number of possible solutions, analyze them for feasibility. 3.End this discussion by trying to come to some consensus about the three best possible solutions. Which are the most logical and feasible? Note: You do not need to draft the actual proposal. The focus here is on creative brainstorming of possible solutions, and then evaluation/analysis of those possibilities. This discussion will run over the next two weeks. You […]
August 21, 2019


M5 Assignment: Proposal (due end of week 10) I scanned the chapters needed to complete this assignment but it too large to attach any suggestion. i need to be able to send to you BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TODAY PEARSON FOURTEENTH EDITION Chapter 13 – Finding, Evaluating, and Processing Information Chapter 14 – Planning Reports and Proposals Chapter 15 – Writing and Completing Reports and Proposals Chapter 9 – Visual Media Online/Course Reading Writing Proposals Write and submit a substantive proposal (3-4 pages) for something you want to change at work, in the community, in a community group, etc. Make sure to […]
August 21, 2019


Week 4: All written work must be in APA Using Multiple reference and citations Before doing the assignment for this week 4, please, read carefully the following chapter. Chapter 6: Communication Questions: 1. What is communication and how does it impact on negtiation result? Give examples. 2. How can you explain “perception-communication” in negotiation? Give examples. 3. Study the case ” Twin Lakes Mining Company” posted last week and explain the following: What kinds of mistakes can be avoided? See “Special communication considerations at the close of negotiations” page 149. Textbook: ESSENTIALS OF NEGOTIATION, 5edition no less than 600 words […]
August 21, 2019

Job package and recommendation report

i am attaching a file which explains what clearly need in the assignment. and for my resume if you have questions .feel free to ask me .my name is Manjot sidhu . i am a 2nd year student enrolled in business management at kwantlen polytechnic university. i have worked at a52 warehouse at as a associate ,customer representative at a TD bank,server at donair affair . For the second part is a recommendation report and will offer recommendations to solve the problem(s) identified in your project idea memo. the project idea memo will also be attached along .I will also […]
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