December 12, 2018

Elementary School Age

Elementary School Age For the Final Paper, you will write a literature review. During each week of the course, you will develop an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles that are relevant to a chosen theme of cultural competence in early childhood education. The themes are as follows: DIVERSE FAMILY STRUCTURES You will finalize the literature review by incorporating three additional scholarly sources into your paper that highlight the necessity of designing a classroom to meet the needs of diverse learners. Your literature review must include the following: An introduction that provides the reader with an understanding of what research has […]
December 12, 2018

models of competition

models of competition LP4.2 Assignment: Competition Directions: Research three different models of competition between firms that are highly interdependent (note: there are over a dozen so you should have no problem finding many different models to examine). Discuss the similarities and differences between these special models. Be sure to explain the different circumstances where one model might be more appropriate to use than another. Write up your report in a 500 to 750 word APA formatted paper (word count does not include title page, Certificate of Authorship, or references) and submit it to the drop box.
December 12, 2018

Global Education Defined

Global Education Defined Consider how you viewed the concept of global education 10 years ago. Discuss how you have changed your views from the past to the present. Now “fast forward” to 10 years from now and imagine what your concept of global education will be at that time. Title of the class is EDU 562 Global Leaders in Education Title of the book is Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker, T. (2009). Visions in global education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. Readings for this week is Chapter 1 which will be an attachment
December 12, 2018

Exploring Costa Rican Education

Exploring Costa Rican Education From the e-Activity, after watching the short video about education in Costa Rica, determine two of the main differences you observed between that and the American educational system. As a matter of comparison, identify similarities you noticed between the Costa Rican and American educational systems. Add a brief prediction about how the two educational systems might learn from one another. E-Activity Week 1 e-Activity Watch the video titled “Reflections on Costa Rica” (6 min 55s) from the Institute of International Education Website, located at Be prepared to discuss.
December 12, 2018

Global and Multicultural Perspectives

Global and Multicultural Perspectives Review Table 2.1 in your textbook titled “What Is Distinctive Between Global Education and Multicultural Education.” Select two of the six parameters, e.g., origin, justification, etc., and discuss how the differences in parameters could affect leadership skills. Select one of the approaches in shared discourse, Table 2.2, i.e., monoculturism, particularism, etc., about global education, and formulate your own version of how leaders of this approach would implement diversity practices. Readings Chapter 2 table 2.1 and table 2.2
December 12, 2018

strategies for increased profitability

strategies for increased profitability Strategies For Increased Profitability This week we will be discussing strategies for increased profitability through an example, Honeywell. Before we begin, please identify Honeywell’s website ( and review their portfolio of businesses that can be found by exploring its website. Once you have explored Honeywell’s Portfolio of businesses answer the following questions: In how many different industries is Honeywell involved? Would you describe Honeywell as a related or unrelated diversification company? Has Honeywell’s diversification strategy increased profitability over time? Please respond to the initial question by day 5 and be sure to post two additional times […]
December 12, 2018

Higher Education Policy Development

Higher Education Policy Development Discuss how policy development can be considered broad based, and provide examples of how this is implemented. Debate whether the practice of internationalization has improved schools in the countries described as “host” countries for this practice. readings is also chapter 2 Week 2 e-Activity Visit the Educause Website to read the article titled “Global Perspectives on Higher Education”, located at Be prepared to discuss.
December 12, 2018

Creating a Safe and welcoming environment for elementary school

Creating a Safe and welcoming environment for elementary school What strategies would you implement in your classroom to enhance a child’s critical thinking skills? • Which of the 15 items on the T.E.S.A. handout will be the easiest for you to do as a teacher? • Explain how you would implement each of the 15 items, including any difficulties you anticipate encountering and how you would address each difficulty.
December 12, 2018

Price Discrimination

Price Discrimination One of the most effective users of price discrimination are airlines. People on the same flight can find they paid as much as double or more than passengers sitting next to them for the same flight. Research this topic and report what you find. Should this be legal? How does price discrimination by airlines affect NPV, IRR, cash flow estimates, profitability indices and the cost of capital? Defend your answer and cite your sources.
December 12, 2018

Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy Define the concept of human rights as it fits with your personal philosophy of global education. Describe the most important human rights challenge that affects global education and justify your position.
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