December 13, 2018

Social Groups and Social Institutions

Social Groups and Social Institutions Please respond to one (1) of the following: Social Groups: You probably belong to many different social groups, made up of people with whom you regularly interact. Your groups might include friends, family, coworkers, or people in your community. Which of your social groups is the most important to you? Why is it important? How does this group influence you? Social Institutions: Social institutions help a society meet its basic needs. Examples include the family, education, religion, government, and the economy. What is one social institution that has had a big impact on you as […]
December 13, 2018

Agency’s Ethics, Cooperation, Leadership, and Legal Decisions

Agency’s Ethics, Cooperation, Leadership, and Legal Decisions Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 1. Analyze two to three (2-3) current events from the past two (2) years (using the e-Activity in Week 4*) focusing on the administrative responsibility and ethical implications to the stakeholders, organization, and public regarding the issues in described in the current event. (Title this section Administrative Ethics.) (*Go to The Center for Public Integrity iWatch, located at Scroll to the bottom of the page to “What We Investigate.” Select a topic and review three (3) of the latest news items about […]
December 13, 2018

Evaluation of the Agency’s Budgeting and Cumulative Report

Evaluation of the Agency’s Budgeting and Cumulative Report Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 1. Analyze the agency’s (or department’s) budget by following these six (6) steps and including the results of the analysis in your paper by: (a) identifying the agency’s budget as executive department or an independent agency; (b) determining which of the appropriation subcommittees has jurisdiction over each agency’s budget request; (c) determining where each agency’s operations fall in the functional classification of the federal budget; (d) determining the budget authority and outlays proposed for the agency; and (e) determining the actual […]
December 13, 2018

Critical Synthesis of Contemporary Views of Leadership

Critical Synthesis of Contemporary Views of Leadership Resource: Graphic organizers on the Writing and Critical Thinking page located on the SAS Program Website. Create a 12- to 18- slide using a presentation tool such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi, synthesizing historical and contemporary contexts of leadership. Include detailed speaker notes. Use complete sentences in the speaker notes, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation. Select a contemporary leader who worked through a specific leadership model to mobilize large groups of people within the current context. Include the following in […]
December 13, 2018

Analysis of the Division of Housing and Community Resources

Analysis of the Division of Housing and Community Resources Write a five (5) page paper in which you: 1. Describe the history of the selected agency and department by explaining its reasons (goals / objectives) for being established. (Title this section History of {Insert name of Agency}) 2. Analyze the organizational design of the selected agency and specific department by describing the design and organizational chart. Assess its effectiveness in making major policy decisions and providing services to its primary recipients. (Title this section Organizational Design.) 3. Include a figure of the current organizational design within the text of the […]
December 13, 2018

Evaluation of New Jersey’s Community Affairs Human Resources

Evaluation of New Jersey’s Community Affairs Human Resources Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 1. Analyze three to four (3-4) of the major components of the agency’s human resource system, processes, and performance evaluation plan for hiring and retaining a diversified workforce. (Title this section Human Resource Processes.) 2. Analyze and describe the implications impacting the agency’s current employment trend, growth, and delivery of its products and services. (Title this section Implications of Human Resource Workforce.) 3. Recommend two to three (2-3) managerial and professional skills and competencies required to improve the agency’s workforce by […]
December 13, 2018

federal statutes and your state statutes that deal with drug trafficking

federal statutes and your state statutes that deal with drug trafficking Federal and State Drug Statutes PowerPoint For this Assignment, you will be interviewing a law enforcement officer involved in drug law enforcement and creating a minimum 15-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including the cover and reference slides) covering federal and state statutes for drug trafficking. Before your interview, research and identify both federal statutes and your state statutes that deal with drug trafficking and have examples of the crimes and punishments that relate to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Then, identify a local, state or federal law enforcement officer whose […]
December 13, 2018


APPROACHES TO PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Your report is to be prepared as a Word document and transmitted to the instructor. The entire document is to be 600 to 1,000 words in length. To earn full points, you must address each of these items. No plagiarism. Need quality work. Describe the approaches to public administration: managerial, political, and legal (30 points). Identify the approach that you identify with the most (15 points). Explanain why you selected this approach (20 points). Identify the approach that you identify with or understand the least (15 points). In addition, points will be earned based on the […]
December 13, 2018

Dealing with Annoying

Dealing with Annoying Article Critique – Dealing with Annoying Co-Workers Read the article entitled, How to deal with annoying co-workers. Write a paper about your thoughts on this article. Additionally, in your paper, be sure to address the following: • Share a time when you have encountered one of the six types of people described in the article • Describe the situation and how you dealt with him or her • Using the advice given by the author of the article, what can you do the next time you encounter a person of this type?
December 13, 2018

Biological causal factors of anorexia nervosa

Biological causal factors of anorexia nervosa Biological causal factors of anorexia nervosa include genetic predisposition, serotonin regulation, and physiologic weight set points. Given the prevalence of this disorder, it seems unlikely that biological causes alone could account for it. Research eating disorders using online library resources. Based on your research, respond to the following: Comment on the relative strengths of biological causes compared to lsociological or individual causes. Consider the types of anorexia nervosa in your argument. lExplain any treatment strategies that would support your argument. lDoes obesity share anything in common with anorexia nervosa? Consider obesity causal factors and whether obesity […]
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