December 13, 2018

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Imagine that you are pitching your hypothetical product- or service-based company’s marketing plan to the Shark Tank Team for possible investment. Use a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, or traditional video recorder to record a three- to five-minute dynamic video, in which you present your full marketing plan from Assignments 1, 2, and 3. Tips to prepare for your video: Create note cards Practice in front of a mirror and / or friends Review materials thoroughly Be persuasive Be professional Be creative Have fun! Instructions Create a two- to five-minute video presentation in which you: Present the major points […]
December 13, 2018

Phil Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment

Phil Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment Phil Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) is one of the most famous studies in social psychology. In this study, young men were put into a prison simulation, randomly assigned to the role of prisoners or guards. What happened over the course of the experiment ignited controversy and raised important questions about the power of the situation to shape our behaviors. · Watch the documentary describing the research: · Read about the study on the official website: Your Assignment: Choose two of the external factors that affect reasoning that you believe can help explain […]
December 13, 2018

Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution, which began in the eighteenth century, has had an ongoing influence on society as well as the relationship between humans and their environment. With the onset of industrialization came the drastic increase in urbanization, setting up of factories in places which were once biomes, and the rapid development of land. All this occurred without assessing the long-term impact to the environment. Recognizing the importance of the Industrial Revolution era and the ongoing impact it has had on the environment is essential to learning how to help the environment and correct the […]
December 13, 2018

Project and Operations Quality Management Practices

Project and Operations Quality Management Practices Required Readings Reid, R. D., & Sanders, N. R. (2016). Operations management: An integrated approach (6th ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing. Chapter 5, “Total Quality Management” Chapter 5 examines the character and evolution of total quality management, or TQM, and explores the ramifications of TQM for operational development and strategy. Project Management Institute. (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Sixth edition. Newtown Square, PA: Author. Chapter 8, “Project Quality Management” (pp. 271-306) In Chapter 8, the authors discuss planning, managing and controlling quality. Required Media Waters, B., (© […]
December 13, 2018

Evaluating Bias in Research

Evaluating Bias in Research Read the article titled, “As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias,” located at Review the six (6) rules of critical thinking (Chapter 1) and the steps of “Doing Sociology: A Student’s Guide to Research” (Chapter 2). Student Success Tip: As you review the steps, jot a few notes or thoughts down. Relax and prepare to write a concise and accurate essay. Write a one to two (1-2) page essay in which you: Identify the first step in the student’s guide to research. Define the first step of research in […]
December 13, 2018

Ethics Initiatives

Ethics Initiatives LP1 Assignment: Ethics Initiatives Directions: What involvement should HR have with organization-wide ethics initiatives? What organizational decisions or policies might challenge the professional ethics of an HR professional? What day-to-day challenges do line managers face relative to HR-related ethical issues? Include an example of an organization with ethics initiatives. One to two page paper.
December 13, 2018

Ethics reflection

Ethics reflection Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper. Reflect on an ethical dilemma that you have faced in your career, or a recent accounting scandal in the news. – Describe the situations surrounding the ethical dilemma and your actions in response. – Explain the ethical theories of egoism, utilitarianism, deontological ethics, the categorical imperative, and virtue ethics. – Assess whether your actions fit the ethical theories of egoism, utilitarianism, deontological ethics, the categorical imperative, and virtue ethics. – Evaluate and explain what other actions may have been taken to fit the ethical theories of […]
December 13, 2018

Criminal Justice Ethics and Liability

Criminal Justice Ethics and Liability Before you begin your class discussion, locate one code of ethics from your choice of a probation, parole, or correctional agency. (Please choose a different code of ethics than you used in week 4.) Respond to the following questions regarding the code of ethics that you have chosen: ◦What does it say? ◦Is there anything you would add or exclude to reduce liability? ◦Compare and contrast these codes in a discussion with your peers. Info from week 4: Ways in which Criminal Justice Management can respond or prepare for various ethical questions and issues The […]
December 13, 2018

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Essay: Annotated Bibliography You will write an annotated bibliography in 550 to 750 words. Your annotated bibliography must contain at least four sources from four stories from your Backpack Literature Book. Refer to Annotated Bibliography in the A Writer’s Reference Book. What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, called the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality Of the sources cited. Elements of an annotated bibliography: […]
December 13, 2018

Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices

Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices Philosophy Homework ( Carucci, “Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices) Read the following essay: Carucci, “Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices.” Then answer two of the following questions (please be sure to number your responses using the number of the question): (1) Re-read the first way that organizations can lead people to make unethical choices: “It is psychologically unsafe to speak up.” Tell a story in which you are an employee attempting to speak up about unethical or illegal activity occurring within the company. In your story, depict management acting in ways that make […]
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