January 4, 2019

Neurological and Neurobehavioral Disorders, Diseases, and Syndromes

Neurological and Neurobehavioral Disorders, Diseases, and Syndromes Bell’s Palsy Research the topic you selected utilizing available resources in Access®. Write a 350-word paper in which you: Briefly discuss the core pathophysiological defect of the disorder, disease, or syndrome. Summarize the patient presenting signs and symptoms. Develop a work-up. Identify a basic treatment plan by researching emerging evidence-based prevention and treatment options. Determine whether NPs manage this condition or refer out to a specialist Provide references for all sources cited and format according to APA guidelines.
January 4, 2019

Preparing for the Literature Review: Developing an Annotated Bibliography

Preparing for the Literature Review: Developing an Annotated Bibliography The Assignment (2-3 pages): Select and annotate five articles (attached) from peer-reviewed journals that you would include in your literature review. The annotation for each article should be 6-8 lines, and should include a summary of the purpose, methods and results of the study, and a brief reference to how the articles relate to your dissertation topic.
January 4, 2019

ICD 10 CM Coding

ICD 10 CM Coding The 4 questions are in the attachment. Must Know ICD 10-CM coding to answer questions. Code the following inpatient scenario by assigning ICD-10-CM codes only, do not assign ICD-10-PCS codes: The patient, a man in extremely poor health due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic alcoholism, was admitted for severe shortness of breath, a PO2 of 42, abdominal pain, and what appeared to be impending delirium tremens. He was placed on Ventolin and Solu-Medrol. Librium was also given to prevent delirium tremens. A colonoscopy was performed because of a past history of polyps, with no […]
January 4, 2019

Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing Consider the different communities to which you belong: What is the geopolitical community in you live? Why is it geopolitical? What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? Why is it a phenomenological community? What would some challenges and benefits be for community health nurses in providing care for different communities? For similar communities? For the same community? What are some possible solutions to the challenges? What, if any, global health issues are present in your community? Are there any ethnic subcommunities within your community? What considerations need to be addressed?
January 4, 2019

Leading Evidence-Based Change

Leading Evidence-Based Change Courtney thanks for sharing. What are some factors that can cause or predict unexpected outcomes regarding this change? Leading Evidence-Based Change It is worth realizing that a lot of organizations are turning towards the use of evidence-based change as the means to make critical talent management decisions, aid achieve greater success as well as establishing a more engaging work environment for the stakeholders. One of the problems we do encounter today in the health sector revolves around the lack of proper management of business associate contracts. A business associate is commonly recognized as a subcontractor that creates, […]
January 4, 2019

Understanding family structure and style

Understanding family structure and style Question description Understanding family structure and style is essential to patient and family care. Conducting a family interview and needs assessment gathers information to identify strengths, as well as potential barriers to health. This information ultimately helps develop family-centered strategies for support and guidance. This family health assessment is a two-part assignment. The information you gather in this initial assignment will be utilized for the second assignment in Topic 3. Develop an interview questionnaire to be used in a family-focused functional assessment. The questionnaire must include three open-ended, family-focused questions to assess functional health patterns […]
January 4, 2019

Describe the cycle of leadership and identify knowledge, skills, and abilities at each stage of the cycle that contribute to understanding health leadership development

Describe the cycle of leadership and identify knowledge, skills, and abilities at each stage of the cycle that contribute to understanding health leadership development Question description 1. Describe the cycle of leadership and identify knowledge, skills, and abilities at each stage of the cycle that contribute to understanding health leadership development.150-200 words Please cite all quotations, facts, and ideas that are not your own original work and please don’t paraphrasing 2.Evaluate health leader development; explain and relate leader development opportunities and events to the cycle of leadership and the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to master each stage of the […]
January 4, 2019

Gastroesophageal reflux disease in pediatrics

Gastroesophageal reflux disease in pediatrics Gastroesophageal reflux disease in pediatrics This week, there will be a variety of conditions assigned to you by your instructor pertaining to the eyes, ears, mouth, and gastrointestinal system. You are expected to present your initial topic including, but not limited to, the following items: Pathophysiology Epidemiology Physical exam findings Differential diagnoses and rationale Management plan to include diagnostic testing, medications if applicable, follow-up plans and referrals if needed
January 4, 2019

Executive Summary

Executive Summary In this assignment, you will select a program, quality improvement initiative, or other project from your place of employment. Assume you are presenting this program to the board for approval of funding. Write an executive summary (850-1,000 words) to present to the board, from which they will make their decision to fund your program or project. The summary should include: The purpose of the program or project. The target population or audience. The benefits of the program or project The cost or budget justification. The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated. Share your written […]
January 4, 2019

Hospice is vital for patents at the end-stages of life

Hospice is vital for patents at the end-stages of life No plagiarism please add all references Read Ch. 2 of Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being (12th ed.). Answer question between 90-110 words 1.The marketing efforts of companies promoting healthcare products and services has grown dramatically over the last few decades. I think it is almost impossible to watch television for more than 30 minutes without seeing some type of healthcare advertising. When I was young, it was virtually inconceivable that physicians would advertise their services, but now this is commonplace. Do you think that the costs for advertising and […]
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