January 7, 2019

Conflict is a common social phenomenon in all types of organizations

Conflict is a common social phenomenon in all types of organizations This is a class forum question between students that needs to be answer with at 150 words. I would like for it to be in your own words if possible. If not cite-in-text with reference. I am not surprised conflicts that arise in the workplace. Conflict is a common social phenomenon in all types of organizations. Different people with different goals and needs are always going to conflict with each other. The result of conflict can lead to mutual animosity. Even people who are proficient at work will also […]
January 7, 2019

Organizational Behavior – Ethics

Organizational Behavior – Ethics Ethics prescribes expected behavioral norms for employees, and often the vendors and suppliers. The company’s ethics are often communicated in the form of a Code of Conduct that is usually available on the organization’s website. You will do some reading and research to see how ethics impacts motivation and an organization’s culture. Topic: Ethics Access the article on ethics by Bart, C. (2011) in the Reading area. Based on the recommendations by Bart in the article: How has your current or previous organization complied with Bart’s recommendations? If the company was not or is not complying, […]
January 7, 2019

Organizational Behavior – Globalizing for Growth

Organizational Behavior – Globalizing for Growth Read the fictional scenario and address the checklist items. Scenario (fictional): ROBoInc. is a robotics software company with 100 employees located in South Bend, Indiana, in the United States. Until recently, the corporate culture had been established as a rigid culture that excluded families from company celebrations and in which everyone had an explicit job description. The company hires mostly locals, and only directors make any important decisions. The company has had a formal code of ethics but it has not been enforced. As a result, there have been increasing incidents of personnel doing […]
January 7, 2019

Customer engagement management

Customer engagement management Should be well know international company; no plagiarism; bibliography is required Short description of selected company. What is the core business? (10 pts.) Customer engagement challenges relevant for the specific company (or industry) (15 pts.) What are current ways and programs driving customer engagement for the company selected: online / offline (20 pts.) What are the key ideas how to improve existing programs? (20 pts.) What are the key ideas for the new activities or programs focused on customer engagement? (20 pts.)
January 7, 2019

Training Needs Assessment Exercise

Training Needs Assessment Exercise see attached for instructions Training Needs Assessment Exercise Instructions: Read the Grand View Grocers Corporation case. Grand View Grocers Corporation, headquartered in Clewiston, Florida, is among the nation’s top grocery chain companies, with over $34 billion in revenue. It operates and owns approximately 1,500 grocery stores in 10 states and will be expanding operatons to Washington, D.C. in the near future. Grand View Grocer’s Corporation’s operating strategy distinguishes it from other grocery chain companies. Each grocery store has a Training and Development Methods manager that allows decisions to be made locally, close to the client. This […]
January 7, 2019

Project Closure Plan

Project Closure Plan Activity 1: Project Closure Plan In your team design a plan for closing the project. Consider: What are the deliverables? To whom are the deliverables given and who has access? What documentation needs to accompany the deliverables? Activity 2: Lessons Learned Once the deliverables have been transmitted to the client, it is important to analyze how the project went. Often a questionnaire is given to the client for feedback. This questionnaire should be designed to obtain unbiased feedback about the success of the project, how well it was executed and what contributed to the achievement. You will […]
January 7, 2019


THE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE SUPPLY CHAIN FORECASTING/EESC ASSIGNMENT 2 – THE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE SUPPLY CHAIN (EESC) Read the resources for SLP 2 in the Background page. In this SLP, you will be developing the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC). Stay with the product, company and industry you chose in SLP1. You will extend the supply chain all the way back (upstream) to the RAW materials needed to produce this product and to package it. Then you will extend the supply chain forward (downstream) all the way to the RETAIL industry that sells to the consumer. Backward explosion of the EESC (upstream). […]
January 7, 2019

The Porter Model

The Porter Model Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand how manufacturing and service companies can maximize their competitive advantage. The Porter Model is discussed as a method to categorize and assess businesses and industries. Assignment Steps Write a 1,050-word report in which you address the following: Examine and discuss competitive strategies that manufacturers can use to gain competitive advantage. Appraise costing and financial strategies for manufacturing and service companies. Identify value chain strategies for both manufacturing and service companies. Discuss (Porter’s Model) and categorize (NAICS) the industry of a company the Learning Team […]
January 7, 2019

Cyber Security – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery his is a case study : Please read the following attached file (CPIS607-Final BIA Case Study-F18-19-24Dec18) Also please read the two attached file ( Apdx 1 , and Apdx 2 ) The Please answer the questions from page 2 until 5 on the attached file (Case study ( use the color blue when you answer the)
January 7, 2019

Management Discussions

Management Discussions Discussion posts: Initial Discussion should be 150 words 2 additional posts should be 50 words Scenario: Imagine that you are a co-owner and/or executive-level manager of a medium-sized business. A group of business leaders from another country has expressed an interest in purchasing a franchise of your company and has invited you and your colleagues to their country to discuss this potential with them. You are interested and very excited about this opportunity for your business to enter the competitive international marketplace. A meeting has been arranged between you, one of your colleagues, and three representatives from the […]
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