January 8, 2019

Leadership development

Leadership development Örtenblad, Hong, and Snell (2016) [required reading] begged the question: in light of what is reported as good leadership or bad leadership, does leadership training, education, or development do any good? The authors also presented five approaches to what they called “engendering better leadership” as a way to open debate on the topic of leadership development. Choose one of the five approaches and present a critique of its potential to develop better leaders. Defend your positions with 2 credible sources and specific examples. Örtenblad, A., Hong, J., & Snell, R. (2016). Good leadership: A mirage in the desert? […]
January 8, 2019

Surveys as Useful Tools

Surveys as Useful Tools Surveys are useful tools for original data collection, but it is imperative that you develop clear, unbiased survey questions if you want to collect accurate and useful information. A variety of methods can be used for developing surveys. For instance, many surveys consist of both open-ended and closed questions. Open-ended questions allow respondents to answer in any way they see fit. It is then up to the researcher to find themes and commonalities in these answers. To answer closed questions, respondents must choose from a predetermined set of response categories. In addition to open-ended and closed […]
January 8, 2019

HR planning

HR planning HR plan and Organisation Structure,  Describe the type of structure you’d use  Describe the kinds (functional skills) and number of people you’d need  Compute the costs of recruitment Not, no plagiarism, references , Harvard style 1000 words
January 7, 2019

Data mining

Data mining Define data mining as an enabling technology for business analytics and understand the objectives and benefits of data mining. Become familiar with the wide range of applications of data mining Learn the standardized data mining processes Learn different methods and algorithms of data mining Build awareness of the existing data mining software tools Understand the privacy issues, pitfalls, and myths of data mining Describe text analytics and understand the need for text mining Differentiate among text analytics, text mining, and data mining and the application areas for text mining Know the process of carrying out a text mining […]
January 7, 2019

Paper on Compensation

Paper on Compensation Compensation is one of the fundamental responsibilities of an HR department, with the ability to offer a compensation package that attracts and retains employees serving as a key to obtain the talent to pursue dramatic organizational goals. In a well-written paper, address the following aspects related to an organization’s compensation program: Explain the need and rationale for a compensation philosophy. Propose a compensation philosophy that may be applicable and utilized for a Fortune 500 company. Finally, discuss the principal types of monetary, or core, compensation and when it may be most applicable to use one type of […]
January 7, 2019

sports management

sports management Many sellers in this segment of Professional Sports rely on the use of endorsers to move product. Identify those individuals who you see as most effective in endorsement use, and those who are least effective. Explain why you have so categorized these figures. Discuss the various rankings of top endorsers and whether the top endorsers are worth the money that they are paid in endorsement fees.
January 7, 2019

PESTEL Analysis of the Hotel and Lodging Industry in the New Mexico

PESTEL Analysis of the Hotel and Lodging Industry in the New Mexico Please complete a PESTEL analysis file based on the forces influencing hotel and lodging industry performance and growth in the country to be visited. Your analysis should include at least 15 to 20 total factors. Please use the PESTEL form provided.
January 7, 2019

Hotel Management

Hotel Management Two of the most heavily negotiated points in the distribution channel agreements are Last Room Availability and Rate Parity. Which of these do you feel is the most beneficial to the hotel, and why? No words limit
January 7, 2019

What are some technology products that we used a few years ago but have since been replaced by something new

What are some technology products that we used a few years ago but have since been replaced by something new “Think back 2 – 5 years. Which technology products (hardware, software, apps) did you use then and do not use now?” For at least two technology products, provide the product name, its manufacturer, an image of the product (if available), and a description of the service the product provided. Cite sources. Why do you no longer use these products? What technology replaced these products? (For at least two replacement technology products, provide the product name, its manufacturer, an image of […]
January 7, 2019

Sustainable Operations Approach

Sustainable Operations Approach In recent years, most businesses have been striving to minimize their environmental footprint driven by increased cost and environmental concern. In a response to this, consumers and regulatory entities are demanding that hotel operators make an effort to minimize the environmental impact of their lodging operation. Doing so correctly will have a positive ecological, environmental and financial consequence. Hotel managers are looking for ways to reduce the use of water, maximizing the efficiency of electrical equipment, as well as minimizing the waste generated by the operation, all this without negatively affecting guest comfort. (all the requests in […]
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