January 9, 2019

Advanced Physical Assessment Chamberlain

Advanced Physical Assessment Chamberlain 1. A 35-year-old man is seen in the clinic for an infection in his left foot. Which of these findings should the FNP expect to see during an assessment of this patient? a. Hard and fixed cervical nodes b. Enlarged and tender inguinal nodes c. Bilateral enlargement of the popliteal nodes d. Pelletlike nodes in the supraclavicular region 2. The direction of blood flow through the heart is best described by which of these a. Vena cava right atrium right ventricle lungs pulmonary artery left atrium left ventricle b. Right atrium right ventricle pulmonary artery lungs […]
January 9, 2019

More than half of all cardiac arrhythmias involve the atria

Question 1 More than half of all cardiac arrhythmias involve the atria. True False Question 2. What are the most common symptoms caused by tachyarrhythmias? Sweating Thirst Palpitations Headaches Question 3. For women with known CAD and diabetes, which is most appropriate to assess CAD risk? ETT Coronary bypass surgery Coronary catheterization ETT with imaging Question 4. Of the following, which is the best answer when asked for an advantage of echocardiogram exercise testing over thallium stress testing? Does not depend on operator experience Costs are the same Results are available more quickly Doesn’t matter because there are no advantages […]
January 9, 2019

risk factor for melanoma in this patient

risk factor for melanoma in this patient Question 1 A 22-year-old advertising copywriter presents for evaluation of joint pain. The pain is new, located in the wrists and fingers bilaterally, with some subjective fever. The patient denies a rash; she also denies recent travel or camping activities. She has a family history significant for rheumatoid arthritis. Based on this information, which of the following pathologic processes would be the most correct? A) Infectious B) Inflammatory C) Hematologic D) Traumatic Question 2 A 35-year-old archaeologist comes to your office (located in Phoenix, Arizona) for a regular skin check-up. She has just […]
January 9, 2019

Disproportionate representation in higher education

Disproportionate representation in higher education Write a 4-5 research on a contemporary issue facing higher education in America or a recurring historical problem (e.g, access for undocumented immigrants, for-profit education, ‘disruption’ of higher education, rising campus sexual assaults). This can be done by looking at the issues/problem from a national or state viewpoint or as it occurs on a college campus. The goal is to describe the issue/problem looking through the lens of organizational behavior and culture in higher education. Therefore, you will not only describe the problem but what is occurring in terms of the organizations’ culture that may have precipitated […]
January 9, 2019

Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership Leadership is best learned by observing effective leaders and deciding which style of leadership works best in the climate and culture of an institution. The unit readings detail real situations that exemplify both successful and failed leadership in higher education, and your own investigations will help you discover what works when leading in colleges and universities. For this 1 page discussion, describe a situation that demonstrates effective leadership in an organization with which you are familiar. To maintain confidentiality, use titles of positions rather than names. Relate your experience to at least two items in the unit readings—for […]
January 9, 2019

Effective Political Leadership

Effective Political Leadership Bolman and Gallos (2011) use real situations to understand and develop competencies necessary for an effective higher education leadership. Many of the cases involve politics, both internal and external to the college. For this 1 page discussion, describe a political situation at your institution that would benefit from an effective intervention by a political leader. Using the political leadership skills described in your readings, discuss how you would plan and implement a leadership agenda to resolve the issue. Bolman, L. G., & Gallos, J. V. (2011). Reframing academic leadership. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Part I, “Leadership Epistemology: When […]
January 9, 2019

Presidential Disaster Declarations

Presidential Disaster Declarations The textbook describes Presidential Disaster Declarations and states that to some degree, they constitute a chronological record of the pain and suffering caused by the major focusing events that have occurred in the United States history. Consider the Presidential Disaster Declarations. Which two declarations seems to be the most important in a disaster situation? Explain your reasoning.
January 9, 2019

Presidential Declaration for assistance in that particular state

Presidential Declaration for assistance in that particular state Look at the events from 1979–2001 in your textbook on pages 132–133. During this period, there were a multitude of events such as hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes that required a Presidential Declaration for assistance in that particular state. Create a table similar to that on pages 132–133 that includes events from 2002–current year. The table should include the following information: Keep in mind that you will be able to use the resources and references that have been provided in the assignment description as well as providing your own thoughts and ideas. Next, […]
January 9, 2019

Family Law

Family Law oes society have a right to legally define who can and cannot get married in the United States? This is a general question, NOT one focusing primarily on same-sex marriage. Please be sure to use an example to clarify your position. The purpose of this assignment is to have you critically analyze a current topic relevant to child and family development professionals from a broad and general perspective. FORUM REQUIREMENT IS 300 WORDS
January 9, 2019

Philosophy of Multicultural Education

Philosophy of Multicultural Education Create a Prezi presentation in which you propose a short training demo for new teachers, selecting one (1) philosophical approach to multicultural education as described by the author. Use multicultural resources of your choice to support your examples. Create a fifteen to thirty (15-30) slide Prezi presentation in which you: 1.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) in which you: a.Compare and contrast three to five (3-5) diversity approaches, focusing on their application to a classroom environment. b.Analyze key instances in which you have experienced each diversity approach in action in your own life, focusing […]
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