January 10, 2019

Osteoarthritis is primarily a noninflammatory condition

Osteoarthritis is primarily a noninflammatory condition Question 1 2 / 2 points Osteoarthritis is primarily a noninflammatory condition. Question options: a) True b) False Question 2 2 / 2 points Which of the following medications for type 2 diabetes mellitus should not be prescribed during pregnancy? Question options: a) Insulin b) Metformin c) Glucotrol d) Precose Question 3 2 / 2 points After removing a tack from a type 2 diabetic’s heel and evaluating the site for infection, what is the best plan for this patient? Question options: a) Suggest she use a heating pad to improve circulation. b) Refer […]
January 10, 2019

the Drug Enforcement Administration

the Drug Enforcement Administration In 1915, the Drug Enforcement Administration was formed, known then as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Recognizing the variance in state laws and the process for completing applications for prescriptive authority and DEA registration is essential to the role of the NP as a prescriber. Within the last decade, safe prescribing of opioids has also become a national concern. For this Discussion, you will focus on the process for obtaining prescriptive authority after successfully completing your program of study and passing a National Certification Exam. You also will explore safe prescribing. To prepare: Review your state’s […]
January 10, 2019

Evidence based practice research

Evidence based practice research Prepare a 4–5-page review of recent research that examines statistics on the primary health concern of a population, describes the methods and tools used in the research studies, explains the factors that affect health promotion and disease prevention for a population, and recommends a health care initiative.   Preparation Your team has presented its preliminary findings to the executive leadership in your organization, but leadership has some doubts about some of the information they received. Each member of the team has been charged with doing a critical examination of recent research around each member’s area of […]
January 10, 2019

Introduce a person you know who has overcome great life challenges

Introduce a person you know who has overcome great life challenges  Introduce a person you know who has overcome great life challenges, such as illness, poverty, a natural disaster, or a physical impairment (blindness, deafness, loss of limb/s).  The individual can be someone you know, or someone you know of in your community or the nation.  The speech must 10 minutes in length. ( please write if possible about a friend of my who lost his right leg as a result of diabetes)   Thesis: this is where you put your thesis statement. Remember a thesis statement is only one […]
January 10, 2019

Describe a plan of corrective action for this employee

Describe a plan of corrective action for this employee As a health care department manager, you have 10 employees under your supervision. The attendance policy at your facility requires employees to uphold good attendance. If an employee is late more than 5 times in 1 month, the department manager must begin corrective action. One employee has been late to work 10 times this month. How will you handle this employee? Discuss the following in your paper: Describe what is involved in corrective action. Describe a plan of corrective action for this employee. Would an employee be motivated or empowered to […]
January 10, 2019

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion: Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants

Environmental Factors and Health Promotion: Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants The growth, development, and learned behaviors that occur during the   first year of infancy have a direct effect on the individual   throughout a lifetime. For this assignment, research an environmental   factor that poses a threat to the health or safety of infants and   develop a health promotion that can be presented to caregivers. Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint health promotion, with speaker   notes, that outlines a teaching plan. For the presentation of your   PowerPoint, use Loom to create a voice over or a video. […]
January 9, 2019

Leadership Theory and Process

Leadership Theory and Process Discussion 1: Leadership Theory and Process Initially, the concept of leadership focused on an individual who organized a group of people to achieve a goal. Today, however, leadership is depicted in a different way. The field focuses not only on an individual leader, but also on members, supervisors, and followers representing a spectrum of diversity. During the evolution of leadership, several theories, models, and perspectives have emerged. As a human and social services professional, it is important to consider how different theories, models, and perspectives of leadership might be used to achieve professional and societal goals. […]
January 9, 2019

Leadership Perspectives

Leadership Perspectives Discussion 2: Leadership Perspectives Leaders believe in creating change out of a spirit of community, building a collaborative vision through dialogue, and developing a vision that integrates personal and professional beliefs. The concepts of leadership, advocacy, and change are intertwined. Leaders are expected to be innovators, risk takers, and strategic thinkers. They also need to be advocates at the local, state, and national levels, and they need to motivate and lead members, followers, and communities to do the same. Advocacy enables, empowers, and encourages members to become involved in change. To prepare: Think about different leadership, change, and […]
January 9, 2019

the history of special education

the history of special education Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the history of special education. Include at least eight major events that have shaped special education today. Explain the following: How terminology has changed Why students are now in the least restrictive environment How society’s view of special education has changed Why the event is significant in shaping special education Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
January 9, 2019

differences between the three major approaches surrounding collection and analysis of data i,e., quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods

differences between the three major approaches surrounding collection and analysis of data i,e., quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods Discuss the differences between the three major approaches surrounding collection and analysis of data i,e., quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. As well as, describe the design of scientific inquiry that may go with each method i.e., survey, narrative, phenomenological, ethnographic, grounded theory, or case study and why it would be selected. Then address which method and design you think you would prefer to use to conduct research and why. Requires 250-300 words each forum. #1 For this week’s forum post, We discuss […]
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