January 10, 2019

Digestive Disorders

Digestive Disorders Discussion: Digestive Disorders (2 pages) Many patient symptoms can be tied to multiple disorders, which may lead to misdiagnoses. For instance, consider two digestive disorders of the gastrointestinal tract—inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. These two disorders are commonly confused because they present similar symptoms. As an advanced practice nurse, you must know the differences to properly diagnose and treat the disorders. How does the pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease compare to the pathophysiology of irritable bowel syndrome? How do treatments for the two disorders compare? To Prepare · Review Chapter 36 in the Huether and McCance […]
January 10, 2019

Acute respiratory failure-sever sepsis-hyperglycemia- Pressure Ulcer.

Acute respiratory failure-sever sepsis-hyperglycemia- Pressure Ulcer. please write care-plan research paper please see attach APA format please use following diagnosis: Acute respiratory failure-sever sepsis-hyperglycemia- Pressure Ulcer. please label each section shown in the attachment
January 10, 2019

Business Planning

Business Planning Business Planning Program planning, strategic planning, business planning. This Discussion asks you to consider the relationships and intersections between these essential forms of planning. All programs should have a strategic plan, as well as a sound business plan to guide their endeavors. Although completing a robust business plan (or a strategic plan) is beyond the scope of this course, it is beneficial to understand how and why such a plan could be useful for your program. Give some thought to this as you engage in this Discussion with your colleagues. To prepare: Review      the information in the Learning […]
January 10, 2019

How does your thinking about compassion expand to include self and colleagues

How does your thinking about compassion expand to include self and colleagues As a nurse, Reflect on a caring and compassionate experience with a patient or family encountered in your practice. How was your compassion demonstrated? What other ways do you wish you would have expressed caring? How does your thinking about compassion expand to include self and colleagues?
January 10, 2019

Nursing theorethical

Nursing theorethical Due date January 15 Discuss the various ways in which Florence Nightingale’s model of care can be applied in current nursing practice. Identify the most important factor of Nightingale’s theory that you utilize in your current practice. Please make sure that your submission adheres to the following: 1.Students are to write their name and the appropriate discussion number/discussion title in the title bar for each discussion. For example Discussion 1: Micheal Cabrera or Discussion 3: Sheila Smith. This is important in identifying that students are submitting original posts as well as response posts as required. 2.Students must submit […]
January 10, 2019

Exploration of Humanities

Exploration of Humanities EXPLORATION OF HUMANITIES Competencies: 129.1.1: Foundations of Humanities – The graduate assesses the development of humans through the study of key concepts, disciplines, and primary influences of the humanities. 129.1.2: Classical Period – The graduate analyzes the primary contributions and characteristics of humanities during the classical period. 129.1.4: Renaissance – The graduate analyzes the primary contributions and characteristics of humanities during the Renaissance. 129.1.6: Neoclassicism – The graduate analyzes the primary contributions and characteristics of humanities within the neoclassical and Enlightenment period. 129.1.7: Romanticism – The graduate analyzes the primary contributions and characteristics of humanities during the […]
January 10, 2019

explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.

explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects After discussion with your mentor, name one financial aspect, one quality aspect, and one clinical aspect that need to be taken into account for developing the evidence-based practice project. Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.
January 10, 2019

Hospital & Health Services Administration

Hospital & Health Services Administration Using Exhibit 2-6 (page 63 in the text) as an example, develop a “stakeholder map” for a health care organization in your metropolitan area or state. On this map show the important health care organizations and indicate what impact they may have on the industry. The stakeholder map may be in the form of a diagram as shown in Exhibit 2-6. Some stakeholder maps show the relationship of the stakeholder to the organization with a plus sign (for a positive relationship) or a minus sign (for a negative relationship). However, many organizations may be both […]
January 10, 2019

Analyzing the Humanities

Analyzing the Humanities Competency Formulate, express, and support individual perspectives on diverse works and issues. For this assessment task, you are asked to act as a critic for one of the various subjects under the umbrella of the subject Humanities. Through a series of critiques, you will be demonstrating your background knowledge on these subjects and the themes studied in the Humanities. In general, a critic evaluates a work or piece based on a common language of a subject. For example, certain terminology is used in the film industry for aesthetic, whereas other terminology is used in architecture. Aside from […]
January 10, 2019

Organizational and Systems Management for Quality Outcomes

Organizational and Systems Management for Quality Outcomes Impact Report to Senior Leadership. Write a 4–6 page impact report to senior leadership that identifies a nursing-related challenge, analyzes how it affects the organization from a nursing perspective, and details the new position. Each organization has a unique structure that impacts the behavior of the organization. In health care organizations, this impact is on the ability of the organization to deliver quality patient care. Nursing is an essential component of any health care organization, and nursing leaders must understand the role of nursing and nursing leadership within the total organization. Understanding basic […]
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