August 24, 2019

What is implied by the phrase ‘the elder shall serve the younger’

QUESTION: 1. “What is implied by the phrase ‘the elder shall serve the younger’?” (Genesis 25:23). The answer for each question must be at least 300-word. In addition to using the Bible to answer the question, you are required to cite 2 – 3 sources, which should include the course text and at least one other source. (The Bible does not need to be officially cited, BUT it must be used). When the course text does not address the question chosen, the student must use another source to replace it. Turabian format should be used when citing sources.
August 24, 2019

Abrahamic Covenant Chart

. Read Genesis 12–50 with focus on the Abrahamic Covenant. Note the following: a. Every instance (reference) where it appears in some form (may be interpretative). b. To whom it was addressed: Abraham, Isaac, etc. c. Circumstances under which it was reiterated. d. The “ingredients” which compose the covenant. e. Its development through the Book of Genesis. f. Any change in the content or emphasis. 2. Organize your findings into a usable chart (this may involve several pages). “Usable” means a chart that could serve as a handout in a class and from which a lesson might be taught. NOTE: […]
August 24, 2019


For these 2 distinct projects, imagine you are writing a series of short articles for a Bible dictionary. As we have seen in our study, Bible dictionaries are useful tools to learn more about the books, people, and places we encounter in Scripture. Your task will be to write: 1. Three concise 200–250-word essays about a book, person, and setting/place from the Old Testament 2. Three concise 200–250-word essays about a book, person, and setting/place from the New Testament Content Guidelines: Choose 1 book, person, and place from the list of the provided topics for each of the 2 projects. […]
August 24, 2019

Charismatic Movement

1- Compare and contrast Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism. 2- How are Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movement the same and different? 3- What are the marks of a Mega Church? 4- Why is the MCC an example of Protestant Liberalism?
August 24, 2019

Mormon and Protestantism

What features do all Mormon Restorationist groups have in common: how are they different from each other – Compare and contract umbrella terms of Protestantism
August 24, 2019

New Testament Discussion Board Post

In our reading, the word “analogy” is presented, meaning “a relationship between two similar situations, problems, or concepts,” with analogies commonly being used to solve problems. Some have argued that Jesus’ parables in the New Testament are very similar to analogies. In no less than 200 words, please describe how one of Jesus’ parables in the Gospels has helped you to solve a difficult problem in your life. *IMPORTANT* Please relate this writing to having to move from the south (Florida) further North five years ago in order to be closer to family since my parents are getting older.
August 24, 2019

Take home Questions

max 1000 words on each question and accurately answer them by relating it back to the course material or news today. 1. Can Science be reconciled with religion 2. what do you think Theodor Adorno might have meant by his comment that ‘Enlightenment is totalitarian” (this is Kant’s enlightenment)? 3. does god matter in the present world, especially since god has been associated with oppressive ideas, such as sexual repression, racism, and androcentrism/anthropocentrism? 4.What do you think W cantwell Smith might have meant when he commented “religion is solely the creation of the scholar study”?
August 24, 2019

Christianity and Islam similarities and differences

To compare and contrast is to show how they are similar and how they are different. Therefore, you will write about the similarities and differences in the beliefs, rituals, and experiences of the two religions. It is not possible to discuss the experiences without connecting them to the beliefs and/or rituals. Make sure that you explain how religious experience results from the rituals and/or beliefs.You may use books, articles or reputable websites to learn about the religions. You must cite your sources within the paper and include a references page. You must have a minimum of three references for your […]
August 24, 2019

Orthodox part of Judaism vs Ecosophy

I need a difference between Judaism vs. Ecosophy, and this is what I will like to look at: where, when, who, how, what the value of nature, value of people. The gender, age, race. The value of Society, political, family, behavior, tradition, and values between Judaism vs. Ecosophy. I need three to five pages. I need to go deep into Judaism and Ecosophy and choose one part and write about it. I will like work with the Orthodox part of Judaism. This is how they will like it to be written the orthodox part of Judaism first the Ecosophy after […]
August 24, 2019

Orthodox part of Judaism

Orthodox part of Judaism This is what need to look at: where, when, who, how, what the value of nature, value of people. The gender, age, race. The value of Society, political, family, behaviour, tradition, and values. I need one to two pages. I need to go deep into the Orthodox part of Judaism. As soon as possible
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