January 15, 2019

Process Evaluation

Week 4 – Journal Rough Draft Review Process Evaluation Purpose: The primary goal of this weekly assignment is to enable you to understand the revision process and revise your paper with the help of a writing specialist. Prepare: After you have completed a rough draft of your paper (at least five pages), submit that draft to the Ashford Writing Center. To do this, click on the Writing Center & Library tab located under the Course Policies tab in the course and from there, you will click on the tab marked Paper Review. To submit your paper, follow the instructions provided. […]
January 15, 2019

General Academic Information and Policies

Prepare: Start by reviewing General Education Curriculum found in   “Section Five: General   Academic Information and Policies”   in the Ashford University Academic Catalog, which addresses the core   competencies that the general education courses must cover: Applied Ethics,   Communication, Information Technology, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative   Reasoning. Review Week Five Resources that are applicable toward career   success.     Reflect: Think about the core competencies as previously mentioned   and ponder your time taking general education courses. Reflect on the   specific courses not associated with your college major and determine the   level of new information you have acquired that relates to the core   competencies. […]
January 15, 2019

Global Societal Problem

Week 5 – Final Argumentative Essay Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution Prepare: The topic of your essay needs to be a global societal problem from the following list: adult illiteracy, funding for General Education vs STEM in primary and secondary schools, minimum wage, oceans desertification, overcoming the digital divide, refugee (escaping persecution, war, or death) crises, species extinctions (modern), tax havens, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), universal statement of human rights (pick one), airport security, or wealth disparity. Review this GEN499 Sample Final Paper Guide for additional guidance on the expectations of this assignment. Reflect: Based on the […]
January 15, 2019

What do you think William Cronon would say about Disney’s attitude toward wilderness expressed in Bambi

What do you think William Cronon would say about Disney’s attitude toward wilderness expressed in Bambi (and other Disney films)? What features of Disney films support or undermine Cronon’s argument? Defend your claims by citing specific passages in Cronon and specific details from movies. Do you agree with Lutts that films like Bambi cultivate in us a problematic view of nature?  If so, what is that view? If not, how can we harmonize those visions with what we actually see in nature? Review your classmates’ posts. As you examine the topics that your classmates present, try to add to their […]
January 15, 2019

Social Services

Assignment 3: My Cohort Paper The concept of a cohort or generation is central to understanding the  life span perspective. People who are born during the same ten- to  fifteen-year period share a historical context and are often categorized  as similar along multiple dimensions. Understanding your own cohort, as  well as other cohorts born during different periods, helps you  understand how to most effectively provide human services to your  population of interest. Tasks: Write a 2- to 3-page reflection paper and discuss the shared  experiences of members of your cohort. Your paper should be based on  your personal experiences as […]
January 15, 2019

Working with Data

BACKGROUND: Statistical analysis software is a valuable tool that helps researchers perform the complex calculations. However, to use such a tool effectively, the study must be well designed. The social worker must understand all the relationships involved in the study. He or she must understand the study’s purpose and select the most appropriate design. The social worker must correctly represent the relationship being examined and the variables involved. Finally, he or she must enter those variables correctly into the software package. This assignment will allow you to analyze in detail the decisions made in the “Social Work Research: Chi Square” […]
January 15, 2019

Ape Genius

Respond to the video “Ape Genius” after you have viewed it on YouTube.  Be aware that it is almost an hour long, so give yourself the time to view it. Post responses to the following questions: Would you argue that primates have ‘culture’? If so, where (if anywhere) would we draw the line between human and non-human? Does this research have implications for the ethical treatment of chimpanzees and other primates? Can we truly learn about humans through studying primates? If we can learn about ourselves from studying primates, on what levels?
January 15, 2019

experimental designs

HAPTER 6 – Design and Analysis of Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Investigations Andrea Follmer Greenhoot from Blackwell Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology This chapter is concerned with experimental and quasi-experimental designs and the statistical approaches most commonly employed in conjunction with them. The section on design describes basic configurations of true experiments and quasi-experiments, explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two families of design, and discusses some general considerations for either type of design. The section on analysis focuses on the analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental data with continuous response variables (chapter 9, this volume, for […]
January 15, 2019

goals for Stevens district hospital

For Part 2 of the Goals for Stevens District Hospital assignment, you will use the same format you used in Week Three. In this assignment, you will identify 3 additional goals that support the mission and vision of the hospital. For each goal, you will write a 260- to 350-word analysis based on your review of the data provided in the Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario and your SWOT analysis. Financial or Economic Goal Identify a clear, actionable, and measurable financial or economic goal for the organization that clearly supports the mission and vision. Analyze how this goal supports […]
January 15, 2019

Research on Nature vs. Nurture

Assignment 2: Research on Nature vs. Nurture Nature versus nurture is a controversial topic debated by  professionals in the human services field. Your beliefs and values will  influence your decision making and actions with future clients;  therefore, it is important to identify where you stand on this issue. Tasks: Using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources,  and the Internet, conduct research to support your view on the nature  versus nurture debate and respond to the following questions: What are your views on how nature (genetic and hereditary  influences) and nurture (environmental influences) shape human  development across the life […]
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