August 26, 2019

What the Big Picture

I have attached a file with all the directions for this assignment that my professor has specifically asked for. I have also attached the chapter notes that you will be using for each chapter (Ch.2- Ch.17), It has only allowed me to attach the chapter notes for 2-5 so I need to figure another way to send you the rest of the chapter notes. Last but not least, this is my final for the class so please keep that in consideration and make sure to follow all the instructions to your best ability!
August 26, 2019

Why are symptoms of PTSD often misinterpreted

Part 1: Initial Post Formulate a thread of 400+ answering the questions below. Citations and references are required at the end of the assignment in addition to your word count. Do not include the references in the word count. Use your book Crisis & Trauma Counseling by Dr. H. Norman wright as your reference. 1) Based upon Dr. Langberg’s lesson on coping with traumatic memory, describe how memory is affected by trauma. 2) Why are symptoms of PTSD often misinterpreted? 3) Why is treatment so important for those with PTSD? Part 2: Reply Posts Respond to the two students listed […]
August 26, 2019

Let’s Talk About Sex

Summer 2019 – Mini-A Home Announcements Modules Grades2 24/7 Homework Help Press the comma key or shift + question mark to see a list of keyboard shortcuts This is a graded discussion: 25 points possible due May 15 Module 1: Let’s Talk About Sex Post at least THREE discussion questions about any one or more topics in the chapter.
August 26, 2019

Sexual Philosophy

Chapter 1 provides several ideas for how to address your personal sexual philosophy. The opening section of this chapter begins with several questions that you could ponder, as does the Your Sexual Philosophy section on the last page of the chapter. Please revisit these sections, and write your sexual philosophy on any topic(s) of your choice for chapter 1. If you’re not sure what to write about, feel free to respond to one or more of the “Have You Considered?” questions at the end of the chapter.
August 26, 2019

Social psychology

answer the questions using social psychology concepts. must define the terms and explain how it applies to the topic. (20 points) One of the themes of this course is that human thought, emotion, and behavior is influenced by the immediate social situation. In your own words, what does this theme mean? Explain the importance of this theme using the more specific concepts you’ve learned this semester. (20 points) The other theme of this course is that humans interpret social relationships using limited and imperfect social cognition. In your own words, what does this theme mean? Explain the importance of this […]
August 26, 2019

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chapter 5 explores the various neurodevelopmental disorders, along with their causes and treatments. One disorder that underwent the most changes with the publication of the DSM-5 is autism spectrum disorder. After reading Chapter 5 and the section on autism from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition) (DSM-5) consider the American Psychiatric Association’s decision to collapse all of the pervasive developmental disorders (including autism and Asperger’s syndrome) under the larger umbrella of “autism spectrum disorder” in the DSM-5. In your initial post, address the following: What are your thoughts on the DSM-5 changes regarding the pervasive developmental […]
August 26, 2019

Major in Psychology/Counselling

Conduct an initial interview, mental status exam, and practise administering TWO assessments that you will learn about in class or you think appropriate (with the exception of any neuropsychological and cognitive functioning tests). You will choose a participant (apart from family members such as spouse, parents, siblings and preferably a person who can benefit from the information) and obtain written consent. You will score the assessments and write a psychological report detailing the results. You will prepare a comprehensive assessment report at least 7 pages single-spaced (exclude Appendix) summarizing the information gathered from the clinical interview, presenting the test results […]
August 26, 2019

Create a Pamphlet on Methamphetamine and Mental Health

Warm-Up Activity 9.1: How to Prepare a Pamphlet A pamphlet is an format in which you can present select and concise information to improve knowledge levels, to change someone’s attitude toward a subject, to be used in conjunction with other interventions, to educate patients, their families and professionals, and to target specific populations. The Challenge in Preparing a Pamphlet Writing an effective pamphlet is challenging. You have a limited amount of space in which to provide information. This is where organizing and outlining becomes important. 1. Determine the key concepts. Your assignment will outline several or all points that need […]
August 26, 2019


For this assignment, you will be given an online article to read about building children’s self-esteem. After you read the article, you will answer the following question: What role do participation trophies play in building children’s self-esteem? With the template paper below, write a three-paragraph essay (minimum of three paragraphs), which includes: -Introduction -Analysis: In your analysis, defend or oppose the idea of participation trophies and use the article to support your conclusions. In addition, use your textbook to define/explain the meaning of self-esteem. -Conclusion
August 26, 2019


in paper formate discussion a list of prescribed medications ( in the attachment only that has a highlighted ) for a patient currently receiving intensive psychiatric monitoring. (i.e.,the medication’s proposed risks and benefits,the symptoms that the medication is prescribed to treat,the class of drug under which the medication is classified,etc.).The paper should include a summary page indicating how each of the prescribed medications work collaboratively to address the patient’s psychiatric issues/symptoms. electronic source he/she wishes to obtain information related to the paper.The paper need not be written in APA format and a bibliography is not required.Recommended on- line sources include […]
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