January 30, 2019

8-stage psychosocial theory, what issue you should be occupied with in your life right now

Developmental Psychology In your text book (Experiencing the Lifespan by Belsky) read about Erik Erikson’s developmental theory and determine what psychosocial stage(s) you will fall under today. the theory for me is intimacy vs isolation. I am 20 years old. I work 2 jobs. I am an open person but can get stressed out easily. I like to cope with stress by relaxing and listening to music. 1. Explain, according to Erik Erikson’s 8-stage psychosocial theory, what issue you should be occupied with in your life right now. Also, explain how you successfully live through the stage you are in […]
January 30, 2019

Management Information System

write a reflection paper on what you have understood from this week class by referring to presentation slides . This reflection paper should be minimum 1 page and no more than 2 pages in your own words
January 30, 2019

Does this dysrhythmia need treatment

A 60-year-old male patient is admitted with chest pain to the telemetry unit where you work. While having a bowel movement on the bedside commode, the patient becomes short of breath and diaphoretic. The ECG waveform shows bradycardia. What other assessment findings should you anticipate? Why does this patient probably have bradycardia? Does this dysrhythmia need treatment? Why or why not? What intervention would you implement first? What is the drug treatment and dosage of choice for symptomatic bradycardia? How does this drug increase heart rate? Please use complete sentences to answer the questions. Ensure that you are using correct […]
January 30, 2019

Treating Insomnia

Despite all the knowledge scientists have about the function and process of sleep, it is not known how much sleep humans actually need. Furthermore, people may need more or less sleep at different stages of life. What is clear is that a great number of people report that they do not get enough sleep because once they go to bed, the sleep they seek does not come readily. For this week’s Discussion you examine the stages of sleep and the biological and behavioral effects of sleep deprivation. You also assess the use of sleeping pills for the treatment of insomnia. […]
January 30, 2019

the role of each component of the ECG in the heart’s contraction

Describe the role of each component of the ECG in the heart’s contraction: the P wave, the PR interval, the QRS complex, the ST segment, the T wave, and the QT interval. What is the difference between artifact and dysrhythmia? How can you reduce artifacts? What are some situations that can occur if artifact is not reduced or eliminated? You are working in the Telemetry Unit. The nurse “watching” the monitors is reading a magazine. She constantly turns off an alarm that looks a lot like Ventricular Fibrillation. She tells you that it is not a dysrhythmia, it is just […]
January 30, 2019

Escobar: Paradise lost

Watch “Paradise Lost” ( Director: Andrea Di Stefano Year: 2014) -Write one page (single space) analysis using one concept from one of the course’ readings (Said, Hall, or Hesmondhalgh). Some of these concepts are: -Orientalism -Difference -Preferred meaning -Myth -Inter-textuality -Fetishism Please no need for anything highly sophisticated, such as comparisons with historical events or analysis of data, just critical thinking and use the concepts and Please write the simple grammar on this easy.
January 30, 2019

The Narrative Self

Task 1   Write a short story (at least 1000 words) about a person on the basis of one of the narrative structures described in the text Narrative Structures on blackboard. Mention which story structure you have used Indicate the different parts (think of climax, resolution and so on) of the story structure by giving each part a different colour and mention the name of the part to which the colour is attached. Write a short story (at least 1000 words) about a person on the basis of one of the surrealist writing techniques as described in the text Surrealist […]
January 21, 2019

Case Study: Financial Planning

Use  the following Financial Planning Case as the case study for this week.  Be sure to answer the three questions asked using material within the  chapter and at least one other source. APA and about two pages. In a recent month, the Constantine family had a budget deficit, which  is something they want to avoid so they do not have future financial  difficulties. Jason and Karen Constantine, and their children (ages 10  and 12), plan to discuss the situation after dinner this evening. While at work, Jason was talking with his friend Ken Lopez. Ken had  been a regular saver […]
January 21, 2019

Net present value calculation

Net present value calculation) Big Steve’s, makers of swizzle sticks, is considering the purchase of a new plastic stamping machine. This investment requires an initial outlay of $90,000 and will generate net cash inflows of $19,000 per year for 11 years. a. What is the project’s NPV using a discount rate of 7 percent? (Round to the nearest dollar.) b. What is the project’s NPV using a discount rate of 16 percent? c. What is this project’s internal rate of return? (Round to two decimal places.)
January 21, 2019

Net present value calculation Dowling Sportswear

(Net present value calculation) Dowling Sportswear is considering building a new factory to produce aluminum baseball bats. This project would require an initial cash outlay of $4,000,000 and would generate annual net cash inflows of $900,000 per year for 7 years. Calculate the project’s NPV using a discount rate of 5 percent. (Round to the nearest dollar.) a. If the discount rate is 5 percent, then the project’s NPV is:
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