February 5, 2019

General Motors

This work is about audit class, we need to select on company (General Motors) and answer the questions attached below. They are 4 questions in Case 1 and 6 questions in Case 2 all questions are for the same company. response should not exceed 6 single spaced pages. I attached the Form 10-K to answer the question. Please, read the instructions carefully Attachment previewCase 2: SEC Registrant – Part I Purpose: The primary purpose of this case is to help you become familiar with the content of filings that public companies (“Registrants”) include in various filings that they make with […]
February 5, 2019

Health promotion in nursing

1. Discuss how the concept of “health” has changed overtime. Discuss how the concept has evolved to include wellness, illness, and overall well-being. How has health promotion changed over time? Why is it important that nurses implement health promotion interventions based on evidence-based practice? 2. Compare and contrast the three different levels of health promotion (primary, secondary, tertiary). Discuss how the levels of prevention help determine educational needs for a patient.
February 5, 2019

Sustainable Development

There is a two Discussion Board questions each question should be answered in requiring a 150-300 word response Use a simple word and straightforward vocabulary since I am an international student First question : What changes would you have to make personally if the amount of energy that you use per year was mandated for a 25% reduction? Second Question: What is meant by “sustainable development”? Give some examples of development that might occur in industrialized and in developing countries that are not “sustainable”.
February 5, 2019

Healthful Living

Go to the website . Click on the green button that says, “Find Out Your RealAge”. Click where it says “Sign up” near the bottom of the page. Fill in the required information, then click on the green button that says, “Create an account”. The first page will ask you about your health interests. You do not have to check any of the boxes (you can if you want). Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the blue “Next” button. Proceed to answer the questions on each page of the test. You will be asked […]
February 5, 2019

Data Mining Techniques

Give some examples where Data mining techniques are being used Discuss different available tools and their benefits to the business industry Identify current trends in Data mining and Data warehousing Where do you see the future of Data mining in relationship with data warehousing in next ten years
February 5, 2019

Ehrenreich is white and middle class. She asserts that her experience would have been radically different had she been a person of color or a single parent. Do you think discrimination shaped Ehrenreich’s story? In what ways?

you will need to read the book Nickel and Dimed. Out of the 4 questions, only answer 1 question. This is not an essay. Your response should be 1 well-developed paragraph to 1 page, maximum. In a paragraph(s) or 1 page, answer only 1 of the following questions. Please add textual evidence to support your answer. Ehrenreich is white and middle class. She asserts that her experience would have been radically different had she been a person of color or a single parent. Do you think discrimination shaped Ehrenreich’s story? In what ways? Housing costs pose the greatest obstacle for […]
February 5, 2019

Critical Thinking Strategies

SLP Assignment Expectations Higher-Level Thinking/Critical Thinking: Question and Answer 1. Based on your quiz results, do you feel you use good critical-thinking strategies? If Yes, explain using examples of why you feel this way. If No, how might you improve as a critical thinker? 2. Choose three forms of higher-level thinking from Chapter 4 (pg. 57) that you can employ to use daily. Each form should include 4 or 5 sentences discussing how you can implement it as you progress through your program at Trident. Utilize information from the chapter as well to support your opinion. See PDF Attached Critical […]
February 5, 2019

The Use of Discretion in Criminal Justice System

Within the Discussion Board area, write 600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Discretion in the U.S. criminal justice system was at one time defined by Roscoe Pound, a legal scholar and educator (1960) as follows: “an authority conferred by law to act in certain conditions or situations in accordance with an official’s or an official agency’s own considered judgment and conscience.” Discuss the following: Do you think there is too much discretion in the criminal justice system? Explain. Are there certain […]
February 5, 2019

Research Methods: Divorce Rates in Singapore

Please bid if you are confident to do well in this paper for me. I will send the writer the study guide, textbook and model sample answers after I confirm the writer. Question (100 marks) You are required to answer all questions of this paper. In your answers, please make specific references to the excerpt provided. Divorce rates in Singapore have decreased The Department of Statistics reported that in 2017, the divorce rates in Singapore decreased; at the same time, the number of marriages saw an increase. In fact, it was reported that there was an increase of 0.9 percentage […]
February 5, 2019

Pros and Cons of globalization

Answer each of the following questions in your own words, a minimum of 50 words each. They will be run thru a plagiarism check, thanks. 1.Discuss the pros and cons of globalization and its impact on the United States. Have you felt that globalization affects you personally in your community or at your workplace? If so, how? If not, why not? 2.How has the “war on terror” evolved since it started? 3.Several challenges continue to define contemporary life in the U.S. Since 1990, we’ve faced many political, economic, and social issues that have shaped our world views today. What other […]
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