February 11, 2019

Funding Homeland Security Agency

Read the scenario below. Use the Internet to research the various grant opportunities for outfitting emergency response units. Then, select two (2) funds that you would apply for based on the scenario. Provide a rationale for your selection. Imagine that you are the director of homeland security for a state where several high-risk terrorism targets are located. There is a high probability of hazardous material incidents and you have identified credible threats associated with the emerging sovereign citizens’ movement. Your state agency is well prepared by having response units in place. However, you don’t have the funds to properly outfit […]
February 11, 2019

Research Paper in Psychology Autism

Please complete a 6 page APA research paper and be sure to follow these instructions: Choose 1 topic/idea that you would like to study/research in Psychology. (Autism) Conduct a literature review or search related to the topic/idea you’ve chosen. Be sure to cite your journal articles or other resources you’ve chosen in the References section of your paper. Identify 1 theory related to the topic and develop the research hypothesis for your idea/study. Identify all of the ethical standards you will uphold in your research study. Describe the measures you would potentially utilize to attempt to achieve reliability and validity […]
February 11, 2019

Nursing Scope Discussion Questions

Each question must be answered individually and the answer must be at least 3 paragraphs in APA format. You are expected to post on at least two other students post and include a reference. Points will be deducted when all stated above are not met. Most of the posts have been well done and I applaud you to keep on going. Questions for discussion: 1. a. Discuss current factors that influence the public’s image of professional nursing? b. How can you as a nurse/student nurse, tell members of society what professional nurses do? 2. a. What advantages do women have […]
February 11, 2019

World Trade Interview Discussion

Interview six local business owners to determine their attitudes toward world trade, and then specifically toward Canada, Mexico, China, Vietnam, and the European Union (EU). Do they buy or sell goods produced in those countries? Assume you are presenting your findings to the POTUS. Report on your findings (hint, make use of table/s to present your findings). (include abstract and reference)
February 11, 2019

Banking Concept Q and A

Questions: 1.What is the banking concept of education, according to Freire? 2.How does the banking concept disempower human beings, according to Freire? 3. Freire argues that “Oppression—overwhelming control—is necrophilic; it is nourished by love of death not life” (p. 4). How does he connect this to the banking concept of education? 4.According to Freire, how does problem-posing education as a concept liberate people as learners? 5.Why, according to Freire, is problem-posing education antithetical to education as domination by the oppressors? Attachment previewPAULO FREIRE (pronounce it “Fr-air-ah” unless you can make a Portuguese “r”) is one of the most influential radical […]
February 11, 2019

People of Chinese and Guatemalan Heritage

People of Chinese Heritage. People of Guatemalan Heritage. Review the attached PowerPoint presentation. Read content chapter 10 and 31 of the class textbook. Read content chapter 31 in Davis Davis Plus Online Website. Once done, please present an essay discussing the health care beliefs of both heritages and if there is any similarity in both heritages health care. Please mention how the health care beliefs affect the delivery of evidence-based health care. The essay must be presented in an APA format, word document, Arial 12 font and no plagiarism”. The assignment must include at least 2 evidence-based references (excluding the […]
February 11, 2019

Cultural Differences Discussion

Cultural Differences How can cultural differences affect the establishing of international IS’s (information systems)? Consider, differences in perspectives, tastes, treatment of people of a certain gender or age, attitudes about work and differences in opinions about ethical issues. Please state your answer in 1 – 2 page paper in APA format. Include citations and sources in APA style.
February 11, 2019

positioning statement and motto

ONLY SELECT 1 BRAND!!!!! TEMPLATE ATTACHED BELOW Positioning Statement and Motto Due Week 4 and worth 175 points Click here and for a step by step video tutorial on this assignment. In this assignment, you will create a Positioning Statement and Motto for one (1) of the following brands: Alfa Romeo, Hewlett Packard, Subway, or Sony. Select only one (1) brand. Use the information listed, as well as your own research, to assess the brand by completing the provided template. At the end of the template, be sure to develop what you believe would be a new or better positioning […]
February 11, 2019

Organization Analysis Ethical or Social Justice

For the Final Project for this course, select any government or nonprofit organization for which there is sufficient information to allow a thorough analysis of ethical or social justice issues. You may select your own organization if it is a government or nonprofit organization, but be aware of the need for scholarly objectivity and the need to protect confidentiality. Ethical researchers never begin any project with a hidden agenda or predetermined conclusion. If you do choose your own organization, do not identify it by name or precise location. Your Final Project should include the following: An introduction that describes the […]
February 11, 2019

The Yellow Wallpaper rhetorical analysis

Rhetoric of Literature About Gender Length: 1500-1800 words, typed, double-spaced, and presented in MLA format. A minimum of two (2) secondary sources, not including the primary text being analyzed, must be used to develop the essay. A works cited page with source annotations will be required as part of the final draft. Thesis statement should include an arguable claim. You should choose specific rhetorical strategies and/or genre conventions to connect to specific aspects of the novel’s rhetorical situation–particularly audience and/or context. Each body paragraph should start with a specific claim and then provide evidences from texts to support it. Then […]
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