February 18, 2019

Learning a New Language Difficulty

write a paragraph about simple topic , the paragraph should include topic sentence ( control Idea ) and should include the support Ideas and concluding sentence
February 18, 2019

Research and Discuss The Balanced Scorecard

research and discuss the Balanced Scorecard. It first appeared in the literature in the 1990’s (Kaplan in the HBR) and has gained increasing popularity since then. There are many uses for the Balanced Scorecard as well as several variations of its application in organizations (search for the BSC articles in Healthcare, Education, small business, etc). Please discuss what it is, how it is used with regard to strategic management and what are your experiences with it in the workplace. The CAPSIM uses a Balanced Scorecard approach so this topic will assist you in that assignment also. Below are a couple […]
February 18, 2019

Writing an Essay

This week’s essay will include three parts. PART I (300-400 words): Whose Table do you Join? I want you to consider the following scenario: Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Georg Simmel walk into a cafeteria. They each sit at separate tables. Whose table do you join? Why? That is what I want you to write about this week. Which theorist’s table do you join, and why? While citing specific material mentioned during lecture, your written response to PART I must be between 300-400 words. PART II (200-300 words): Anna on the Life Course Perspective This week Anna delivered lecture content […]
February 18, 2019

Theories of cognitive development Presentation

During these past two units you have learned about several theories of cognitive development: Perry’s Theory of Intellectual and Ethical Development, Women’s Ways of Knowing, Baxter Magolda’s Theory of Epistemological Development, and King and Kitchener’s Reflective Judgment Model. In this Assignment, you will demonstrate that you know and understand how the theories are similar and different from one another. This Assignment also gives you the opportunity to practice your presentation and teaching skills. Instructions Imagine that you are teaching a seminar on cognitive development theory for a group of undergraduate students. You do not have a lot of time, and […]
February 18, 2019

Project Management Leadership Exercises

Resource: Ch. 8 of Project Management Leadership Reflect on each question in the Exercises section on p. 128 of Project Management Leadership. Respond to each question in approximately 525 words each. Responses can be less formal than an APA formatted paper; like a numbered list. EXERCISES: Reflect on any significant changes you have experienced during your projects. How did these changes make you feel? Were you apprehensive or confident? Do you think your needs, as someone involved in the change process, were being addressed and satisfied? On reflection, what do you think were your needs? If they were not met […]
February 11, 2019

Analyse the hyper-real quality of a cultural product that appropriates criminal justice issues. Illustrate your argument by using contemporary example

Select ONE of the questions in the list below, and write an essay: 1. The relationship between crime and rebellion has changed over recent decades. Citing recent news example(s), explain BOTH the strengths and weaknesses of moral panic theory as a framework for understanding contemporary acts of rebellion. 2. Critically assess the spectacular representation of criminal justice problems. Illustrate your argument by using contemporary example(s). 3. Analyse the hyper-real quality of a cultural product that appropriates criminal justice issues. Illustrate your argument by using contemporary example(s).
February 11, 2019

Disaster Response and Recovery Management

Question Description Is being Joint Commission compliant enough to be able to prepare, respond and recover from a disaster? Explain your answer. Review the JC Lessons Learned. What lesson learned resonated with you? Why? Readings Readings: Joint Commission Lessons Learned Week.4.Joint.Commission.Lessons.Learned.pdf Review the following websites:
February 11, 2019

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

Autism and asperger syndrome in the community 1. Relate the topic to community psychology 2. In writing the paper, focus on, among other things: (a) Definition, prevalence, causes (b) Developmental consequences (psychological, social, economic, etc.) (c) Effects on the community (d) Role of paraprofessionals and community psychologists in the specific areas (e) Intervention and prevention programs (psychological, social, community based, etc.). Develop a programme on the same. All instructions are in the attachment. I will accept the paper you submit without question. thank you. i just need to get this done in a few days.
February 11, 2019

Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge Examples

Provide an example of tacit knowledge and an example of explicit knowledge. Instructions: Need minimum 250 words Need 3 APA References. No Plagiarism please. Need 1 Response to the below discussion: Tacit Knowledge: The knowledge that is more difficult to express and gained from personal experience is tacit knowledge. The data, whenever asked, would be the hardest to express, record, or present in an unmistakable shape. For instance, think about making sense of how to make your grandmother’s acclaimed recipes. No ifs ands or buts, she gave you the equation card, anyway when you endeavor it in solitude you feel […]
February 11, 2019

Funding Homeland Security Agency

Read the scenario below. Use the Internet to research the various grant opportunities for outfitting emergency response units. Then, select two (2) funds that you would apply for based on the scenario. Provide a rationale for your selection. Imagine that you are the director of homeland security for a state where several high-risk terrorism targets are located. There is a high probability of hazardous material incidents and you have identified credible threats associated with the emerging sovereign citizens’ movement. Your state agency is well prepared by having response units in place. However, you don’t have the funds to properly outfit […]
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