August 26, 2019

Discussion Board

Using readings from this week (cite 2 sources) and your own experiences, please answer the following questions (300-500 words): 1.As noted in Merriam and Tisdell (2016), “Invariably the question of how many people to visit, how many sites to visit, or how many documents to read concerns – more likely haunts – the novice qualitative researcher. Unfortunately for those with a low tolerance for ambiguity, there is no answer” (p. 101). What is your initial reaction to this statement? How might you intend on dealing with the concerns posed here as you go out into the world as practitioners? 2.Please […]
August 26, 2019

Research Proposal Outline

I need someone to write my research proposal outline. The topic is “Does Telework Increase Productivity, Happiness, and Work-Life Balance Levels of Employees, While Impacting Organizational Culture?”. The topic, syntheses, and hypotheses are already complete.
August 26, 2019

Seven Dimensions of ABA Baer, Wolf, and Risley

At least 200 words Seven Dimensions of ABA Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1968) define ABA using the following dimensions: applied, effective, generality, technological, analytical, conceptually systematic, and behavioral. Refer back to the article “Some Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis” from Unit 1 readings. Consider your current place of work or previous places you have worked. Consider these dimensions and explain the dimensions that may have been met in your experience and those that were not included in your job. If your work did not meet all of these dimensions, explain how it could be modified to meet all seven […]
August 26, 2019

American Addicted

So I have to watch this video on YouTube called American Addicted and answer some questions that go along with the video. It doesn’t have to be the best writing ever with the best vocabulary, I want my teacher to know I did it.
August 26, 2019

post on false info on vaccines being harmful to kids

Discussion #1 The way scientific research is conducted requires a very specific approach. Pick one of the following memes and explain why it isn’t valid, based on failure to follow correct protocol. Then cite evidence that supports your position. The Cure.jpg or Vaccines.jpg min. of 250 words *my book-Feldman Understanding Psychology 13th edition*
August 26, 2019

Explain what is meant by positive and negative punishment and provide examples of each from your own environment or experience.

Explain what is meant by positive and negative punishment and provide examples of each from your own environment or experience. Discuss some potential side effects of using punishment procedures. Identify the ethical issues to be considered when using punishment as an intervention and explain the guidelines for using punishment.
August 26, 2019

Psychological Skills Training

After reviewing our assigned readings and the following websites: Design a 3-5 page Psychological Skills Training program for a collegiate athlete of your choice. Select an athlete (a real live individual, not made up) and the sport, explain the issues, and then create a comprehensive Psychological Skills Training Program. You must include at least the following strategies discussed in our readings: Goal-setting Stress Management tools Achievement Motivation Imagery Self-talk in addition, you must illustrate how and where your strategies apply in the education phase, the acquisition phase, and practice phase. Your paper must be formatted according to APA […]
August 26, 2019

Violating Social Norms Response

This is a response paper it only needs to be 1-2 pages. I did my own Violating a social norm and I keep track of where I when and some of the reactions I got. I would need one to write it so it flows and if they need you could make a bit up to hit 1-2 pages.
August 26, 2019

Developmental Paper

This topic is on- Freud’s psychosexual stages this is an APA format must include tittle page and a reference page. double space 12 font times roman at least two reference no copy and paste no plagiarism must own words one of those reference must be scholarly and peer reviewed.
August 26, 2019

cartoon characters on TV or in film

Pick a set of cartoon characters on TV or in film, or a set of characters on a TV show and analyze them for any psychological disorders. Write down what each character issues are. Maybe they are a little OCD or bipolar. Please analyze at least 4 characters. Have fun!!!! If you want full credit you will do a very nice job describing the characters, their issues, whether or not their issues would classify as a disorder, why their issues would or wouldn’t, and how they might be dealing with them. Please use APA formatting. double-spaced, 12 point font, and […]
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