May 13, 2019

Application Assignment Net Revenue and Budgeting

Assignment: Looking Ahead: Application Assignment Net Revenue and Budgeting You will begin this assignment in Week 4 and it will be due by Day 7 of Week 5. No one can predict the future, but accountants and financial managers must try and do exactly that!  By examining net revenue, costs, and cash flow, you can get a clearer picture of what to expect in your organization’s (or one with which you are familiar) fiscal future. Using these metrics to look forward will enable you to more effectively plan budgets that accomplish organizational goals. When developing a budget, what variables do […]
May 13, 2019

Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection

Details: This assignment requires you to interview one person and requires an analysis of your interview experience. Part I: Interview Select a patient, a family member, or a friend to interview. Be sure to focus on the interviewee’s experience as a patient, regardless of whom you choose to interview. Review The Joint Commission resource found in topic materials, which provides some guidelines for creating spiritual assessment tools for evaluating the spiritual needs of patients. Using this resource and any other guidelines/examples that you can find, create your own tool for assessing the spiritual needs of patients. Your spiritual needs assessment […]
May 13, 2019

Perform a direct assessment of a community of interest using the “Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide

Perform a direct assessment of a community of interest using the “Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide.” -The community of interest is Scottsdale, Arizona USA. Address every bulleted statement in the 2 following sections with data or rationale for deferral. 1.) Value/Belief Pattern • Predominant ethnic and cultural groups along with beliefs related to health. • Predominant spiritual beliefs in the community that may influence health. • Availability of spiritual resources within or near the community (churches/chapels, synagogues, chaplains, Bible studies, sacraments, self-help groups, support groups, etc.). • Do the community members value health promotion measures? What is the evidence […]
May 13, 2019

Politics, Stress, and Sleep

In your reading assignments for this module, you read about a classic example of politics and health promotion in the episode of Rick Perry and the HPV vaccine. For your original post, cite another example of politics and a health promotion topic. An example could be smoking cessation and politics (whether on the local, state, or national level). Thoroughly explain how politics and the selected health promotion topic are related. Your post should clearly demonstrate a thorough understanding of the example being provided. Remember to include an APA formatted in-text citation and corresponding reference from a recent (within last 5 years) professional journal […]
May 13, 2019

Comprehensive Health Insurance

COMPLETE CORRECT ANSWERS FOR QUESTIONS 11-20 11.   People who receive Medicare   12.   Ralph is assigning diagnosis and procedure codes for a 35-year-old patient from New Mexico, who has hypertension and end-stage renal disease. Would this patient qualify for Medicare?   13.   The first prepaid health insurance plans in the United States were   14.   Which of the following is the largest privately underwritten health insurance contract in the world?       15.   A provider is classified as a/an     16.   Tom is billing an emergency room visit for a Medicaid patient who’s being seen for a wellness visit. Which […]
May 13, 2019


BOOK EPIDEMIOLOGY IN PUBLIC HEALTH 3RD EDITION BY ANN ASCHENGRAU QUIZ STUDY GUIDE .. KNOW PUBLIC HEALTH DECODING.. I WILL ADD QUESTIONS BECAUSE ONCE I OPEN, THE TIMER WILL START RUNNING The Quiz consists of 25 randomly chosen multiple-choice and true/false questions that you will need to complete in 1 1/2hours. While some of the questions are about definitions and identification of concepts, most involve application of the epidemiological concepts that you’ve learned about in the course. Some will require calculation of the right measure; others will involve interpretation of study results and application to public health practice. Here are […]
May 13, 2019

Comprehensive Patient Assessment ON Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

To prepare Assignment 1: Application – Comprehensive Patient Assessment ON Abnormal Uterine Bleeding   Reflect on your Practicum Experience and select a female patient whom you have examined with the support and guidance of your Preceptor.   Think about the details of the patient’s background, medical history, physical exam, labs and diagnostics, diagnosis, treatment and management plan, as well as education strategies and follow-up care.   To complete   Write an 8- to 10-page comprehensive soap Note paper on Abnormal Uterine Bleeding , that addresses the following:   Age, race and ethnicity, and partner status of the patient   Current […]
May 13, 2019

Legislation Comparison Grid and Testimony/Advocacy Statement

Post an explanation for how you think the cost-benefit analysis in the statement from page 27 of Feldstein (2006) affected efforts to repeal/replace the ACA. Then, explain how analyses such as the one portrayed by the Feldstein statement may affect decisions by legislative leaders in recommending or positioning national policies (e.g., Congress’ decisions impacting Medicare or Medicaid).   Assignment: Legislation Comparison Grid and Testimony/Advocacy Statement As a nurse, how often have you thought to yourself, If I had anything to do about it, things would work a little differently? Increasingly, nurses are beginning to realize that they do, in fact, […]
May 13, 2019

Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE & APPLIED NURSING RESEARCH Competencies: 724.8.5: Foundations of Inquiry – The graduate differentiates between quality improvement processes, evidence based practice, and research. 724.8.6 Literature Review and Analysis – The graduate demonstrates knowledge of the process and outcomes of conducting a literature review. 724.8.7: Ethics and Research – The graduate demonstrates understanding of the ethics of nursing research, particularly human subjects’ protections, informed consent, and alignment with patient and family values and preferences. 724.8.8: Patient Outcomes – The graduate discriminates between identified standards and practices that do not provide improvements in patient outcomes utilizing relevant sources of evidence and […]
May 13, 2019

he Role of the Nurse Informaticist in Systems Development and Implementation

Assume you are a nurse manager on a unit where a new nursing documentation system is to be implemented. You want to ensure that the system will be usable and acceptable for the nurses impacted. You realize a nurse leader must be on the implementation team. To Prepare: Review the steps of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and reflect on the scenario presented. Consider the benefits and challenges associated with involving a nurse leader on an implementation team for health information technology. The Assignment: (2-3 pages) In preparation of filling this role, develop a 2- to 3-page role description […]
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