May 14, 2019

Professional Development Comprehensive Assessment

Question 1 Flexible production technology is sometimes referred to as: (a) Just-in-time manufacturing (b) Quick technology (c) Lean production (d) Stable production (e) Unscheduled manufacturing Question 2 Learning effects are a result of: (a) Automation (b) Learning by doing (c) Sound product planning tactics (d) Diseconomies of scale (e) Product standardization Question 3 Effective vision statements include: (a) All strategic directions of the organizations (b) A brief statement of the company’s direction (c) Strategic posturing and future objectives (d) Financial objectives and projected figures Question 4 Sam Walton wanted Walmart to keep costs low. There’ force, as an example to […]
May 14, 2019

Goals for Stevens District Hospital

Clear, actionable, and measurable goals are essential to strategic planning. It is important that the goals are designed to support the mission and vision of an organization. Complete the chart with a total of 260 to 350 words. Your analysis should be based on your review of the data provided in the Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario and your SWOT analysis. Identify a clear, actionable, and measurable technology goal for the organization that clearly supports the mission and vision. Analyze how this goal supports the mission and vision of the hospital. Explain how you would measure progress toward the […]
May 14, 2019

Under U.S. law, any person who pays taxes can contribute to an IRA, and the contributions are tax-free.

28. True or False. Under U.S. law, any person who pays taxes can contribute to an IRA, and the contributions are tax-free. 44. True or False. Managers, executives, and lower level employees should all go through the same type of termination process. 49. True or False. If an organization offers leave benefits beyond those required by law, it should never make a declarative statement about this in its handbook 51. Which of the following assessments does not always need to be considered depending on the international assignment? A. Person-organization fit B. Personality-job fit C. Language ability D. Suitability of immediate […]
May 14, 2019

The task of an organization is reflected in its:

1. The task of an organization is reflected in its: (Points : 4) human resources mission or purpose input materials structure 2. The beliefs and assumptions about people, work, and the organization best reflects the: (Points : 4) formal organization overt part of an organization informal organization social surface 3. The specific setting within which organizational behavior is enacted would be called the: (Points : 4) situation external environment organizational context group 4. In an open system the transformation or conversion of inputs to outputs is accomplished with: (Points : 4) technology task borrowed financial resources robots 5. If a […]
May 14, 2019

Why are a needs assessment and ongoing training important for firms like Whirlpool to conduct

Chapter Case Study Whirlpool Mixes Up Its Managerial Training: Closed-Looped Methodology Brings Learning Full Circle   1. Why are a needs assessment and ongoing training important for firms like Whirlpool to conduct? 2. Is focusing on training managers and supervisors prior to training rank-and-file employees a good strategy for Whirlpool?
May 14, 2019


Read chapter 13-15 fully and for your week eight assignment please: Create 3 fictional scenarios in which an employer would have to deal with any of the following situations of employee poor behavior on the job, Substance Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Fighting, Work Family Conflicts, or Email (or Internet) abuse. For each case, provide details of the type of employer, the history or the worker at that company, the incident which arose, why it was a clear violation of employer policy, what would be the likely result of arbitration of this issue if the employee acknowledged his wrong doing but asked […]
May 13, 2019

Which classification of pneumonia best fits ND’s situation

Read the case study below. Answer and discuss the questions that follow. ND is a 82-year-old female who lives in a skilled nursing facility. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease, chronic bronchitis, and hypertension. She is wheelchair bound and tends to spend most of her days in bed. She smoked for 52 years but quit 14 years ago. She has lost 10 pounds in the last month and has had a productive cough for about 2 weeks that has copious amounts of white to yellow mucous. Over the last 3 days, she has refused to get out of […]
May 13, 2019

Community Teaching Plan: Community Presentation

PLEASE FOLLOW EVERY INSTRUCTION. READ AND COMPLETE THE DOCUMENT ATTACHED BELLOW. 18 SLIDES OF THE  POWER POINT PRESENTATION   Details: Note: This is an individual assignment. Based on the feedback offered by the provider, identify the best approach for teaching. Prepare a presentation to accompany the teaching plan and present the information to your community. Select one of the following options for delivery of the presentation: PowerPoint presentation – no more than 30 minutes Pamphlet presentation – 1 to 2 pages Poster presentation Appropriate community settings include: Public health clinic Community health center Long-term care facility Transitional care facility Home health […]
May 13, 2019

How are biopharmaceuticals distributed and how does this relate to drug administration?

How are biopharmaceuticals distributed and how does this relate to drug administration? This is a discussion question at least 200 words, one or two references.
May 13, 2019

Trends and Issues in Health Care – Nurses in Politics

NRS-440V Week 4 Legislative Worksheet (SBAR Format): How a Bill Becomes a Law Trends and Issues in Health Care – Nurses in Politics As you have discovered through this course, nurses are influential members of the community and the political system. Therefore, for the purposes of this assignment you will identify a problem or concern in your community, organization, etc. that has the capacity to be legislated. You will conduct research and state a proposal. Through the legislative process, your proposal for the problem or concern may influence an idea for change into a law. First, refer to the “How […]
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