May 15, 2019

Importance of Reading

Our first essay is rather simple. It asks the question “What impact has reading had on your life?” Please reflect on this question for a few minutes and then post a short essay in the MLA format. If you have any questions, please let me know by email. Here is the full-page description of the assignment: Essay #1: Literacy Narrative Write a short literacy narrative about yourself. Literacy narratives can often have slightly different focuses, so you have a small amount of room for creativity, but they primarily deal with detailing a person’s path to reading and writing (education and […]
May 15, 2019

Mac Data Recovery

Question Description In this assignment, you assume the role of an employee of the DigiFirm Investigation Company. One of your clients is a small music production company. One day you receive a phone call from Andrea, the owner and president of the music company. Andrea believes one of her employees, a sound technician, has been stealing intellectual property from the company. She thinks he is copying original music scores and then selling them to upstart musicians, claiming that he wrote them. Andrea checked the employee’s computer the previous night and thinks he has been deleting the files to cover his […]
May 15, 2019

5 R’s: Environmental Challenges

Plastic is one of our most pressing environmental challenges. If you laid the number of Plastic Water Bottles used in the world each day end to end, they would reach to China and back FOUR TIMES EACH DAY! Plastic is a man made substance. It takes up to 4 human LIFETIMES to bio-degrade once it is placed in a landfill. The plastic we use in our lifetimes will OUTLIVE US in most cases! Plastic is everywhere! On our freeways, in our oceans, in the environment. Watch the videos I’ve made available to you this week. Explain in detail how EACH […]
May 15, 2019

EU 3PL Firms

1. What are 3PL firms? 2. Assess the reasons for using third party logistics service in Saudi Arabia? Using examples, Explain 3.Reasons why third party logistics arrangement are not always successful? The Answer should be 3- 4 pages in length including the cover and appendices, with 1″ margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font. The cover of the answer should include title, course code and name, your full name, and your University id number. The Answer must follow the outline points below: 3PL Their Main functions Any local example Reasons with suitable Examples Reference This assignment is an […]
May 15, 2019

Net value of labor relations degree brief report

Use data on starting salaries for a labor relations degree and data on the cost of attending college to calculate the value of the degree and write a brief report (2-page maximum) that details your procedures and findings. Include an appendix with your Excel tables and a works cited section on separate page at end (does not count towards length requirement) citing any data and other sources used. All instructions are in the attached file
May 15, 2019

Major Theories and Empirical Research in Literacy Essay

For this benchmark assignment, you will be submitting a detailed research paper that supports and builds upon your presentation from Topic 4. In a 1,250-1,500 word paper, examine major theories and empirical research in literacy. Include the following with examples and details: Analysis of at least one of the theoretical and evidence-based foundations of reading and writing and summarize how the historical processes have evolved over time. Cognitive, linguistic, motivational, and sociocultural foundations of reading and writing development. Best practices in word recognition, language comprehension, strategic knowledge, and reading–writing connections. Principles you will incorporate into your professional practice to improve […]
May 15, 2019

Southern New Hampshire University Query Shark Discussion

Question Description Use Query Shark to find a query letter. Identify areas of the letter that are successful, as well as issues within the letter that need improvement. Next, utilize The Author Biography resource as you create the biography element of your selected query letter. Consider replicating the following elements from “The Author Biography” resource: A brief description of the creative work A brief biography that outlines the writer’s experience and unique expertise A brief explanation as to why the writer’s creative work is a strong match with the type of works that the editor or producer publishes or produces […]
May 15, 2019

Criminal Justice Administrators – Lawbreakers questions

Criminal justice administrators must be aware that the public maintains great interest in the operation of their agencies. Particularly when dangerous lawbreakers are involved, mistakes can be costly, and are reported publicly. To what extent does an agency’s dependence on public opinion impede or encourage planned change? What changes should the management of a troubled correctional facility make to keep the employees happy and prevent the public from going against the facility? Provide an example of a significant research study done in the criminal justice field. How have the results of this research study revolutionized the working of the criminal […]
May 15, 2019

Community Healthcare versus Unemployment essay

Instructions You will write and submit a 2-3-page essay in APA format (with a proper cover page, well-organized with source citations, and an APA reference list—which do not count towards the page count requirement) in response to the following: It is possible that a community’s County Health Rankings would suggest that the biggest driver of poor health in that community is unemployment? How would you present the case to your nonprofit hospital board that the biggest community benefit contribution the hospital could make would be to join and support an initiative to increase job openings in the community rather than […]
May 15, 2019

Risk Analysis in Capital Investment essay

Two pages abstract with three labeled sections: First section the purpose of the article second section scope of the article shorter than the following section The third section is findings of the article the longer part of the paper
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