May 16, 2019

Purdue Drugs alcohol and cocaine addiction Case Study

Question Description Think of a topic or scenario you would to research using a case study and respond to the following: (1) Discuss a hypothetical person that you would focus your study on. Why did you choose this person?. (2) State your research question and hypothesis. (3) Explain briefly what data you might collect to study your research question with the identified participant. (4) What are strengths to using a single case study for this study. (5) Discuss the possible limitations to your study. Reading: Chapter 6: “Case Studies and Observational Research” (pp 167-173).
May 16, 2019

Policy Note

Question Description NO POSITION (INFORMATIONAL ONLY) Attached Files: Writing sample instructions (2).doc (24 KB) Maryland-2018-SB259-Introduced.pdf (93.554 KB) A policy note is developed by agencies to provide information on the impact of a proposed policy. It implies the agencies stance as well. The policy note will review House or Senate bills previously or currently being considered by the Maryland General assembly. The policy note should be no more than 5 pages and will have the following format. Summary of the Bill: What does the bill propose to do? Fiscal Analysis: Discuss the potential impact this may have on the budgets of […]
May 16, 2019

Reason why adapting JIT and Lean Thinking Methods

Question Description Just in time (JIT) is an inventory management method whereby materials, goods, and labor are scheduled to arrive or be replenished exactly when needed in the production process? Using this concept of JIT and Lean Thinking you should answer the following questions by taking any Saudi Manufacturing company. Question: 1. Why Companies adopted JIT model? 2. Assess the reasons for using lean thinking. What are the benefits from Suppliers to end users?Using examples and Reasons why Company more focus on lean thinking and make their production Optimal? The Answer should be 3- 4 pages in length including the […]
May 16, 2019

Power and Influence in Leadership

Power and Influence In some cases, leaders are selected through a competitive process. In this process, a number of qualified applicants compete for the same leadership position within an organization and are appointed as leaders by upper management. In other cases, leaders emerge because of their influence or power within a group. For instance, think for a moment about the social identity perspective of leadership from Week 1. According to social identity theory, leaders emerge based on dynamic group processes (e.g., prototypicality, social attraction, and attribution) in which group members perceive certain individuals as having power and influence (Hogg, 2001). […]
May 16, 2019

Ashford Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Journal

In an ever-increasing competitive job market, a strong resume is a crucial component in any successful job search. Your resume serves as your personal marketing document and your first impression to prospective employers. Your resume is a one-of-a-kind, quick and easy reference for an employer that proves you are the perfect candidate for the position you are applying for. To create a strong resume, you must first identify the message you want the reader to receive and determine the skills and qualifications you would like to highlight on your resume. What you highlight is generally based on the position you […]
May 16, 2019

The ARC Project

Question Description Need help in writing a case study 14.1 at the end of Project management achieving competitive advantages 4th edition by Jeffery K Pinto chapter 14 . The case study needs to be completed and at the end of case study consist of 3 questions and all the 3 questions shall be answered. The case study shall be in APA format with a minimum of 4 references needs to be provided. The case study is displayed in page number 497 of the test book with name New Jersey Kills Hudson River Tunnel Project. Questions at the end of case […]
May 16, 2019

Dr. Cushman Writing memoirs case study

Please respond the discussion below and make sure u answer the question at the end of the discussion in your response. The comments/reaction/opinion does not need to be written in academic format with citations, but a paragraph or more is required to elicit discussion. 300-400 words Essay 1. Dr. Cushman is an attending physician in a Los Angeles Hospital. With a high demand in a low socioeconomic city, Dr. Cushman found many difficulties treating patients who were noncompliant. Dr. Cushman found himself overwhelmed and stressed making his career even more demanding on his wellbeing. His wife encouraged him to take […]
May 16, 2019

The Emerging Health Care Environment

You have to create an E-Poster on what you see as the future of nursing practice and the role of nursing in the emerging health-care environment. You need to predict the future based on present evidence. The E-Poster needs to include the following: 1. Introduction 2. Statement of the issue 3. Evidence supporting the issue 4. Prediction of the future role of the nurse 5. Conclusion 6. References: minimum of three references from peer-reviewed nursing journals (encourage the use of international journals). Articles need to be within the last 3 years unless historical.
May 16, 2019

Five R’s For Fighting Plastics environmental challenges

Plastic is one of our most pressing environmental challenges. If you laid the number of Plastic Water Bottles used in the world each day end to end, they would reach to China and back FOUR TIMES EACH DAY! Plastic is a man made substance. It takes up to 4 human LIFETIMES to bio-degrade once it is placed in a landfill. The plastic we use in our lifetimes will OUTLIVE US in most cases! Plastic is everywhere! On our freeways, in our oceans, in the environment. Watch the videos I’ve made available to you this week. Explain in detail how EACH […]
May 16, 2019

Why America’s gun control problems is unique?

Why America’s gun control problems is unique ? write an Essay.( please see the requirement PDF document below ) It is a ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY paper. Five paragraphs from each article you choose. One article must be scholarly article (Each paragraph must be 150 to 200 words) and After you annotate your five sources, please include the following: 1. Your academic discipline. 2. Your narrowed research question(s). 3. One paragraph identifying connections and differences you see among the sources you annotated. END PAGE REFLECTION (250-500 WORDS)
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