May 16, 2019

How to Get Rid Of Racism

This past week we focused on race and racism. These are very touchy subjects, and the topics of race and racism are complex and multi-layered. Addressing race and racism in the context of a college classroom presents us with a unique set of challenges. But it seems now, more than ever, we need to engage in open, honest dialogue about these issues. 1. In class on Friday, I showed a slide that said, “The way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? Provide reasons for your agreement or disagreement.
May 16, 2019

Sociology Problems In Jail And Political Influence Law

Question Description What special problems and needs do people in jail have? Why? What problems do these needs pose for jail administrators? How do local politics affect jail administration? Should political influence be as extensive as it is? Does it help or hinder good correctional practices?Please expand in depth and use APA format and the chapter provided must be used in text as least once. Post in depth (3-4 paragraph) APA cited posts with in text/reference list (Quality is key) (APPLY THE BOOK AND AT LEAST ONE OUTSIDE SCHOLARLY SOURCE, CITING (IN TEXT AND REFERENCE LIST) AND PARAPHRASES AS WELL […]
May 16, 2019

Rasmussen Benefits Of Using Modern Technology In A Business

Question Description Instructions (please note – you do not need to record your voice into this, simply create the presentation and provide a script/dialogue and I will do the presentation recording). You have recently started working for a local department store in the Operations Department. Upon settling into your new position, you come to realize that they have outdated business practices. In your past work experience, you have utilized various forms of technology to complete daily job functions and have been part of updating technology to meet the demands of your organization. Technological advances can address all areas of the […]
May 16, 2019

Sociological Perspectives

Question Description APA style formatting is required. No title page, abstract, and methods. The body of the paper must include citations according to the APA style format, and these sources should be included in your reference page. Every assignment should contain at least two references. Learning Objective By submitting this assignment, students will be able to do the following to: Distinguish the functionalism, conflict theory, and the interactionist perspectives. Why? Sociologists argue that the sociological perspective combined with the scientific method gives them the ability to make significant contributions toward an understanding of human social behavior. Describe how a theorist […]
May 16, 2019

Current Event Related to Gender Ethnicity Class and Race

This option provides you with an opportunity to integrate race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and gender categories in the context of a major current event. Following these general instructions is an example; always reach out to your instructor when you have any questions. Choose a current event that is making national or international headlines; your instructor can help you decide. It might be a story about an election, a natural disaster, the global economy, a highly publicized criminal trial, or an event in the entertainment industry. Then, analyze how race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and gender intersect and impact the event itself, […]
May 16, 2019

Sociology of human sexuality essay

Question Description Prompt: Integration Essay #1 Compare, contrast and Address the core teachings/argument/theme in Wick’s and Seman’s THE GOOD VIBRATIONS GUIDE TO SEX and integrate it with Mottier’s SEXUALITY, A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION, Lisa Wade’s AMERICAN HOOKUP and the class videos,(for example, WHAT KIDS WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, KINSEY, SECRETS OF SEXUAL SURROGATE, MALE SEXUAL ANATOMY, ETC). Be comprehensive but also specific and precise. Use proper citation machinery ASA Format. Note to writer: I cannot upload all the books here for some reason. please give me an email so i can send you the ebooks. I think the books […]
May 16, 2019

trayer Getting Thirsty Water Resources And Conflict

Question Description Water covers 75% of the Earth’s surface, but most of it contains high concentrations of salt and is unavailable. Desalination is expensive for developing countries, making that salt water unsuitable for consumption or irrigation. Consequently, access to fresh water is a growing issue as countries share the same water sources. This even has the potential to become an issue of national security. Think of the issues that come from circumstances in which countries share the same water source. For example, consider disputes over the Jordan river between Jordan and Israel, or the Tigris River between Iraq and Turkey. […]
May 16, 2019

Strayer Threats To The Global Environment & Water Pollution

Assignment 3a: Threats to the Global Environment Congratulations! The United Nations has hired you as a consultant on global issues. Many of the UN members are not satisfied with the progress of the Millennium Development Goals. They feel that the goals focus on the wrong issues. There is a disconnect between what issues the UN developed countries believe are priorities and what many developing countries feel the prioritized issues should be. For example, the country of Burundi has asked that one of the goals be focused on food security. Austria, however, is adamant that the major current global issue is […]
May 16, 2019

Coffee Shop Field Site Reports

Question Description 1. How would you characterize the social networks in your field site? For example, are the ties strong or weak? Did you observe a lot of social capital or not much? Is there much homophily? How do you think the nature of the networks in your field site shapes the kinds of interactions you observed? 2. How is social control enforced in your field site? Do you see evidence of formal sanctions? Informal sanctions? How are general social norms enforced? What about the norms of your field site? 3. How is culture “done” in your field site? Are […]
May 16, 2019

The Manifest and Latent Functions of Education

Question Description Discuss the manifest and latent functions of education? Identify rules or regulations that some educational instittutions may use to encourage students to maintain the status quo and discourage individual creativity, can you also relate? What trends in eduaction are beneficial and which are not? (Is manditaotry testing/STAR doing its job? Is bilingual education working? should students learn a language before graduating?) Consider the high school you attended, do you feel like you received a good education; did it prepare you for college?
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