May 17, 2019

9 Months that Made You Video Reflection

Videos: 9 Months that Made You: Part 1 (doc; 2016) (Netflix; prenatal development) 9 Months that Made You: Part 2 (doc; 2016) (Netflix; prenatal development) 9 Months that Made You: Part 3 (doc; 2016) (Netflix; prenatal development) Frontline Growing Up Online (doc; 2008) (PBS; media; culture; context) The Beginning of Life: Denied a Childhood (series; 2016) (Netflix; context) The Beginning of Life: It Takes a Village (series; 2016) (Netflix; context; family) Bite Size (doc; 2014) (Hulu; nutrition; exercise; obesity Video reflection Questions. . If watching a video for practical experience credit, you must watch the video in its entirety; I […]
May 17, 2019

Dangers of Alcohol or HIV during Pregnancy

Write 2-3 pages about the event and how it specifically relates to the course Write 1/2 page maximum summarizing the article In the remaining 1.5 pages, demonstrate your understanding of how the event connects to the course Use theories and vocabulary found in the textbook Discuss controversies about your chosen topic (if applicable) Explore new research in the discipline (if applicable) Provide a reference page Full APA entry for the textbook (it’s on my syllabus!) Full APA entry for your article (however, you do not need to attach the article) Use in-text citations for the textbook and format them according […]
May 17, 2019

Factors that influence the recovery of terminally-ill patients

Question Description In this assignment, you will create the thesis statement for your Final Assignment. The thesis is the statement of your perspectives on the literature. It should also include the rationale and relevant empirical and theoretical background supporting your perspectives. The primary objective of this assignment is to outline specific areas of inquiry you intend to answer in the course of the Integrative Literature Review. Although they may change during the course of the review, articulating these areas of inquiry early will help provide focus and direction for your research. Begin by introducing the areas of inquiry to be […]
May 17, 2019

Social Facilitation, Inhibition and Social Loafing Question

As you may recall in the work of Triplett (1898), the presence of others in a bicycle race was found to enhance individual performance. This is called social facilitation (Williams, Harkins, & Karau, 2007). At times, however, the presence of others can detract from individual performance, which is termed social inhibition (Crisp & Turner, 2007). Similarly, social loafing can occur when an individual’s performance within a group decreases due to his or her reliance on others in the group (Crisp & Turner, 2007). For this Discussion, review the media program, Week 5: The Virtual Office. Focus on the characters in […]
May 17, 2019

The Gender Socialization of Emotions

Find two mothers with with kindergartners, one boy and one girl. Obtain their permission to record their conversation and transcribe what they say. More instructions on the picture attached Attachment previewEXPERIENCE THE RESEARCH The Gender Socialization of Emotions In his exercise, you are going to investigate the differences in two mothers emotion words, comparing the conversation of a mother of a daughter and a mother of a son.
May 17, 2019

Performance Measurement

Chapter 3:“Developing performance appraisals: Criteria for what and how performance is measured” Chapter 13: “Marketing behaviorally based solutions” Read the following article from the Library: Miltenberger, R. G., & Weil, T. M. (2013). Observation and measurement in behavior analysis. In G. J. Madden, W. V. Dube, T. D. Hackenberg, G. P. Hanley, K. A. Lattal, G. J. Madden, K. A. Lattal (Eds.) , APA handbook of behavior analysis, Vol. 1: Methods and principles (pp. 127–150). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association. How to Measure Performance- 450 Words, APA, Reference class materials only There are many factors that influence the effectiveness […]
May 17, 2019

Transferable Skills Analysis and forensic rehabilitation

Question Description This assignment is designed to gage the student’s ability to think critically and apply knowledge in the form of a short answer essay. In at least 1500 words explain why the concept of “Transferable Skills Analysis” is such a signature aspect of Forensic Rehabiltation. Please use at least 5 sources to support your theory. This assignment should be completed in Word format and uploaded to the dropbox. This assignment is due Sunday, March 18,
May 17, 2019

Psychoanalytic Social Perspectives

Question Description In a paper format address the following questions. Papers must be 1050+ minimum words in length. What makes the psychoanalytic-social perspective of personality unique? (Remember, the three theorists on whom to focus this week’s paper are Adler, Erikson and Horney. This is not about Freud and Jung.) What are the main components of each of the psychoanalytic-social personality theories? What are some of the main differences between theories? Choose one of the psychoanalytic-social personality theories, and apply it to your own life. Explain your own personality and personality development through this theory. Include a minimum of three APA […]
May 17, 2019

Factors in the Transfer Process: Major Learning Theories

Read the instructions in the University of Phoenix Material: Analysis of Factors in the Transfer Process, and select one option to complete the assignment. You can choose from the following options: Option 1: Transfer of Learning Presentation Option 2: Transfer of Learning Paper Format your assignment in accordance with APA guidelines.
May 17, 2019

Selection and Assessment: Industrial Organizational Psychology

Question Description Karen Ong is the HR manager of a fashion company with several retail outlets in high-end shopping centres in Singapore. Currently, she applies the following process for selecting new retail assistants: All interested candidates would complete a standard job application form. Some candidates may even provide a letter of recommendation from a previous employer. Based on this initial screening, Karen would short-list a few candidates for an informal interview (especially those who have provided a letter of recommendation). During this so- called “chit-chat with the candidate”, Karen would attempt to size up the candidate’s suitability to work as […]
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