May 17, 2019

Methods of reducing opioid-related deaths Research article summary

You are a psychologist studying different methods of reducing opioid-related deaths. As part of your research, you are looking at the use of safe injection sites as a means of reducing drug overdoses. You have found three articles that look at safe injection sites (NOTE: These three sources are NOT in correct APA format—some are lacking important info that you will need to fix on your References page): Kral, A. H., & Davidson, P. J. (2017). Addressing the Nation’s opioid epidemic: lessons from an unsanctioned supervised injection site in the US. American journal of preventive medicine. WOOD, E., TYNDALL, M. […]
May 17, 2019

Poverty: Dealing With Complexity in Temporary Issues

Scenario: Complexity in Contemporary Issues As the producer and correspondent of a television or radio news magazine (like “60 Minutes,” “VICE” or “All Things Considered”), you have been assigned to deliver an informative 12-minute segment on one of the contemporary issues you and you classmates have been discussing during the past three weeks. Corporate policy requires that you consider insights from two or more academic disciplines for example: nursing and social work, or philosophical ethics, psychology, and biology. (Note: These are only examples—you are free to choose your own disciplines!) Corporate policy also requires that you interview credible representatives of […]
May 17, 2019

Schizophrenia Disorder

Your textbook readings this week focus on one of the most fascinating categories of psychological disorders: schizophrenia. While straight-forward in many ways, this diagnosis is markedly influenced by multicultural factors and plagued with diagnostic problems. In your post this week, using the textbook readings as a platform but doing your own library research as needed, discuss some of the multicultural components relevant to this condition and some of the diagnostic issues also at play. Your post must be a minimum of 400 words long and must meet all other forum requirements as listed below. class: psychopathology
May 17, 2019

Ethical and Legal Issues Case Study

Ethical and Legal Issues – Case Study, and then elect an ethical decision-making model. Analyze the effectiveness of the selected decision-making model and provide an example of how it might be used to resolve legal or ethical dilemmas when working with students or clients from diverse backgrounds. Utilize your chosen decision-making model to the case you reviewed. If you were the counselor working with this case, discuss how you would apply each step of the ethical decision-making model you have selected to respond effectively to these legal and ethical issues. Include specific examples to illustrate the actions you would take […]
May 17, 2019

Increasing Behavior

Discussion: Operant Learning: Increasing Behavior Examples of reinforcers: Praise, money, food, a pat on the back, a smile, an “A” on a quiz, etc. There are an unlimited number of reinforcing events, and most can be classified as primary or secondary reinforcers, and as either natural or contrived reinforcers. It is important to keep in mind that consequences are defined at the level of the individual—that is, something that might serve as a strong reinforcer for you (e.g., a paycheck for your work) may not be as strong of a reinforcer for your friend. A motivating operation is anything that […]
May 17, 2019

Self-image And Self-esteem Go Hand By Hand Psychology

Question Description This is a class question that needs to be answer with at least 150 words. I would like for it to be in your own words. Please No Plagiarism This need a reply to another student in my psychology class Self image and self-esteem go hand by hand. When we have high self- esteemed we feel empower to accomplish our goals and that goes along with our self image. Our self image is a reflection of our inner positive attitude. We feel capable to accomplishing any task and that same empowerment help us to keep on going… Specially […]
May 17, 2019

Kevin Wendell Crumb Charactor Assessment Interview & PIE

I am assigned to do an Assessment Interview and PIE on a the character Kevin from the movie Spilt. We are generated to answer these questions for the Assessment Interview and PIE, I have them attached in a file. *For Assessment Interview make sure it is typed in Paragraph form just with the headings of each section listed. The directions state: Students will conduct an assessment interview of their client using the outline in chapter 1 of the textbook. If not enough information is able to be obtain, then the student may have to create a scenario to provide the […]
May 17, 2019

Career E-Portfolio Human Service Integrative Project

I need help with this e-portfolio. I will give you access to the site . I Have completed the categories, but I cant figure out how to add the work and add text to the categories. Fell free to rearrange or start over if you have to. Below is a description of the assignment and I will attached documents . As you assemble your assignments into your ePortfolio, consider how the various aspects of human services professional standards lead to results in the field. With the pace of daily work and expectations in all aspects of our lives, this may […]
May 17, 2019

The Soup Kitchen Critical Thinking And Social Work Case Study

please write about the critical event being an argument at a soup kitchen between a homeless women and the soup kitchen worker. the homeless women has mental issues and she threatened to have her boyfriend come to the soup kitchen to fight the worker. as a human services intern answer the questions from the attachment.
May 17, 2019

. Explain why you chose this particular case study vignette, and identify the central ethical conflict evident in the case study

‘ve already done my initial post. Please just type a one to two paragraph response to the two students posts below stating if you agree or disagree and why. Here is the topic: The Final Project for this course is the creation of a case study analysis. Review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document, paying particular attention to the Prompt section (which is a detailed list of requirements for your final project), as well as the Milestone section (which provides an overview of each of the milestones in this course). Although the milestones support your successful completion of the […]
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