May 17, 2019

Eating sugar is worse than smoking Marijuana

Find a theory, and then google the theory so you can find parameters that define way of studying it. Go the the LRC (online) and see what articles you can find to support your theory and then develop a hypothesis. The theory is about Eating sugar is worse than smoking Marjuana I need 5 sources that answer these questions: 1) What is your theory (observation) 2) What has been done to research that theory? 3) What has been found out about your theory? 4) What conclusions were found about your theory? 5) What is your hypothesis? What variables are you […]
May 17, 2019

Contraceptives Discussion

Discussion Questions: Should high schools be able to dispense contraceptives to students? Why or why not? What cognitive and emotional developmental issues are at play when tweens and teens make the decision to have sex? Should school address these issues if they are going to give our contraceptives? If so how should they do this? What role should parents play in sex education, including pregnancy and HIV? Support your answer with a solution to the societal problem. Post must contain a minimum of 300 words and also post must contain a citation. It is your ideas supported by research .
May 17, 2019

A Biblical Study of Proper Sexual Behavior

Write on what you consider to be normal and abnormal in sexual relationships, behavior, and attitudes. Consider how you have developed your concepts of what is normal and what is abnormal. What norms, standards, and guides do you use? Consider whether standards of sexual normality are simply products of social and cultural conditioning. 250 words
May 17, 2019

Religion and spiritual issues in professional psychology

In this discussion, you will create a presentation from the point of view of two specific professionals who are experts on the topic you selected in Week One for your Final Project. For this discussion: Consider the psychological career alternatives available and determine from which fields of expertise your two points of view will come. Select the two professionals you will use with expertise on the topic you selected. Your professionals’ identity may be based on a real person that you know, or they may be made-up based on the job description of a professional in the field. The titles […]
May 17, 2019

Evolutionary Psychologists

Evolutionary psychologists assert that human beings extend help based on an intuitive cost-benefit analysis and only risk resources when the expected benefit outweighs the cost of the action. One outcome of this is that we are more likely to help those to whom we are related instead of those to whom we are not related. Based on your reading about evolutionary and existential approaches, answer the following: Explain the above proposition given by evolutionary psychologists in your own words. You can be specific by identifying a time when you helped someone or chose not to help someone. Clearly express a […]
May 17, 2019

Cultural Sensitive

V. DELIVERY (in your Facilitation Plan in this section address how you will ensure the following during your session- that is, discuss how you will accomplish these): 1. Cultural sensitivity 2. Rapport 3. Responsive 4. Democratic 5. Authentic 6. Credible 7. Confident 8. Impartial/Neutral 9. Composure 10. Trustworthy 11. Professional 12. Dynamic 13. Interventions: List how or when you might use the following 10 components in your delivery as these are guiding features for your interventions. The Skilled Facilitator approach is overviewed in Chapter 1 of Schwarz and includes the following components for interventions: (1) Group Effectiveness Model, (2) A […]
May 17, 2019

The Role of the APA and Diversity Issues

With regard to diversity issues, the American Psychological Association (APA) is sometimes criticized, both within and without, for being too liberal and serving as a social activist. The APA has in fact played important roles in many of the public policy controversies related to diversity that are discussed in this unit’s assigned readings. Select an area of diversity in which you think the psychology profession needs to improve its focus and support. Describe this area, including what, if anything, psychology has done to address the issue. Is this an appropriate role for a behavioral sciences professional organization such as APA […]
May 17, 2019

Ashford Personal Mission Statement

Writing a personal mission statement offers the opportunity to establish what’s important in your professional life. A personal mission statement is often an integral part of a job or graduate-level application as it provides reviewers with insights into an applicant’s strengths in, and philosophies regarding, the discipline. The personal mission statement includes a description of your focus and goals, which can serve to provide direction for the next one to five years of your career. It can be used not only as a guide, but also as a tool of conscious reflection encouraging you to accomplish your professional objectives. In […]
May 17, 2019

Ethical Issues: I Don’t Want Or Need to Come

Read the case below and answer one question in 3 PowerPoint slide with speaker notes how a human service professional would address the ethical concerns ? The Case: I Don’t Want Or Need to Come…. The call was, at first, one like he had received literally hundreds of times. A mother, clearly concerned, opened the conversation with, “Dr. Alonzo, I was referred to you by the school counselor. My son, who is a senior, was just busted with marijuana and our family is in turmoil.” Dr. Alonzo provided support for the distraught mother and asked if she had discussed the […]
May 17, 2019

What is PDST?

This is a research-based paper on PDST 10-page comprehensive Research Paper (this assignment must be 10 pages plus a title and reference page) Select a minimum of eight (8) current research articles* taken from scholarly journals (online or hard copy) on your selected topic. Remember to include any relevant legal, ethical, and cultural considerations. Assignment Outcomes: Assess the major diagnostic categories of the DSM 5 Evaluate legal and ethical issues related to psychopathology Consider the impact of culture and human diversity issues Examine current research on the theory treatment and prevention of mental illness Explore the existing etiologic theories of […]
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