May 17, 2019

Major Depression Psychology Case Study

Read the articles listed below and then write a 1-2 page paper in APA format, using proper spelling/grammar, address the following: Imagine your 19 year old cousin has recently gone through many changes in his life and you suspect he is suffering from major depression. What would you tell your cousin about this disease? How would you help him find the best treatment possible? What type(s) of therapy would you recommend? How would a psychologist determine his or her behavior to be normal or abnormal?
May 17, 2019

The Big Five Personality Inventory

Discussion Topic – The Big Five Personality Inventory The Big Five Personality Inventory – Complete the Big Five Personality Inventory and then post your comments about your experience taking it. Discuss your results on The Big Five. Do you think these results are accurate? Why or why not? Were you surprised by any of your results? Do you consider results to be culturally biased? Your initial response and reflection should be of at least 150-250 words.
May 17, 2019

Hand Hygiene Performance And Beliefs of University Employees

Evaluate the authors’ use of literature using the Use of Literature Checklist as a guide Evaluate the research problem using the Problem Statement Checklist as a guide Explain what it means for a research study to be justified and grounded in the literature; then, explain what it means for a problem to be original using the Litmus Test as a guide Article A: Stedman-Smith, M., DuBois, C. L., & Grey, S. F. (2015). Hand hygiene performance and beliefs among public university employees. Journal of Health Psychology, 20(10), 1263–1274. doi: 10.1177/1359105313510338
May 17, 2019

Mindful Leadership Defined And Explained Psychology Article Review

uestion Description Now that you have gained all of this knowledge about Mindful Leadership, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! To do so, conduct an interview with someone from your community, work, home, or social club whom you have determined to be a Mindful Leader. Use these questions to start with, but feel free to add your own! 1. Do you consider yourself not to be the “boss” even when you are? 2. What makes you happy? Does this drive your decisions to be a good leader? 3. What do you think makes you a good leader? […]
May 17, 2019

Attitude Formation Effects Of Emotional Expressions Psychology

Question Description One of the central areas of study and research within social psychology is attitudes. There are three key areas of research: (1) how attitudes are formed, (2) the functions they serve, and (3) the nature of the attitude–behavior relationship. Early theorists speculated that attitude formation comes from an ego-defensive nature. More current research focuses on precise functions of specific attitudes. Ultimately, one goal of increased understanding of attitude formation is to be able to link attitudes to actual behavior, although this area of study has yielded conflicting results. For this Assignment, consider the impacts of cognition, affect, and […]
May 17, 2019

Changing Attitude In An Audience On The Issue Of Obesity

Question Description There are countless ways in which vested others (e.g., corporations, politicians, industries) try to change our attitudes toward a variety of issues or products. For example, advertising agencies attempt to persuade consumers to purchase certain products through the use of large, expensive advertisements. Politicians often try to persuade citizens that changing their attitude toward a political issue is in the citizen’s best interest. Changing an attitude toward a particular issue can affect a person’s behavior. However, changing attitudes is not easy. The process of attitude change is complicated and can occur through multiple direct or indirect routes. Consider […]
May 17, 2019

Psychology Principles That Govern Human And Animal Behavior

To demonstrate your mastery of this competency, you should Identify 3-4 key principles that govern human and animal behavior. Apply these principles to your own life. (e.g. How can you see them in daily life?) How do they enhance interactions between individuals and among societal groups? This paper should be 2-3 pages in length and use APA formatting (cover page, paper body formatting, citations, and references: see Rasmussen’s APA guide in the Resources tab, or by clicking here. Prior to submitting your paper, be sure you proofread your work to check your spelling and grammar. If you use any outside […]
May 17, 2019

Psychology in Law Enforcement and its Use

Introduction: With the media’s increasing attention to police brutality, there is an increasing concern about the screening of mental health with police officers. Instructions: How do personality instruments aid in the selection of police officers? Why are psychological evaluations important in determining a police applicant’s suitability for hire? Are these screenings valid and reliable? Special Instructions: Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Utilize in-text citations.
May 17, 2019

Defining Adulthood & Life After Consideration Psychology

Post, describing the two cultures in relation to the one factor you selected that may mark adulthood. Next, explain one potential value and one potential limitation related to the factor that define adulthood in both cultures you selected. min 450 words Note: Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Use proper APA format and citations Consider the following: Imagine you are middle-aged and belong to a family where your children are late adolescents. You have two teenage children and two very elderly parents. In some cultures, it is common for elders to […]
May 17, 2019

Executive Summary of Talking Point

For this first Module Assessment, you will examine an international, credible news story or current event related to children and/or adult dilemmas from an expert consultant’s perspective. You will be asked to develop a series of talking points for a panel discussion you have been invited to attend. To Prepare: Consider the following: Imagine you are asked to be on a panel as an expert cultural psychology consultant to discuss an international, credible news story or current event regarding children and/or adults that is being debated. You are asked to develop a series of talking points for your panel discussion. […]
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