August 30, 2019

virtue ethics

Rough Draft of Final Paper In this course, you have looked at classical ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. You have also examined different perspectives on ethical issues introduced by relativism, ethical egoism, and emotivism. For this paper, you will apply these theories and perspectives to a current issue. Choose an ethical issue to write about. You may choose from the list below, or, with approval from the instructor, select a different socially-relevant topic. It is recommended that you choose a topic that you are familiar with or that you have some interest in exploring further. For the […]
August 30, 2019


Final Paper “HUMAN TRAFFICKING” *Please make sure that this time my THESIS STATEMENT, reflects the argument of the paper and links the chosen ethical theories and perspective to the chosen social issue. Thanks ❤ The Final Paper Must be 1500-1800 words in length (not including title and references pages), double-spaced, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center Be sure to double-space your text and use one-inch margins. Must include a separate title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must begin with an introductory […]
August 30, 2019

Woodrow Wilson Public Administration

Based off of Woodrow Wilson′s speech on ″The Study Of Administration″ I just need a detailed answer to these questions. It just needs to be about a page. A few paragraphs. How did Woodrow Wilson justify the creation of the new field of public administration? Why does he view public administration as being so critical to the future of the United States? Do you agree? What does Wilson conclude are the best ways to develop this new field? Are these ideas still valid? By contrast, based on your reading of Stillman′s essay, how is the field evolving today? Is it […]
August 30, 2019

HR Management Methods

Unit VI Article Critique Locate the following article in the Business Source Complete database in the CSU Online Library: Hurd, R. W. (2013). Moving beyond the critical synthesis: Does the law preclude a future for US unions? Labor History, 54(2), 193-200. This article is a reflective essay that assesses the strength of comments made by Christopher L. Tomlins in his book The State and Unions (1985), which looks back over the past quarter century. Various predictions were made concerning union decline and failed revival efforts as well as counterfeit rights offered to the U.S. working class. Using all of the […]
August 30, 2019

Option memo writing

Need to write Option Memo addressing it to Department of Veterans Affairs. To start with I have started problem and a solution here……you need to come up with another solution. To write with an ease, there is a line by line rubrics attached with the order. Just follow that plz. Also, an example of option memo is attached as well. Follow the attached rubrics in details. It 2 page, single-spaced, new times roman. Also the references with source link is the additional page from 2 pg. Problem: Rising Veterans Suicide rate in Veterans throughout the U.S. solution: 1) Free Access […]
August 30, 2019

Problem Definition

Memo on Problem Definition You are asked to produce a five-page memo (double spaced) that frames the issue and define a problem. You will later incorporate this material into a longer policy analysis report. Your work must meet the following criteria: • Use research to support a thoughtful and critical evaluation of the issue. Use a variety of credible research sources to come up with an informed exploration of the problem. • Produce a “client-oriented” analysis of the problem. You must analyze the proposal for a hypothetical “client,” who might act or take a position (e.g., support or oppose a […]
August 30, 2019


The purpose of this assignment is to practice using persuasive techniques, including rhetoric and audience-centered framing. Write 15 headlines and at least 3 different subheads for the product and target audience revealed in class. Your headlines should generate excitement and be framed to help audience members select themselves for further exposure to the message. Pay special attention to starting points—shared beliefs and common values. Put your best options first. Attach a paragraph (up to 250 words) explaining how your rhetoric will be effective in persuading the target audience. Describe their values or beliefs and why your starting points will resonate. […]
August 30, 2019

Brief Proposal

Write a proposal to the head of an organization where you have worked (or are currently working) and proffer a solution to a communication inefficiency/problem supported by the ideas in Made to Stick. Specifically explain how the respective organization might apply certain concepts mentioned in the book to current processes and/or procedures to achieve a particular, beneficial change. Your proposal must include: Introduction (Description/Background): prepare a cogent synthesis of the need for the proposal Challenge/Opportunity: offer necessary details of the organization by appropriately framing the problem; include a footnote to briefly identify the organization and its mission/purpose Rationale: explain your […]
August 30, 2019


The purpose of this assignment is to practice ethical, audience-centered communication. In a brief memo (up to 750 words), respond to the persuasion ethics dilemma facing your organization as described in the scenario distributed in class. Identify the stakeholders and explain what’s at stake (potential impacts). Weighing such factors as individual autonomy and organizational reputation, recommend a course of action to your CEO. Give an explicit call to action. Your memo should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, using 12-point Times New Roman font. Assignments will be graded on the depth of analysis, the strength of rhetoric, and written form.
August 30, 2019


The purpose of this assignment is to practice using persuasive techniques, including cues and audience-centered framing. For the client and target audience revealed in class, compose 18 tweets (3 for each of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion). The Cialdini’s principles are social proof, commitment, reciprocation, liking, authority, scarcity. Include appropriate handles/hashtags and calls to action. Attach a paragraph (up to 250 words) explaining how your cues will engage audience attention and influence decision-making. Explanation paragraphs should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using 12-point Times New Roman font and should demonstrate that you’ve thought systematically about your persuasive tools. Assignments will be […]
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