May 22, 2019

Ideal Bureaucracies

Consider the bureaucracies that you come in contact with (college, work, IRS, medical offices, or the Post Office). For the written assignment this week, pick one bureaucracy with which you are familiar, and create a 750 (or more) word, APA style paper. In your paper describe the following: How did you come in contact with the bureaucracy? What shortcomings do you see in the bureaucracy? (Select and provide evidence of at least two shortcomings) How would you resolve the shortcomings mentioned? Do social group memberships give some individuals an advantage when navigating this bureaucracy?
May 22, 2019

children right

Week 4 In this week, begin with an exploration of Interactive Unit 4: Race, Class, and Gender Inequality and Interactive Unit 5: Deviance, Aging and Global Inequality. Then return here to participate in a Discussion activity focused on creating positive social change. Photo Credit: [SilviaJansen]/[Vetta]/Getty Images Learning Resources Required Resources Interactive Units Laureate Education. (2018). SOCI 1001S: Introduction to Sociology [Lecture Notes]. Retrieved from Laureate Education, Inc.: Interactive Unit 4: Race, Class, and Gender Inequality Interactive Unit 5: Deviance, Aging, and Global Inequality Preparing to Write the Final Essay In your Week 3 Rough Draft Essay Worksheet, you evaluated […]
May 22, 2019

Rigging the Game: How Inequality is Reproduced in Everyday Life

I need a well written 2 page paper on “ “rigging the game “. Chapter 4 . I need this done ASAP . A summary on rigging the game chapter 4. I need a thoughtful summarie of chapter 4, that demonstrate you read the chapter and are able to synthesize the chapter’s information. These summaries need to be double spaced, typed, and printed. Summaries should be 2 pages. Please do the best you can ! Schwalbe, Michael. 2008. “Rigging the Game: How Inequality is Reproduced in Everyday Life.” Oxford University Press. (RG)
May 22, 2019

Accumulation By Dispossession Sociology Article Response

Short reflective response page . A page response on Accumulation by disposition The page response should include one page answering : what the reading tells us about structures of inequality? **Please use the reading and highlight key points to answer the question on the paper** Easy vocabulary. Do not summarize reading, its more of like what you got from the reading and what it reminds you at the present day or past so please relate it to other people or historic events or current social issues in the U.S(current events). USE READING ONLY. I will provide the pdf of the […]
May 22, 2019

Greek Philosophy Is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy Sociology Article

Question 1: In the article, “Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy,” James contends that the so-called “Greek Philosophy” is stolen “Egyptian Philosophy.”Identify and discuss a minimal of two sources of evidence, James provides to support this assertion.30 points total Question 2: From the article, “Greek Philosophy Was the Offspring of The Egyptian Mystery System,” by James, identify and discuss the Egyptian theory of salvation and its purpose.10 points Afterwards, compare the two ethical systems (Egyptian Mystery System and Greek Philosophy).20 points Do you agree or disagree with James reasoning that “Greek Philosophy Was the Offspring of The Egyptian Mystery System?” […]
May 22, 2019

Families from the global context

After reading chapters 10 & 11 from Families in a Global Context answer the following questions: a) Discuss some of the issues of patriarchy seen in Turkey. (100 words) b) Discuss some things about Iran that you found interesting. (100 words) Read chapter 10, The Family in Turkey: The Battleground of the Modern and the Traditional, and chapter 11, Family and Family Change in Iran, from textbook Hennon, C. B., & Wilson, S. M. (Eds.). (2008). Families in a global context. New York: Routledge. Read chapter 6, A Family Case Management Approach for Level 1 Needs, from textbook Kilpatrick, A. […]
May 22, 2019

Inequalities in Civil and Criminal Justice in America

Question Description 4 page mid term paper for sociology (punishment and social control) class Essay Question Discuss the usefulness of course readings for understanding the issued raised in the New Yorker article “Unforgivable: The Governor and the Teenager.” Your answer should include a substantial discussion of two of the following readings: (a) Greg Barak, Paul Leighton and Jeanne Flavin “Introduction: Crime, Inequality and Justice,” (b) William Chambliss “The Saints and The Roughnecks,” (c) Devah Pager “The Mark of a Criminal Record.” I already uploaded the related file of reading below Format Your essay should be 4 pages long (typed, double-spaced, […]
May 22, 2019

The Notable Factors That Promote Gender Discrimination In Sports

Prepare a research PROPOSAL on Sexism in Sports. This is a 3-4 page long paper in which you should include: A specific title. A precise research question in which you clearly specify what you plan to examine/explain in your final paper (1 points). Methodology: since all students will use interview data, here all you need to do is to explain in words how are you going to collect your data (e.g., who the interviewees would likely be and how are you going to get them to sit down and talk to you). Finally, you should write down at least seven […]
May 22, 2019

Social Behaviors, Inequalities And Deviance Sociology

Different social behaviors occur within society as well as social inequalities. How do these social behaviors and social inequalities develop? This assignment requires you to examine these concepts in more depth and explain what you have learned. Write a 350- to 525-word summary of the concepts related to deviance and social inequalities. Ensure you do the following: Describe the concept of deviance. Describe how each sociological perspective explains deviance. Describe factors that contribute to social inequalities. Include a minimum of one source.
May 22, 2019

Roles And Impact Of Social Workers On Human Relationships

Looking Back and Forward Educational theorist John Dewey indicated that we do not learn from experiences, but we learn from our reflection on those experiences. Reflect on your experiences in this course and what your learning means for you going forward. What are three “big ideas” you are taking from this course? Why do you think those big ideas resonated with you? How do those big ideas help support goals that you have for your future work in social work supervision? In what areas of this course have you gained the most learning? Which topics would you like to investigate […]
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