May 22, 2019

Power and Globalization

Short reflective response page . A page response on Michael Zweig (2012: Ch.7) Power and Globalization The page response should include one page answering : what the reading tells us about structures of inequality? **Please use the reading and highlight key points to answer the question on the paper** Easy vocabulary. Do not summarize reading, its more of like what you got from the reading and what it reminds you at the present day or past so please relate it to other people or historic events or current social issues in the U.S(current events). USE READING ONLY. I will provide […]
May 22, 2019

Are we ever not doing gender

This past week we have been focusing on gender. Gender is a fundamental social division. All around us we see differences between men and women (and girls and boys). The way they dress. The activities they engage in. What they say. What they want out of life. We see gender differences in the college classroom — who tends to major in what subjects? We see gender differences at the workplace — who tends to hold positions of power and authority? We see gender differences in the home — who tends to do the majority of housework? These social arrangements, which […]
May 22, 2019

Socialism: Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation

Analytical Essay: Discuss Katch’s book. Socialism…Seriously. How will we resolve the myriad of problems in global society? With this question in mind, undertake a critical discussion of Katch’s book, Socialism…Seriously. What is your understanding of capitalism and socialism as distinct social systems for the future of our planet? How are the themes raised in the book related to the diverse topics on the sociology of globalization that we have covered in this course? Could socialism as described by Katch resolve any of the global problems we have reviewed in this course? If not, how may we resolve these problems and […]
May 22, 2019

Major Global Issues

Question Description The members of the United Nations are impressed by your presentation. The information you provided has led to productive debates. There are now questions about prioritizing the issues at hand. Some of the countries are challenging your recommendations and questioning your reasons for not including certain other issues they believe are priorities. There are four remaining threats in the list of major global issues. Review the topics and reflect on two that you did not use in Assignment 3a. Defend your reasons for considering these topics to be less important than the issues you assessed in Assignment 3a. […]
May 22, 2019

Sociological Perspectives and Social Groups Worksheet

Sociologists use sociological perspectives to view different aspects of social life. In this assignment, you apply the three dominant sociological perspectives to the concepts of marriage, family, education, and religion. You also differentiate between two types of social groups to understand how these groups function in society.
May 22, 2019

Social Institution: Religion

Question Description This assignment requires only lecture, a chapter from one of the two textbooks, and No Apparent Distress (NAD). It is meant to build on what you have done in Homework 1 and Homework 2 and to help you identify and explore stratification processes within social institutions. At a minimum, you must use NAD and either lecture or a chapter from one of the textbooks, which are both available on Canvas. You may also use Henslin’s social institution table and other class handouts. DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE MATERIALS TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. I am sorry but I don‘t […]
May 22, 2019

Threats to the freedom of the press

How serious are the current threats to the freedom of the press? Support your views with two or three reasons and/or examples. (Cite any sources you referenced
May 22, 2019

Marriage Variation

Choose one of the topics, approximately 250 – 300 words. I need it in a female version. Each number from whichever topic, number it please. Topic in Subject line: Marriage variation Which type of marriage do you think was more long-lasting: companionate, institutionalized, or individualized? Which was more meaningful? Describe and explain. Are there still forms of institutional and companionate marriages in this postmodern era? What about your parents or grandparents? Topic in Subject line: Marriage Why do people get married? Are there some men and women who would be better off if they didn’t marry? Discuss the benefits of […]
May 22, 2019

Interactive Unit 3: Groups in Society

Learning Resources Required Readings Interactive Units Laureate Education. (2018). SOCI 1001S: Introduction to Sociology [Lecture Notes]. Retrieved from Laureate Education, Inc.: Interactive Unit 3: Groups in Society Articles Miller, S. (2007). Social institutions. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved from… This article provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and theories surrounding social institutions. Documents Laureate Education. (2018). SOCI 1001S rough draft essay worksheet [Word document]. Baltimore, MD: Author. This is the worksheet that you must download and submit in order to complete the rough draft essay assignment. The worksheet contains four separate boxes, each including a writing […]
May 22, 2019

Social Construction And Gender Roles Inequality

What does it mean to be socialized into a gender role? How do we learn gender identities and roles as young children? How does this article help us understand that gender is a social construction? What does it mean to “do” gender? How do gender roles reproduce inequality? short reflection paper of 2-3 double-spaced pages, times new roman point 12 font. Answer based off readings attached below.
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