May 23, 2019

The American Political System

The American Political System – POLI 102  Spring 2019 Critical Analysis Essay Assignment #2 150pts Due 5/23 (different than syllabus) .  Maximum 5 single space pages.  Submit via email if you will not be in class because you are not taking the final exam. The purpose of this assignment is to explain and critically reflect upon the debate about what William Howell calls “unilateral” presidential power and how this affects the checks and balances which are the foundation of our political system.   Read: 1) William Howell excerpt from Power Without Persuasion   2003 2) Richard Neustadt excerpt from Presidential Power […]
May 22, 2019

Track of the customer’s information program

Part 1 You are tasked with writing a new program for your company that keeps track of the customer’s information and his or her current bill. The company wants the name, address, phone number, and balance to be stored for each customer. This program will demonstrate the following: How to use a class to organize data How to use methods to access the data of a class How to create objects from a class Solving the Problem Step 1 The first step in designing a class to organize data is to determine what data you want to store in the […]
May 22, 2019

Mario: Script to Find a Path for Princess Peach to Save Mario

uestion Description PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENT TO UNDERSTAND THE ASSESSMENT Objective: Create a C script that will find a path that your heroine, Princess Peach may travel to save Mario. How it works 0. The user should be prompted to type in the Cell locations of the Entrance (for Peach) and of the Exit (Where Mario’s cage is placed.) Entrances are on the first row (Regardless of column number) or the first column (Regardless of the row number) while Exits are on the last row (Regardless of column number) or the last column (Regardless of the row number). (I.E. For […]
May 22, 2019

Business Understanding The Burn Database

I will attach an example of how the power point should look like!!! (MIS TOPIC 8, MIS Topic 7, MIS Topic 6, MIS topic 5 are all examples… I do think one of the examples do not include speaker notes… BUT I NEED SPEAKER NOTES ON MY PRESENTATION!!! Create a PowerPoint presentation of 25 slides, not including the title and references slides, that summarizes your project and integrates the work you have done on the project in Topics 1-7. (I am going to attach our most resent paper that shoud answer topics 1-6. You just completed Topic 7. The Power […]
May 22, 2019

Patching – To automate or not

Prepare final project proposal which should one page and unique. Also with the project presentation. The project is a 12 minute presentation to be presented . The topic is Patching – To automate or not? (Related to software). Presentation must be unique. The project must include 20 slides, a one page single spaced abstract, and a reference list. The proposal is a one page single space plan for your project and a separate five source annotated reference list. The annotations include two paragraphs for each source. One paragraph is a summary of the source and the second paragraph is your […]
May 22, 2019

C script project – C programming language

Basically, the mazes are multi dimensional arrays. The code has to work with any maze. It will be tested using the 6 mazes provided in the file in addition to other mazes ( arrays). For example, to create the maze, it will be in this format : int a[3][4] = {{0, 1, 2, 3} ,/* initializers for row indexed by 0 */{4, 5, 6, 7} ,/* initializers for row indexed by 1 */{8, 9, 10, 11}/* initializers for row indexed by 2 */ }; However, the array has to consists of rows and columns. To get a good idea about […]
May 22, 2019

Redesigning the Electric Trike in foreign countries

Assume that your senior design project is going to be manufactured in another country. How would you recommend changing your design if your project to be implemented in these countries? For example, if you implemented your design in China, would the different social and cultural norms necessitate changes to the final design? Compare your senior project for two countries outside of the United States with very different cultures. Back up your claims with research, and cite at least two sources. Students shall be able to compare systematically the ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, economic structures, technological developments, or attitudes of […]
May 22, 2019

Coffee Shop Field Site Reports

1. How would you characterize the social networks in your field site? For example, are the ties strong or weak? Did you observe a lot of social capital or not much? Is there much homophily? How do you think the nature of the networks in your field site shapes the kinds of interactions you observed? 2. How is social control enforced in your field site? Do you see evidence of formal sanctions? Informal sanctions? How are general social norms enforced? What about the norms of your field site? 3. How is culture “done” in your field site? Are people expressing […]
May 22, 2019

The Manifest and Latent Functions of Education

Discuss the manifest and latent functions of education? Identify rules or regulations that some educational instittutions may use to encourage students to maintain the status quo and discourage individual creativity, can you also relate? What trends in eduaction are beneficial and which are not? (Is manditaotry testing/STAR doing its job? Is bilingual education working? should students learn a language before graduating?) Consider the high school you attended, do you feel like you received a good education; did it prepare you for college?
May 22, 2019

The Patriot movie analysis in sociological terms

Please find a movie or show that connects with any topics we covered in this class so far in the semester. Describe the connection using at least seven terms we discussed in class (or/and terms from the textbook). When describing the seven sociological terms please make sure to define them and then express the connection between concepts and a movie/show. In this assignment you should use bullet points for each of the discussed concepts. Do not write an essay. Also, use in-text citations and bibliography to support your work. Attachment previewChoose a movie/show of my choice and describe it in […]
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