May 23, 2019

Art History Criticism

For this assessment task, you are asked to act as an art critic and analyze a series of works. When art critics discuss art, they describe art works in terms of style and medium. Art critics interpret meanings of art and make judgements of a work’s validity to the importance of a piece in the larger context of art history and culture. Art critics also evaluate art in the context of aesthetics. Please watch the presentation below as a refresher on this deliverable’s content. The presentation will not tell you everything you need to know to pass this test-out, but […]
May 23, 2019

Girls are Smarter Than Boys

Four pages, there is a penalty for not abding by the page limit, typed DOUBLE SPACED. Conduct primary and secondary You need at least 3 credible secondary sources(books articles) let sources be from professionals, also needs a work cited page. APA FORMAT FOR ESSAY Please don’t make it sound to smart
May 23, 2019

Origins of sociology

Outline: You will need to decide what to include in the power point, and will then need to create an outline for the power point. The outline should contain the overall structure of the power point, and elements that will be included in the final power point. The outline should also have the sequencing of the presentation included in it. The outline will be submitted Power Point Project Outline Assignment in Module 2, and the instructor will provide feedback and guidance for the next stage of the power point project.
May 23, 2019

The Role of Consumers in Safeguarding the Environment

Given what you’ve learned in this course about globalization and the global consumer market – and the often unmarked cost in human misery and environmental destruction of our products and lifestyles – write a reflective essay on how your decisions as both citizen and consumer affect the lives of other people around the world. What are the hidden costs of your favorite products (clothing, electronics, food, cars, etc.)? How do these products contribute to ecological destruction (either in one locale or on a grand scale)? What, if anything, could you do to alleviate some of the suffering that the global […]
May 23, 2019

Social Problems Within Education

On a separate Word document, citing one to three scholarly sources, answer the following prompts: Describe some social problems within educational institutions (100 words). Explain how social problems within social institutions (on micro and macro levels) have perpetuated or affected child abuse (200-250 words). Using one of your sources, identify an actual solution to the social problems within education. Summarize the solution you identified and compare it to historical solutions proposed in the past (100-200 words).
May 23, 2019

Social Class Systems Inequality

1. According to the text, functionalists and conflict theorists understand the social class system differently. Their respective analyses of class differences, justification for the class system and degree of mobility possible within the system are sharply divergent. How can we understand their radically different assessments of the social class system in the U.S.? What seems to be in the center of the dispute? 2. In his presentation of the basic measures used by sociologists to describe social inequality in our social system, Andersen examines how inequality is structured in the U.S., and how social inequality is distributed in the United […]
May 23, 2019

Disney Stereotype gender impact girls source evaluation

Basically, you’ll be evaluating a scholar’s work, typically an article, in terms of their argument, its validity, timeliness, stuff like that. The conversation that you create in your Research Paper begins with these various scholarly sources. The great thing about Source Evaluations is that you’re using them as part of the building blocks for your Research Paper. You can incorporate your work on the source evaluations directly into your research paper. Here are the assignment and a sample source evaluation and the article you will have to write about. The research question is: How people develop sexual orientations and how […]
May 23, 2019

Barriers Faced by African Americans Quality Health

Purpose of the Assignment: The Research Paper Proposal is designed for you to state your intended research paper topic for the semester. This is a two page assignment. This is not the final paper. You will have the duration of the second half of the semester to complete your research. Rather, the proposal is step one in writing your final paper. You will receive feedback on your proposal from your professor and from classmates. This process allows you to work through your topic as you continue your research. Focus of the Research Paper Proposal: The proposal should focus on the […]
May 23, 2019

Construct of Cognitive Dissonance

Question Description For this writing assignment, we will be focusing on the construct of cognitive dissonance. The inconsistency that we experience through dissonance may lead to anything from mild feelings of annoyance to an overwhelming sense of desperation and despair. In order to cope with contradiction we might: Ignore conflicting information become more entrenched in our beliefs, decisions, or actions Try to avoid having to face contrary information Change our beliefs, decisions, or actions Accept the contradiction and allow it to exist
May 23, 2019

Privatizing Risk Without Privatizing The Welfare State Harvard Article

Question Description… my professor wants us to critically analyze the arguments and observations made by the author(s) of the assigned readings. While there is no “correct” way to analyze these texts, I will be looking for more than just your opinions. Your analyses should be well thought out and must be supported with quotes and citations from the articles you are writing about. it should have 700 words minimum.
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