May 23, 2019

Marketing Plan of Wireless Headphone Microphone

Assignment Details Assignment: Product and Place (Distribution) The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this Assignment: AB219-4: Apply product and place Marketing Mix elements to a product or service. GEL-6.02: Incorporate outside research into an original work appropriately. Unit 8, Part 2: Continued from Unit 7 Assignment You can review Unit 7, Part 1 summarized. Assume Proservice’s new product you selected in Unit 7 initially used a direct channel of distribution (i.e., producer sells directly to the consumer via their website) to sell their products to their customers. They are now considering using intermediaries like agents, wholesalers, and retailers to […]
May 23, 2019

Prescriptions the Video Offers

Watch this movie and complete a write up (up to a page and a half – no less than one page, 12pt font, single spaced) In your write up link the movie to class and specifically the hospitality industry. What are the take-home messages and/or prescriptions the video offers?
May 23, 2019

Consumer Buying Process PowerPoint slides

Consumer Buying Process A. Define the stages of the consumer buying process. B. Analyze a marketing strategy that can be used for each stage of the consumer buying process in regard to your chosen market segment. C. Determine the specific stages of the consumer buying process for which your marketing strategies can be most effective for your consumer segment.
May 23, 2019

Vanguard Group Inc. Financial Statement Analysis

Using the attached financial statements for Vanguard Group, Inc. complete the financial statement analysis and ratio analysis by answering questions 1 through 2 listed after the financial statements. Your answers must be presented in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Show all calculations. Your paper must be APA formatted. Questions: The following randomly constructed table requires that as part of your Critical Thinking Assignment you arrange the accounts into a well-labeled income statement. Make sure you label and solve for gross profit, operating profit, and net profit before taxes. Using a 35% tax rate, calculate taxes paid and net profit […]
May 23, 2019

Marketing Environment Application

Module 1 – SLP INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING, CONSUMER, AND PRODUCT Marketing Environment Application In this module’s Case Assignment, you researched marketing forces using quality Aweacademic and professional sources. It is time to apply what you have learned using the product/service you chose in your Discussion assignment. Real-World Application Analyze why & how each of the three marketing factors will impact the chosen product/service. Explore strategies to overcome the threats and/or capitalize on opportunities to product life cycle with regard to your target product/service. Be sure to consider branding. NOTE: All or nearly all of your research will come from the […]
May 23, 2019

Medicare Part A Patients and Nursing Homes

Write a two page paper with clear ideas and possibility of how to best increase Medicare part A patients in a nursing home. Include a draft of how you will approach this PROBLEM. How would you approach the hospital in an unknown environment?
May 23, 2019

Tesco Plc. PESTL Analysis

Individually you are required to write an essay about macro analysis for a communication audit using at least one of tool that can be applied for a marketing research including marketing plan and marketing consultation such as PESTL analysis.The communication audit must be for a company NOT operating in Saudi Arabia.You are required to define the chosen tool and its elements as well as briefly describe it.It is recommended that you follow a theme for your essay.A theme can be about macro analysis applied in a specific industry/organization.The word limits for this essay is 750. 10% plus/minus is allowed. For […]
May 23, 2019

Consumer Buying Process Presentation

Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Four, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 3 slides) summarizing the consumer buying processes you have so far researched in order to market the consumer product you are proposing for your final project. Prompt: First, review Chapter 9 in your text as well as the article Stages of the Consumer Buying Process and the video 7 Tips for Good Survey Questions. Next, prepare a minimum of 3 slides that list and briefly explain each stage of the consumer buying process. Define the marketing strategy used within each stage of the process […]
May 23, 2019

Dyllags Company Information Technology Case Study

Requirement of content: Milestone Three: Refinement Using the idea that you have chosen, write a short paper covering the following: How and when will you evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding? Be sure to suggest processes that occur at regular intervals and extend across the business, explaining how results will impact decisions on whether to continue or to initiate exit strategies. What regular, business-wide feedback loops and processes will you implement to support the new idea, keep it on track, and make mid-course corrections as needed? For example, will you adjust business functions and/or […]
May 23, 2019

SWOT Analysis of Starbucks Company Video

Take a moment to reflect on your week 4 textbook reading and the YouTube video you watched titled “Starbucks SWOT Analysis” by 365 Careers. What are Starbucks strengths? What are Starbucks weaknesses? Do you agree these are accurate? How do these align with Starbucks mission? How would these findings inform strategy?
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