September 4, 2019

Attend a School board meeting

Attend a school board meeting for a local school district. If you are unable to attend in person, you may watch a live stream or an official recorded video of a recent school board meeting. In a 500-750-word reflection about your experience, address the following: Describe each item addressed at the board meeting. What was being discussed and why? Explain who was in attendance at the meeting. What kinds of people were there? Why were they there? Were you surprised by who attended? Describe who presented at the meeting. Were the presentations civil? Did you agree with one side or […]
September 4, 2019

Engaging Students with Listening, Speaking, and Writing

ngaging students in listening and speaking activities can include debates, discussions, presentations, and persuasive writing. All of these components are crucial to expanding students’ growth in communication skills. Part 1: Listening, Speaking and Writing Activities Use the “Listening, Speaking, and Writing Activities” template and “Class Profile” to complete this assignment. Using the same grade levelyou selected for your previous lesson plans or from your field experiences, select a state standard that focuses on listening, writing, and speaking skills to develop three listening, speaking, and writing activities. Below are examples of possible activities: Persuasive writing, speech writing, debates, class discussions, presentations […]
September 4, 2019

Signature Assignment: Analyze a Fictitious Statistical Study

Instructions Carefully review the information provided below about the fictitious study, then address each assignment requirement. Scenario: You are the new director of institutional research at a small state university, and you have been assigned the task of analyzing information for the dean of the School of Education regarding the performance of their undergraduate students on the often-controversial Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Many educators believe the GRE is a poor evaluator of undergraduate performance as well as a poor predictor of graduate school performance. The dean is considering eliminating the GRE from graduate school admissions requirements. The dean has already […]
September 4, 2019

Benchmark English Learning

In planning and instructing ELA content, it is important to be able to create a cohesive unit that encompasses various aspects of ELA including reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening, and thinking skills. Part 1: Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will choose one of the three lesson plans you created in this course to build a weeklong unit plan. Complete the “ELA Unit Plan” template to prepare a weeklong English language arts unit plan. Utilize any previously received feedback from your instructor to modify and adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of “Class Profile” students. For the ELA unit […]
September 4, 2019

Integrating Multimedia efia in ELA

It is important to integrate multimedia into ELA instruction and assessments when applicable in order to enhance the instruction in order to foster active engagement in literacy and create a supportive learning environment. For this assignment, create a 250-500 word digital brochure to give to families to highlight two multimedia tools that can be used to enhance literacy instruction. Your digital brochure should show how these tools would engage students in literacy and accommodate students with diverse needs. For each multimedia tool, include: Title and description How the tool will foster students’ learning and active engagement with the subject matter. […]
September 4, 2019

Building Your Early Childhood

Course Project: Building Your Early Childhood Program Part 5: Quality Environments For your Course Project this week, you will observe in an early childhood setting and then write up your observation according to the directions below. Before Your Observation Read through the entire Assignment, so that you will be prepared to meet the requirements before, during, and after your observation. Review the following required resources: • Darragh, J. (2008). The view from the door: Entryways as an essential aspect of environmental design. Exchange, (184) • Duncan, S. (2011). Breaking the code: Changing our thinking about children’s environments. Exchange, (200), 13–16. […]
September 4, 2019

Questioning Strategies

In order to engage students in instruction that integrates social studies and the arts, teachers need to use a variety of questioning strategies. Questioning engages students’ depth of knowledge and promotes problem-solving and higher-order thinking. Part 1: Questioning Strategies In Topic 1, you researched instructional strategies that support a learning activity that integrates social studies and the arts. For this assignment, you will use the same grade level standards in social studies and the arts, and the learning objective you used in Topic 1. Examine questioning strategies that develop higher-order skills, stimulate discussion, and promote inquiry and critical thinking, in […]
September 4, 2019

Social Studies and the Arts Integrated

Throughout this course, you have had the opportunity to research and implement a learning activity that is cross-curricular with social studies and the arts, along with appropriate instructional strategies, questioning strategies, and differentiation. Part 1: Social Studies Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will plan a weeklong unit using the “Social Studies Unit Plan.” The unit plan should include social studies integrated with the visual arts and require students to research a country of their choice. You may adapt any previous assignments and lesson plans in the creation of this mini-unit plan, as long as the lessons form a planned […]
September 4, 2019

Wax Museum Assessment

Creating formative and summative assessments for your assignments is an essential part of guiding instruction for learning. Not only are assessments ensuring that learning is taking place, they are checking for mastery of skills taught. In Topic 4, you created a wax museum project for your students. In order to modify, strengthen, and adjust instruction as students are creating the wax museum project, research and decide how you will formatively assess students. Additionally, create a summative assessment for the students. Part 1: Assessment Plan For this assignment, you will create an assessment plan describing how you will conduct formative assessments […]
September 4, 2019

Marketing Your Program

Course Project: Building Your Early Childhood Program Part 8: Marketing Plan This week you complete the final part of your Course Project by responding to the following scenario: Your Advisory Board has requested that you, as the director of your program, provide a marketing plan consisting of at least two marketing goals, a summary of the unique aspects of your program, and a description of your target audience(s). Your plan should also include several low-budget marketing strategies and several ideal strategies not restricted by budgetary constraints. You write a proposal that consists of the following sections. Basics of My Marketing […]
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