May 23, 2019

Colorado State Lifetime Employability

Answer the following questions in a well-written paper. Be sure to provide detailed responses to these questions using specific examples. Integrate your answers into a paper that flows smoothly. How are changes in today’s economy affecting the types of skills that employers will be seeking in the future? What are the three changes in technology likely to have the greatest impact on the types of skills that employers will seek from job candidates? What strategies can you employ to develop these skills in anticipation of these shifts? What types of skills are enduring—that is, what job skills will always be […]
May 23, 2019

Market Segmentation Video Analysis

lease watch the video and share what you learned about the 4 Segmentation Categories. You must provide ORIGINAL will not receive credit for simply repeating what others have said
May 23, 2019

How To Attract The Customer In The Market?

Writing a Solution Essay helps develop your critical thinking and research skills. You will learn research and citation skills and gain practice drafting, revision and editing your own writing. Effective writing used in development of this project teaches valuable skills applicable to your community, workplace, and daily life. This type of project uses clear reasoning, supporting details, and logical analyses of information to convince others to consider your views.Using at least 4 sources and APA citation format, write a persuasive research-based essay that identifies a problem found in your personal or professional life and proposes a viable solution and call […]
May 23, 2019

Adaptive Selling discussion

Question Description In a one- to two-page paper complete the following: Part 1—Determine your social style (i.e. rational, idealist, guardian, or artisan) using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. Tell us which social style you are. Comment on the self-assessment and whether or not you feel the assessment seems valid for you and why or why not. Part 2—Respond to the following selling scenario using what you have learned about adaptive selling. You are an experienced executive “coach”—you work directly with executives to help them become more satisfied with their work and more effective as leaders. If you need more background […]
May 23, 2019

SWOT Analysis and Competitive Standing for Samsung Smartphones

This is a group project for a product research, I response for the part of SWOT Analysis and competitive standing for the product research. The source will be provide, please do not use any other source than the source I provide, minimum 3 page, double space, APA format. Attachment previewSamsung, like Apple, feels sting of slowing global growth Samsung expects its quarterly operating profit to fall 29 percent compared with last year, adding to the tech sector’s unease about the effect of slowing global economic growth on the industry.
May 23, 2019

Analysis of a good competitive microbrewery website

Provide a thoughtful 250+ word response to all of the questions below (250 words total, not for each section). Please separate your answers by the parts of the question. It makes it easier to see your specific response to each part. Chapter 2 (Planning the Website) For both assignments this week, you’ve been hired by a new microbrewery to help them build their website (which you’ll do in Assignment #2). The first step though is to complete a competitive review. Chapter 2 provides an excellent recommendation for creating an Online Marketing Collateral Creative Brief. Using the questions they provide on […]
May 23, 2019

Reflection Paper on Marketing: Theodore Levitt

Question Description In the Unit I introduction to this course, Theodore Levitt’s remarks about the contrasting needs of the seller and the marketer were shared. Levitt described how satisfying the needs of the customer is now the pathway to marketing success. This concept and others related to the four Ps of product, price, promotion, and place were further explored throughout the units. For this reflection paper, respond to these three prompts: Reflect on how this introductory marketing course has changed your view of how the field of marketing works. What was the most surprising thing you learned? What do you […]
May 23, 2019

Fundamental Level Marketing

It is an assignment of a fundamental-level marketing course. There are three parts: 4.1 Decisions (1 page using 1.5 line-spacing), 4.2 Advertising Critique (2 pages using 1.5 line-spacing), and 4.4 Communication Brief (3 pages using 1.5 line-spacing). You can open the uploaded file for detailed instruction.
May 23, 2019

Making Data-Driven Decisions on E-commerce Marketing

Please watch this video (Stukent Expert Session 01- PPC & Data Driven Decisions) How to Make Data-driven Decisions for E-commerce Marketing then write one page as a written assignment. This assignment will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of this video. Please note that I’d like your own ideas in your words and not simply repeating what the presenter said. This should be written as if you’re teaching someone. Due date: 24 hours from now
May 23, 2019

Consumer Behavior And Segmentation Strategies Of Samsung Galaxy Fold

For this blog task, you will determine how to identify different types of market segments and consider the best marketing strategies for reaching them. First, read Chapter 2 in Consumer Behavior and the case study article Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves. In your blog post, address the following: In the case study article, what market segments were identified and what segmentation strategies were implemented? What do you believe are four to five key points to remember when implementing segmentation strategies? Identify a new market segment that you have noticed recently (during your own shopping experience online, in a commercial ad, […]
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