May 24, 2019

The Progressive Era Reformers

Three full pages answer the following question. The Progressive Era reformers all came from different backgrounds, social classes, and interests. who were these people, what their backgrounds, and how and why did their specific goals differ from many of the other reformers?
May 24, 2019

Failure of Reconstruction in The South

‘ margins, 12 point Times font. This is the website you are going to use for references. please discuss the ways in which the failure of Reconstruction in the South set up the New South and Jim Crow eras.
May 24, 2019

Hinduism as a religion: Maintaining The Social Order of Caste System

Topic:”Hinduism, as a religion, is most concerned with maintaining the social order of the caste system. ” 600 words required use the defend and refute way which will be in the following files.
May 24, 2019

Nashville’s Trademark Twang

What is Nashville’s trademark and how is it related to the “twang”? To what extent has this been impacted by the demographic shift and the global economy? How would the vote mentioned in the essay have damaged Nashville’s image? How is that related to the trademark? What is the difference between “learning English” and “English Only”? What are some of the objections about immigrants who do not speak English? Are these complaints legitimate? Explain. Who are those who supported the measure and who are those who opposed? Identify them and explain why they have taken that position? Based on the […]
May 24, 2019

Occupation Alcatraz and American Indians

Hi, I need you to read through 3 attachments and watch a 26 min documentary in order to write the first 300 word minimum discussion post. I will attach the 3 stuff for you to read, they’re all short (2-3 pages each) then ill give you the link for the youtube video (26 min) for u to watch before writing the post. I will also attach another document titled (discussion reply) where you will need to read it and write a reply (minimum 150 word reply) to that post. The discussion that is 300 words plus and the reply that […]
May 24, 2019

Arab-Israeli Persistent Conflict

What accounts for the rather late emergence of African countries as independent nation-states? Is there something peculiar about Africa that delayed its drive for independence? Why has the Arab-Israeli conflict been so persistent? What religious and cultural factors have contributed to the persistent state of unrest in the Middle East and, in particular, in what some people refer to as the Holy Land? Brower, R. & Sanders, T. (2014). The world in the 20th Century: From empires to nations. (7th ed.) Boston, MA: Pearson.
May 24, 2019

Locke Theory of Property Capitalism Government

Topics 1. Write an essay on any two readings from this semester so far, except for Wealth of Nations and Capital. (You may certainly write about Smith and Marx but not primarily on either of their books.) Find an issue, problem, controversy, or other basis for comparison and develop your own view or approach to it. An essay is a thought—it attempts to show the reader a new way of thinking or seeing something. The following are few suggestions. 2. Was the southern cotton plantation a capitalist enterprise? Does Baptist in The Half Has Never Been Told make the case […]
May 24, 2019

Problems with The Original Constitution

Part 1: Consider the following questions: What problems with the original Constitution, or changes in society, led to the creation of the Bill of Rights and the other amendments that followed? How and why do amendments become part of the Constitution? Part 2: Select one of the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Explain the liberties protected by the amendment, citing the text of the amendment. Describe the factors and history that led to the establishment of the amendment. Explain the constitutional process for adding amendments. Part 3: Select one of the other 17 amendments to the U.S. Constitution […]
May 24, 2019

Effects of WWI on European Artists

Homework: in 500 words due 23rd of March Read: Chapter 3, sections 6 – 10 Write: How did WWI affect artists in Europe in different ways? Give examples of work from 3 countries. Include short citations from your reading. Book: Steve Edwards & Paul Wood, eds. Art and Visual Culture 1850-2010: Modernity to Globalisation, Open University, 2012.
May 24, 2019

Chinese Society In The Twentieth-Century

SECOND ESSAY ASSIGNMENT Answer one of the following questions, based on your reading of Growing Up in the People’s Republic: Conversations Between Two Daughters of China’s Revolution, by Ye Weili with Ma Xiaodong. (Please note that Chinese names are written in the order that family name precedesgiven name, so the authors should be referred to as Ye and Ma, not Weili and Xiaodong.) You should incorporate your answers into a coherent, original argument, and analyze the evidence from the book that supports your argument. You may also use secondary source material from Schoppa and Yu Hua, as well as the […]
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