May 28, 2019

The Great Depression and The New Deal

The Great Depression and the New Deal represent the fall and rise of the US economy. Discuss the conditions that Americans faced during the Great Depression. And then define and analyze at least two of the New Deal policies. What were the impacts and significance of each. Lastly discuss how people of color were affected by the Great Depression and New Deal. and it supposed to be two qots,,, one from the book give me liberty and one from the lecture notes which i will uploaded later
May 28, 2019

Southern Utah Creation of the American Society

Part One of the textbook “The Creation of American Society, 1450-1763,” Chapters 1-4. Write a brief essay of less than 300 words (one page) that answers one of the following questions:
May 28, 2019

19th Century Russian Empire Micro-perspectives On Living Standards

essay on the history of ONE European nation-state or empire in historical context of major events taking place in Europe during the Long Nineteenth Century. Choose from one of the nation-state/empires below uploaded file. 4 ACADEMIC SOUCES required, MLA or APA format. an introduction with clear and precise thesis statement. please use S.P.I.C.E method to structure essay discussion. use quotes, evidences and citations. please read the uploaded file and use simple language for essay
May 28, 2019

The First Tooth Celebration In The Armenian Culture

Subject: Armenian History or just History Type of paper: Essay Question: Armenian History. What is the history behind “Atam Hatik” or “Agra Hadig” (same). How did it come to be, why do Armenians still continue this cultural event? Why is it important? and so on. Requirements: Term paper must be 6 pages long. Double spaced, size 12 font. MLA format system for referencing, both in bibliography and text. Whether quoting directly from sources or paraphrasing, the sources must be indicated in text. Bibliography needs three sources, here you can use these three sources I have provided: “Birthright Armenia Immerses Young […]
May 28, 2019

The Great Depression & World War 2

I need 2 essays, 2 pages each, you can choose one of 2 topics for each essay first essay options are : A. The Great Depression B. The New Deal second essay options are : A. WWII B. WWII Homefront please find the attachments for grading rubric Instructions You MUST compose one (1) Identification Essay from the two (2) options below. You are NOT allowed to use sources other than the assigned material. Essays REQUIRE assertions supported with best evidence, paragraphs, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your answer MUST be submitted to the Turnitin link as MS-Word file attachment. You […]
May 28, 2019

Remember the Ladies Status of American Women Article

Question Description Remember the Ladies As John Adams prepared to lead the United States into independence, his wife asked that he and his colleagues would “Remember the Ladies” in their new republic. In your estimation, was her request ever fulfilled? During the early decades of independence (to 1835 or so), did the legal or political status of American women improve? What about their economic or social status? How, if at all, did these change? Did the Market Revolution alter gender roles in ways that the American Revolution could not? What about the present day? How would you assess the current […]
May 28, 2019

African American Civil Rights Movement From 1955 1965

Question Description Discuss the civil rights movement for African American Americans from 1955 to 1965. Describe the challenges to Martin Luther King’s leadership faced, and explain how and why these problems evolved. What success did the Civil Rights Movement enjoy under President Johnson? What happened to the unity of the Movement in 1965? In your opinion, why did this occur? write an essay containing at least 1200 words using the MLA format. B. Include at least three references, do not use Wikipedia
May 28, 2019

Historical Relationship Between Judaism, Christianity And Islam

Explain the historical relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. What are their geographical connections? What are their historical timelines? Analyze the historical relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in order to make an argument about the similarities and differences between the three religions. Select one main example from the following list on which to focus your comparison: the nature of God, the nature of Jesus, Holy Books, or Salvation. Your analysis should span multiple paragraphs and utilize specific examples. Conclude by examining the current relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam today. How has globalization influenced or affected the current relationship? […]
May 28, 2019

The Politics Of The Environment: Ideas, Activism In 1950-60

Directions:Choose a black political activist from the past and a contemporary activist( Audre Lorde for past activist and Jesse Williams for current activist). Identify both activist, and how they became involved in the issues at hand.Examine the techniques used by the activists to get their message heard. Compare the activism during the 1950-60 era to that of the current activist movement. How are they similar and how do they differ? What are the issues of interest in the current activism movements as opposed to those in the past? How has social media helped or harmed today social movements? What are […]
May 28, 2019

Political And Economic Leadership In Communist Countries

Hello Professor and class, my opinion on the matter sits somewhere in the center of the debacle though somewhat closer to the United States version of the events. Both sides have an element of truth in their account of the events regardless of the propaganda pushed forth by both sides to garner support from their citizens. Each side claims only to be reactionary, acting in self-defense in an instance the other attacks first. The Soviet Union has time and time again proved its expansionist tendencies. “The history of Russia had proven again and again its territorial ambitions” (Franklin, 2019) – […]
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