May 29, 2019

Decolonizing the Mind

You’ve read many literacy narratives, including the ones we will be discussing on Wednesday. What is one that especially spoke to you, and how does it intersect with your own experiences? Select a quote from that narrative that is a good example of something that especially struck you and use your answer to analyze the passage you’ve selected. Please reading 1-3 PDF, there are the book, and please look the 3 people examples in PDF 4. Please writing like that. Please write 300 words.
May 29, 2019

Advantage and disadvantage of social media

For this exploratory writing assignment, you will write a minimum of 300 words of your research paper that is due on Sunday. It could be the very first 300+ words, or it could be from somewhere in the middle. I do ask that you include a working thesis statement/position at the beginning, even if you don’t write the intro for the project. The topic of my research is Advantage and disadvantage of social media. I will upload some files to help you
May 29, 2019

Developments Evolution of Mass Media during the Last Century

Select and complete one of the following assignment options to explain the formative influence of mass media on American culture. Option A Write a 350- to 700-word summary in which you answer the following questions: What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century? How did each development influence American culture? What is meant by the term media convergence, and how has it affected everyday life? Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab. Option B Choose three cultural products you have viewed, read, or otherwise interacted that are examples of distinct forms of […]
May 29, 2019

Persuasive Speech Script and Presentation

Revising the ppt based on feedback and outline. And also a speech script matching with ppt, which include call to action. Feedback of PPT Introduction: provide more information. Provide some sub-points to the main points you present. You really want to guide your audience. Pokemon Go is probably a trademarked game and you should cite it (at least do it on the introduction slide). Slide 3: What does “basis” mean here? What does the second point mean? It’s quite a logic jump from playing a fame to losing communication skills and hurting your health. Can you support this in any […]
May 29, 2019

Personalizing the Writing Process

We’re covered a few very important characteristics of good writing this week. How to write effective sentences and paragraphs, avoiding common errors, documenting your sources, and thinking critically as you write. Now, here’s a scenario that will allow you to practice what you’ve learned. For any writer, telling one’s life story in three paragraphs can be a challenge, but an exciting one. For this reflection, write an initial post composed of three sections. 1. Your life story in roughly three full paragraphs. 2. A reflection: what was challenging about writing your life story in three paragraphs? (one paragraph minimum) 3. […]
May 29, 2019

Mental Health Phobias

Pierce TCC Fall 2018 Annotated Bibliography For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography containing at least 8 sources. Each entry for your annotated bibliography will contain 3 components: 1) A standard MLA Works Cited entry, 2) A brief summary, in your own words, of the source’s main points (100-200 words), and 3) An evaluation of the source (50- 150 words). Sources: Read each source very carefully so that, should I ask any questions, you can demonstrate your familiarity with the material. Think critically! You need to create an MLA citation for each source. Refer to Refworks or Easybib […]
May 29, 2019

Racism in Song of Solomon

Need a literary analysis of a theme or topic out of one of the following books: Map of home, Song of Solomom Length: at least 5 full pages (as in, all the way to the bottom of the fifth page.) If you have more to say, you can go up to 7 full pages. This length requirement doesn’t include your Works Cited page, which should be attached after your final written page. Required citation style: MLA Sources required: at least three: 1) your primary text (what we read in class) and 2) two outside scholarly sources. You want to go […]
May 29, 2019

Negotiate a peace agreement with a rogue knigh

For this project, you will be transported to the mythical land of Camelot! Well, not really. However, you will be writing a creative piece that will demonstrate your understanding of chivalry. In this Unit Project, you will imagine what it would be like to be a knight in King Arthur’s court in Camelot. You will be the protagonist of your story, so this should be written in a first person point of view. You have read all about chivalry in this unit, have studied examples of knights, and you will be taking this knowledge with you to Camelot. You will […]
May 29, 2019

Book Censorship Statement of Support Paper

A. Censoring of books that tackle complex issues such as gender and sexuality denies the learners a chance to read and understand these subjects. This is supported by ‘’book banning’’ article which states that censorship of books ‘’created an undue burden on the students trying to access the books” (Book Banning 3). According to Young Melisa, ‘’children should begin exploring mature and controversial topics at a young age to advance their education and better prepare them for the challenges encountered in adulthood” (Young 1). What the authors here asserts is that books should not be censored on account of containing […]
May 29, 2019

Journalistic vs. Academic Writing Comparison

we read journalistic articles about food waste, both of which came from reliable and well-known news sources (Aubrey and Royte). Remember that journalistic articles are mainstreamed, meaning they are meant for the general public. This week we read a peer reviewed academic article (Household Food Waste). Unlike journalistic articles, academic journals are written for experts within certain fields. Looking closely at both, answer the following questions. 1.What are some of the similarities or differences between the articles? These can do with context, evidence or examples, tone, vocabulary, etc? 2. Who do you think the targeted audience is for each article? […]
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