May 29, 2019

Russia Revolution Democracy And Economic Planning

For Discussion Forum 4, please address any of the questions below. As always: you are required to make a minimum of THREE (3) posts per module. At least one of your three posts should be your own original comment; at least one – should be a response to or comment on something another classmate has posted; the third post can be either your own original post or a comment on a classmate’s post. Keep in mind that your response should NOT simply be a summary of the assigned reading. A higher grade will be awarded to posts that demonstrate student’s […]
May 29, 2019

Born A Crime By Trevor Noah CR7 Quiz & Domestic Violence

Overview I use the quiz function to collect your short answers to the following close reading questions.You can only click on the quiz once, so only do so when you’re ready to paste in your answers in the appropriate box. I suggest you cut and paste these into a Word, Pages, or Google doc and then write out your answers. Keep a copy of the q&a in case Canvas has a problem when you’re trying to upload. Questions Question 1 10 pts 1. Trevor Noah, Born a Crime (10 pts) Question: Based on your reading of Chapter 14, explain the […]
May 29, 2019

Undocumented & U.S. Immigration Debate Rhetorical Précis

For each reading i need Rhetorical Précis Rhetorical Précis Submission for Readings One-Two For today, you’ll submit – your text annotations for readings one-two a rhetorical précis and your response questions for readings one-two Readings One-Two Aviva Chomsky, Undocumented, “Introduction,” pp. 1-10 Council on Foreign Relations, “The U.S. Immigration Debate,” pp. 1-9 Text Annotations Submit your text annotations. To create your annotations, you may use Adobe Acrobat (see directions below). You may also convert pdfs to Word and use Word tools to annotate, print texts and handwrite your annotations, or choose another method that works for you. Try to produce […]
May 29, 2019

Instructional-design Theories And Models

Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review Memo (also referred to as “Instructions Literature Review”) Instructions, manuals, and procedures are some of the most common technical documents you will write and use in any field. For those in STEM-related fields, such as technology and healthcare, instructions and procedures are especially important. Therefore, understanding what makes effective and useful instructions is important. For this project, you will collect, summarize, evaluate, and synthesize research, using the following steps: Perform academic research on “good” instructions. Your aim in this research is to answer questions related to: How do people write effective and useful instructions? what […]
May 29, 2019

Household Food Waste Awareness Among US People

For this assignment, please read Household_Food_Waste. This is an academic, peer reviewed article, so it is longer and more difficult to read. Please don’t let the 19 pages scare you; lots of it is graphs and tables. However, focus on close reading. Take your time and deal with the language and format. I promise, I don’t give you this article to torture you; this is the kind of readings you will find in college level course, whether English or not. Once you have carefully read, submit this Annotation Worksheet.
May 29, 2019

Biology Evolution And Nature Selection

Question Description Unit III Written Assignment Unit III Written Assignment Answers should be double spaced; 11-12 font size; standard margins. Proper grammar and paragraph format is expected. All answers should be written in complete sentences. Files should be submitted as .pdf, .rtf, .doc OR .docx only. All assignments should be submitted via the SafeAssignment tool in Blackboard. No attachments via email or Blackboard Messages will be accepted. 1. 1. Which are more closely related to crocodiles: birds or lizards? Explain. 2. 2. Feathers evolved for purposes other than flight. What are some possible functions for these early feathers? 3. 3. […]
May 29, 2019

Causes of Medical Problems

Two Articles from the school database (PGCC) such as Academic Search Premier, ProQuest Psychology Journals, Statista, ProQuest Newspapers, or Opposing Viewpoints. Also one Article from outside source. The material from secondary sources might consist of statistical evidence to help you build your discussion, or it might be a quotation from an authority in the field. You will document your work with sources by 1) setting up quotations in signal sentences, 2) including correct parenthetical in-text citations and 3) including a Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Your conclusion might propose a solution to the problem or issue. […]
May 29, 2019

Taking Care of The Environment

Why is the issue that you have been researching important and timely? What kind of problem does this issue create? Name the issue, and drawing from your previous research, provide some context as to its background, and briefly note what you already know about this issue. What persons or organizations would be (or are currently) interested in this issue? Why? Who would not be interested in this issue. Why not? What do you know about the non-engaged stakeholder(s)? If you have a tangible person or group of people in mind, provide information and describe their non-engagement as best as you […]
May 29, 2019

Themes and Messages Within Narratives

Times new roman 12 point font This is for the additional 4 pages Any summary or explication should be brief and likely confined to the introductory paragraph, in which you also name the texts and authors, ask your question, and present your claim. Use specific evidence (i.e., sentences, words, and phrases from the texts) to support your claim. The group presentation was a way for you to practice effective and correct use of quoted material. This paper should demonstrate your ability to do this on your own. This should be a conversation, not a one-side-at-a-time comparison. See the model on […]
May 29, 2019

Mexico City Water Crisis Article Summary

Select ANY piece of writing (essay, article, novel, etc.) to read and respond to with a one page summary. (Your selection does not have to come from our textbook.) This summary must be typed and double-spaced. Also, each summary should include the following: *a topic sentence that names the essay, author and central idea *a summary of the major topics or subjects of the essay *a quotation or two, properly documented in MLA format *a citation and a Work Cited listing for the essay As always, follow all rules of standard, written English as well as our “Format Rules”. This […]
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