June 4, 2019

Key Aspects of Policymaking

You will write 2-3 pages (in APA format) analyzing the key aspects of policymaking as you observed it at the meeting, focusing particularly on the process, the quality of dialogue and deliberation, the relationship between constituents and councilmembers, and the overall quality of democratic decision-making. Our observation of this meeting will provide a bridge between our more theoretical discussions of public policy and our understanding of how policy is decided “on the ground”.…
June 4, 2019

What is the Johnson Amendment

What is the “Johnson Amendment?” Explain its history, as well as the arguments pro and con regarding it. What has President Trump said and done about the amendment? What is its legal status now? Be specific in your answers.
June 4, 2019

Learning Politics

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 6, 10 Lesson Additional scholarly sources you identify through your own research Initial Post Instructions Think about conversations around politics when you were in primary school (around age 10). What were some of the ways you learned about the political establishment through family members and friends? How were you politically socialized as a child? Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from assigned readings or online lessons, and at least one outside scholarly source.
June 4, 2019

Dickey Amendment Research Paper

Research and explain the “Dickey Amendment,” including its history, as well as the reason it was adopted. Provide your analysis of the amendment, including arguments for and against it, as well as its consequences. Define your position on the amendment, providing a logical basis for your opinion.
June 4, 2019

Budgeting For a New Agency

PROMPT: Suppose that you were asked to set up a budget for your new agency. How would you organize it? What problems would you inspect to encounter? How would the relationship between administrators (you) and the electeds effect this process? FORMATTING: Your submission should be approximately 4-5 pages long (not including the work cited). Any submission drastically shorter or longer will lose points. You must use double spacing, size 12 font, and have 1 inch margins all around. You must also cite all information taken from the text. In addition to the text, you must also cite at least TWO […]
June 4, 2019

Raising Children Without Gender Social Aspects

RAISING CHILDREN WITHOUT GENDER: Social Aspects: research on the effects of raising without gender and future possible effects in terms of human behavior, society, etc Follow the sample attached please Times New Roman 12pt
June 4, 2019

Save Our Secret Ballot, Inc.

The Save Our Secret Ballot, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) conservative advocacy organization created to promote states to pass constitutional amendments that would ban card check legislation. The organization’s stated goal is the following: “To preserve and protect the fundamental right of individuals to vote by secret ballot, where local, state, or federal law requires elections for public office or ballot measures, or requires designations or authorizations for employee representation, the right of individuals to vote by secret ballot shall be guaranteed.” In an effort to promote this measure amongst the states, Save Our Secret Ballot, Inc. claimed on its web […]
June 4, 2019

Illicit drugs decriminalization in United States

Topic: Some states in the United States have started to decriminalize the use of some illicit drugs (especially marijuana) while others strictly prohibit them. Discuss and compare both approaches in terms of the proliferation or prevention of drug trafficking activities. Format: You are required to write a 750-800 words essay. The essay should be well organized, well written, and adequately address the assigned topic. Students must cite the resources and references according to the APA style format.
June 4, 2019

The Presidential Nominating Process And The National Party Conventions, 2016

The Presidency News Journal Written Assignment: News Journals require you to relate current events to the topics covered within POS 2041, American National Government. For this Journal you will select your own article. The article you select will determine your success on this Journal. The article must be about The President, and illustrate a concept discussed in your textbook. The news article you select must itself be at least 4 paragraphs in length and come from a major, national news source. For a list of sources and search possibilities please go to the Media tab, on the POS 2041 Lib […]
June 4, 2019

Boyz ‘N Hood Movie Directed By John Singleton

INSTRUCTIONS: follow the instructions and direction to complete the assignment in a awesome work. It seems a lot, but that is just the instruction. the questions are attached Assignment Objectives: Enhance and/or improve critical thinking and media literacy skills by: 1. Developing a clear and concise thesis statement (an argument) in response to the following question: Does the film have the power to transform political sensibilities? 2. Writing an outline for a five paragraph analytical essay building on a clear and concise thesis statement, including topic sentences and secondary supports. 3. Identifying and explaining three scenes from the film text […]
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