June 4, 2019

Political Leadership

see the teacher notes please and fix them and then add more paragraphs: (In red font ) and please add to the paper the bad form of leadership instead of the ordinary leader i did add a pragrph about (In my opinion) you will finid it in green font you just need to add few paragraphs to (How to Make a Good Leader?) and also add two long paragraph about the bad leader (international leader not only american) and then compare maybe
June 4, 2019

New Bulgarian Thomas Hobbes Social Contract Theory

a simple and comprehensive essay no plagiarism no reference except materials i provided
June 4, 2019

Freedom and Privilege Power and Difference

Pages 1 and 2: Introduce the paper and summarize A Question of Freedom—two complete pages in length Introduce in the first paragraph A Question of Freedom and Privilege, Power and Difference, as well as the six (6) key concepts that you will be discussing in your analysis. Your thesis should contain all of six (6) concepts you will be discussing in your analysis. Use your own words to summarize the novel, cite at the end of your summary Do not borrow language from reviewers,, etc. Identify the major characters Focus on those parts of the novel that connect to […]
June 4, 2019

Capitol Hill And White House Historic Sites Descriptive analysis

Select and visit two (2) national historical sites + add pictures in the District of Columbia. Prepare a 1-2page descriptive analysis detailing each site. The experiential project is designed to improve writing and critical thinking skills. Please use proper citation of all sources utilized in your analysis. The paper should include the following: Introduction and purpose of the paper; A profile of each site visit, and your reflection on the importance of each site in American History/Government; The personal impact of your visit to each site. All written work for this class must conform to the following guidelines: All written […]
June 4, 2019

Democracy and Media in Asia Reign Thailand

one page about democracy and media in Asia Reign(do not talk about middle east or china or Russia please ) post to share something about the media (social media,) in your region or a country (countries) in your region. Remember to think about democracy and authoritarianism. Think about what we have talked/read about this week – see if you can apply it to your region. Or tell me something else that is going on in your region. Make sure to link your entry clearly to democracy and other terms/issues we have read/discussed so far this semester.
June 4, 2019

Mass Media Bias And American Politics Political Searches In Social Media

Lesson Three Writing Assignment: It has long been argued, particularly by conservatives, that there is a liberal bias in the mass media. On the other hand, progressives and liberals counter that conservative media has its own bias and that conservative media spends most of its time trying to invoke fear and division in the general public. With these two points of view in mind, please respond to the following question. Assignment: (1) How is the media, biased, more towards progressive-liberal values, conservative values or in both directions depending on the specific media outlets you may access? Explain your response. (2) […]
June 4, 2019

Robert Josephs Texas Candidate for US Senate

Objective: The objective of this assignment is for students to think critically about effective political campaigns in Texas and understand both the personal and social responsibility inherent in representative democracy. Attachment previewDescription of Assignment: You have been hired to be the campaign manager for a candidate to represent Texas in the United States Senate. As campaign manager, you need to develop the campaign plan based on the four of the five (do not worry about campaign organization) components of a modern campaign discussed in the lecture notes. In your paper, please address the following: Candidate: A description of the qualifications […]
June 4, 2019

Constraints Of Powers And Legislative Branch

The legislative branch does not work in a vacuum. Instead, Congress crafts legislation with the full knowledge that the other two branches of government have the ability to limit the power of the legislative branch. However, checks and balances are a two-way street: the U.S. Constitution also delegates powers to the legislative branch to limit the powers of the judiciary and executive branches. Understanding these checks and balances is important from a constitutional perspective. It also gives you some insight into the constraints that members of the House and Senate are cognizant of as they go about the process of […]
June 4, 2019

Political Science Discussion Post Comment/Response

Question Description In America today people get to elect the politicians they want to run their government. In many countries the citizens do not get to vote and others get to vote but there is only one candidate so it is a mute point if they vote or not. In America, the citizens not only get to vote for the officials that control their lives, they get to choose the candidates. The first step is the primaries, where the parties choose their candidates. It happens at every level, state , county and cities. In California, we have County Supervisors, City […]
June 4, 2019

Electoral and Party Systems

Electoral & Party Systems): Again, unless some country is going through a constitutional change between systems, it’s unlikely you’ll find something direct about electoral systems. Therefore, you should find some news story about electoral competition (maybe an election coming up, an election that recently occurred, or controversy over one that recently occurred).The news link is What Needs to Go In an Entry? Each entry needs to have four things: 1) A link to the story you are using, if it is available on the web. If you find a story in a print publication, you should be able to […]
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