June 6, 2019

Listening Presentation

Question Description I am not sure if you guys can do power point presentations or not. Even if you cannot do it as a power point presentation could it be done like one but just written using Microsoft word? Listening Presentation Utilizing what you have learned about listening this week, prepare a Power Point presentation you could present to your coworkers to help improve listening on the job. You may use your current place of employment or one where you hope to work in the future as your target audience. Be sure to include examples which apply specifically to your […]
June 6, 2019

When The Pedestrian Becomes a Driver

Post your reaction to the reading in the online discussion thread. Make sure that you reference the readings and think about how/whether it applies to Kansas City and how you see the city. Attachment previewWhen The Pedestrian Becomes a Driver How Is It Possible that People Allowed Themselves to Live in A World without Pedestrian Streets?
June 6, 2019

Use Mobile Technology in Classrooms

Question Description I have three interviews and I want to make a thematic analysis for the data in the interview •A theme is a conceptualization of an interaction, a relationship, or an event. there are three types of themes •Recurrence Present when at least two parts of a report have the same thread of meaning – is not simply repetition of he same word or phrase; different wording may result in the same meaning. Thus, this criterion focuses on salient meaning. •Repetition Explicit repetition of key words, phrases, or sentences. •Forcefulness Vocal inflection, volume, or dramatic pause which serve to […]
June 6, 2019

Navigating the Cultural Minefield Article summary

Executive Summary The executive summary is a one-page summary of what to expect in your paper highlighting the main points of your proposal. It is the marketing piece of the project. You should use the executive summary as a tool to get the reader intrigued, so he or she wants to read your proposal to get more information. To engage the reader, identify the purpose and use appropriate tone and usage for the audience. Consider addressing the situation and your audience’s views fairly and respectfully. As you summarize, be sure to convey the understanding and scope of the proposal. Give […]
June 6, 2019

The Color Purple Film Analysis

What you will do: The film analysis is the primary assessment of what students understand about interpersonal communication. Your paper should be a minimum of 600 words. Select from one of the following contemporary films for the film analysis: The Duchess Braveheart Mr. Holland’s Opus What Women Want Sex and the City 1 Pride and Prejudice Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Sound of Music The Secret Garden First Knight Footloose Colombiana Avatar The Proposal Hitch Sense and Sensibility Artificial Intelligence The Breakfast Club The Devil Wears Prada The Blindside Nanny McPhee Gran Torino Sleeping with the Enemy 27 Dresses Good […]
June 6, 2019

Importance of Recycling Persuasive speech

what are the disadvantageous or harms of not recycling (not recycling probably) on the Environment? 1. Explain 3-4 harms on the environment. These harms must include empirical support (logos). explain the magnitude of these harms. It is hard to convince people to take action when only a few people are affected. Show how serious and large the problem is. 2. Inherency (Inherent Barriers) – What are the sources of the problem? What is stopping the issue from being resolved Attitudinal – What attitudes are present in society that are stopping the issue from being resolved? How have these attitudes been […]
June 6, 2019

Relationships And Perceptions Between Self & Others

INTRODUCTION: Week 2: Relationships and Perceptions Between Self and Others What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are. —C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew As you begin to work on Week 2 of this course, ask yourself this question: “Who am I right now?” You may be “the student” who is preparing to focus on coursework, “the parent” who has to leave the computer soon to tuck a child into bed, or any number of other “selves” that flow in and out of your daily […]
June 6, 2019

Waikiki Beach Visual Memories Tourists’ Emotional Experiences

Pick a place in Hawaii vacation with photo with lots of color it will be call the girls weekend 400 words Find one of your favorite photographs. Describe or upload the photo in your initial post. Discuss the emotional response you have when you look at your photo. How do your memories and experiences affect your perception of the image? Would it affect others viewers in the same way? Why is this important to consider when using images to communicate? *Remember— Analysis requires that you substantiate your ideas with quotes from academic sources and experts in the field. Analysis without […]
June 6, 2019

Cultural Approach Individual Communication Theory

Cultural Approach to Organizations The Cultural Approach contends that people are like animals who are suspended in webs that they created. Theorists in this tradition argue that an organization’s culture is composed of shared symbols, each of which has a unique meaning. Organizational stories, rituals, and rites of passage are examples of what constitutes the culture of an organization. The presentation should illustrate and explain a specific interpersonal, group or organizational communication theory or set of theories as one might experience in the workplace. (Alternate scenarios may be permissible. Consult your instructor.) You are to dramatize,illustrate and/or explain your theories […]
June 6, 2019

International Communication Role In Advancing Political Ideas

Reflection Papers: You are expected to submitfivereflection papers on topics covered in class. The class sessions you can write reflection papers on are listed in the course syllabus please choose any five. You can write reflection papers about the class sessions, exercises, guest speakers and movies wherever you see this note: ‘Don’t forget to write your reflection paper after today’s class’. A reflection paper is not a recap of the class, lecture or the exercise. A proper reflection paper is a combination of your thoughts, analysis of what you have experienced. In doing so, please relate your reflections to class […]
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