June 6, 2019

Accounting-Economics-General Business

Executive Summary Paper (Accounting/Economics/General Business) All papers should be electronically submitted in WORD format into Canvas by the date specified. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE PERMITTED. Please follow these steps for this assignment: 12 Point Time New Roman Font Single-spaced lines APA Formatting Suggested Page Length 2 – 4 Pages 1” margins Grammatically correct (3 point deduction for each spelling, grammatical, punctuation, or spacing error) Submitted into Canvas in WORD format. The grading rubric posted in Canvas for students to review
June 6, 2019

At the End of the Day, Diversity Has Jumped the Shark, Horrifically

1. After you read “At the End of the Day, Diversity Has Jumped the Shark, Horrifically,” you must thoughtfully answer the following questions. At Least 300 words This article presents a very different view of diversity than that in our textbook, so we are now considering diverse views about diversity. How would you respond to the author of this article? Is diversity a difficulty to be overcome, rather than an advantage to be sought? Explain. Base your argument on concepts and ideas that have been discussed throughout the semester. 2. List and explain what you believe are examples of American […]
June 6, 2019

Community Resources for Children’s Developtment

Instructions:  A PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 10 slides outlining the following: At a minimum include the following: Detailed description of the area researched Technology involved in the area Future trends in the area Example companies involved in the area Regulatory issues surrounding the area Global implications for the area References (minimum of 4) The topic is The Impact of E-Commerce on Society
June 6, 2019

Why Romantic Partners Form The Most Intimate Relationships

Those 2 concepts summarize each concept thoroughly, then apply these concept to a real world situation. Make sure it is in an essay format.An easier way to write this journal would be to start with: Introduction- introduce your two concepts and how you are going to apply them to a real world situation. Concept 1- Summarize thoroughly and cite the book. Apply concept 1 through critical thinking skills Concept 2- Summarize thoroughly and cite the book Apply concept 2 through critical thinking skills Conclusion- Close with telling us what concepts you chose. Each concept should be one or two sentences. […]
June 6, 2019

Standards In Communication Technology Risk Management Process Assessment

he following website may be used for reference to complete this assignment. The website represents an electronic document titled “Standards Organizations,” written by William Stallings (2009), located at Write a fully developed paper in which you: Select one of the working groups in the IETF or IEEE and briefly summarize what this group is working on. Justify the need of the IEEE 802 standard used in networking. Evaluate the three standard organizations including IEEE, ISO, and ANSI to determine the most important for communication technology. Take a position on the need for a federal regulating body of standards such […]
June 6, 2019

Sports As A Unifier Role In Development And Maintenance Of Peace

It must include a minimum of 3 references for approved sites. Cover sheet does not count as one page, bibliography will count towards total. Don’t write about American football, please. You can write about soccer World Cup, Olympic Games and so on. Outline & References “Perfect” Met or exceeded minimum requirements 30 met minimum requirements, not all quality references 20 did not meet minimum requirements, not all quality references 10 No reference page 0 Paper is correct length. Excellent Paper. Required length for individual or group 50 Very good Paper; short by 1 page 25 Very basic paper. Short by […]
June 6, 2019

Roles of Rhetoric Criticism in Literature

Minimum 5 pages   5 sources in bibliography, including at least one peer reviewed academic journal such as the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Women’s Studies in Communication, Journal of Popular Film, Journal of Communication, etc. Format your paper according to one of these style guides: APA, MLA, or Chicago   -Develop a rhetorical criticism paper using one of the methods of criticism (Cluster, Fantasy Theme, Pentadic, Metaphor) -As part of your research, find an article that uses the type of critical methodology that you are using for your project -If the paper is an argument, […]
June 6, 2019

Communication Theory and Concepts

Based on the rubric I attached with corresponding instructions, You will complete letters A-C in detail. Paper must be in APA format with scholarly sources. Keep that in mind. It should be at least 2 pages. Just follow rubric to the latter and it should be complete.
June 6, 2019

How Do You Handle The Conflict?

Conflict is everywhere in our lives.We can’t avoid it.Consider the difference between conflict in face-to-face interactions and in online interactions.In a 1000 word paper, discuss how you’ve dealt with conflicts in each environment.Discuss differences between online and face to face conflicts.Based on your readings this week, what are the differences in how you would approach each type of conflict?How could you have handled each type of conflict more effectively? 1000 words not including cover page or reference page Must be done in APA format, with using on 3 references
June 6, 2019

Strategic Use of Sensory Visuals

Image 4 courtesy of: National Geographic magazine June/July 2015 Issue In a 2-3-page APAe), analyze the strategic use of sensory visuals: Analyze the use of color; address how it attracts the eye of the targeted audience. How might the targeted audience interpret the color and emotionally respond? Analyze the use of lines; address how it directs the eyes of the viewers. Which types of lines are used? How might the targeted audience interpret the line usage and emotionally respond? Analyze the use of contrast and balance; address how it attracts the eye of the targeted audience. How might the targeted […]
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