June 7, 2019

Social Media Usage

Part 1 For this assignment, you will write emails explaining a situation to both an employer and a friend. Your employer has asked you to work on a day that you have already requested off for personal reasons. You are unable to change your plans and must therefore explain why you are unable to work (a family wedding or similar event is a possible choice for this). Your friend has asked you to assist him or her with moving on the same day. Again, you are unable to help because of the same prior engagement. Write an email to your […]
June 7, 2019

Newspaper Story in Broadcast VOSOT Style

. Re-write a newspaper story (from any newspaper) in broadcast VOSOT style. A sample form is provided for you (Look at the TV News Story Formats section in the Course Documents Module of Canvas). Make sure there is at least one quote from a named source in the newspaper article. Write the script according to the sample. Your director’s cues are in bold type. The anchor’s script is typed in non-bold. Make sure you include running times (you do not have to have exact time on this) plus an accurate outcue on the quote. Your lead sentence must be written […]
June 7, 2019

Business Leadership And Strategic Planning Implementation

For this Assignment in a 3-page, APA-formatted paper with references: Describe the first three steps you would take to begin the strategic planning process for a human services organization. Be sure to include the key stakeholders and skills, who should be involved in each step and why they need to be included in the process. In addition, include steps you would take to establish stakeholder support and confidence. Note: Although the assignment will base your strategic plan on what you know about an actual organization, do not include any identifying information about the organization or its stakeholders. Assignment must be […]
June 7, 2019

Need For Play In The Kindergarten Classroom

Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling. Assignment: Compose a research-based essay focusing on the need for play in the kindergarten classroom. Discuss how play has changed in the kindergarten classroom in the past few years. Discuss a teacher’s position on play in the kindergarten classroom and whether you agree or disagree. Support your position with research. This essay must be in APA format with a minimum of five (3) professional references. Your essay should be 2000-2250 words and should include at least three (3) citations. The sections […]
June 7, 2019

African Americans & The Media 13th An American Documentary Film

  Activity 3: African Americans & the Media Activity 3: Documentary “13TH” (20 points) Write a movie review on the documentary “13TH.” Include statistics and information from the film. Cover 6-8 topics from the film (see topics below). Underline the first use of each topic, ex. Southern Strategy or Birth of a Nation. Cite the film. Discuss the media’s role in covering (or not covering) these topics. Integrate 2 theories/concepts from the Intro Lecture, such as Agenda Setting or Dominant Ideology. Bold the first use of each theory. Include 4 additional sources. Use APA Style for the paper and reference […]
June 7, 2019

Should Companies Be Allowed To Test Their Products On Animals?

For your final course paper, you will write a 2-3 page paper on one of the controversial topics listed below (see “Paper Topics”). The purpose of this paper is for you to choose a stance on a controversial issue and integrate your knowledge about rhetoric and persuasion to defend that stance. To do this effectively, you must conduct research on your topic and apply course concepts by creating a compelling and logical argument based on evidence. This assignment is worth 100 points. For grading criteria, see the Written Persuasive Appeal Rubric located in the Final Paper folder on eCampus. What […]
June 7, 2019

Specific Unmanned System in Each Domain

For three unmanned systems that employ different operational domains in which the transmission medium differs (i.e., air, water, copper or fiber transmission lines), discuss the communication components employed for a specific unmanned system in each domain. Your response should include discussion of: Differences in the signal propagation losses through each medium. Components and technologies employed for the transmission and reception of signals along with key specifications. Time delays and timing constraints expected. Impact of the delay on operational strategies (if any). Differences in data transmission rates along with an explanation for the differences (if any). Your response should be at […]
June 7, 2019

Employees Search Job Candidate’s Social Media

Question: Review the NPR article about employers using social media to learn more about job candidates and argue in one concise, direct, assertive paragraph your response to the following question: Is it ethical for employers to search a job candidate’s social media or not, and why? To support your argument, use specific details from the provided text and your own logic and knowledge.
June 7, 2019

Adventures in Wonderland

Question Description Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland You must find 3 specific examples from the book which support your topic. Complete a chart (below) for each question. Question #1 – How does Alice change in her ability to deal with adults who frustrate her? Examples: Chapter & Page(s) What happens How does Alice react or What does Alice do? 1 2 3 Summarize: How has Alice changed? Question #2 – How does Alice change in her ability to deal with situations which are strange? Examples: Chapter & Page(s) What happens How does Alice react or What does […]
June 7, 2019

Elements of Communication Process Seen in Speech

Historical Speech Review The ability to recognize and explain the elements of the communication process is the beginning of truly understanding how to prepare for and deliver effective oral presentations. When we are able to recognize the elements of the communication process, we are then able to think more critically about the other factors involved in the effective delivery of oral presentations. For this assignment, please select and watch one of the historical speeches listed below: “Man Will Be On The Moon” President John F. Kennedy Cook, R. (Producer). (2012). “Man will be on the moon” [Video segment]. In Great […]
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