June 7, 2019

Annotated Bibliography: Legalizing Marijuana

This assignment requires you to work more on finding, evaluating, and planning how to use sources for your final paper. ^(I already picked a topic i upload it down it is legalizing_marijuana)^ To complete this assignment, you will need to find at least 6 different sources that you plan to use in your final paper.Academic articles, books, and primary documents are all great sources. Newspapers and editorials can also be used, but be selective.Remember, you should already have three sources from completing Activity 10 – use these again for this activity if you are sticking with the same topic. Provide […]
June 7, 2019

Millennials in the Workplace Article

Read Millennials in the Workplace: A Communication Perspective on Millenials’ Organizational Relationships and Performance Discussion Questions: If you are a Millennial, how is your interaction with coworkers who are not Millennials? Give examples. If you are not a Millennial, how is your interaction with your coworkers who are Millennials? Give examples. article link:…
June 7, 2019

Cultural Behavior and Communication Interview

Question Description Intercultural Interview Paper For this assignment, you will find someone from another culture within your community to interview regarding their family life experiences and the relationship to their culture and religious life. Be prepared to talk with this individual for nearly an hour, and assure them that you will not use their name in your report.After the interview, you will write a brief (2-3 page) reflective paper about your experience and how it correlates to the course readings. Reflect on how this individual’s family experiences and religion compare or contrast with your own experiences. Use APA formatted citations […]
June 7, 2019

Douglas Using Video Games In Education

instructions and question of the assignment is given below, this essay should be in 2000-2500 words. you have to give biblography too. you should include atleast references in biblography and with each reference you should give couple of statement explaining that what kind of data is included in those references Video games have become one of the biggest entertainment industries on earth, but they still struggle to be taken seriously. Some people worry about the effects of violence in gaming, others worry about the anti-social nature of playing games. I don’t want to read essays about these concerns. In an […]
June 7, 2019

Chelsea Football Club & Jazz Concert Experience

Write two blog separately , you will be required to write a minimum of 250 words per post. They can be everything, a restaurant experience, about shopping, cooking , a concert you attended, an event where you participated, an organization, a favorite sports team,etc. please do not post anything controversial and please to make it clean
June 7, 2019

Portable, Picket-sized Professional Learning Presentation

Chapter 12 of your text deals with “E-Learning Models:….“ You are to identify a section (a heading) of Chapter 12 (a section that stands out to you), and develop a 7-10 power point slide presentation, (MS Power Point). See the following directions to better assist you: 1) As your read Chapter 12, identify a heading/sub-topic that may be of particular interest (example if there is a section on “Innovation Sweeps Across Adult Learning Sectors” you can summarize this (again, this is just an example)). 2) Highlight or make bullet points of some interesting facts stated in your section for review […]
June 7, 2019

Barrack Obama First Presidential Inaugural Address Speech Criticism

Question Description In this paper, you are to criticize a speech using the Neo-Aristotelian concepts. Find a speech that interests you; speeches are available in anthologies, online from a variety of sources (see reprinted in newspapers and on the Internet. Do NOT critique a fictional speech (like a speech from a movie). Please note: The focus here is on public speeches delivered by speakers to a live or televised audience. Short Youtube clips, speeches in movies, editorial articles, press releases, and book chapters are NOT considered public speeches. Some considerations in writing the paper: 1) Critique the speech using […]
June 7, 2019

Software Developer John Edward Interview

Find someone who has a job in the field you’d like to enter once you graduate. Set up a time and interview the person, in person. Don’t interview someone you already know, or someone who works at Dominican. Linked-in is a great method to find someone, as are more informal networks and contacts you may already have. Cold calls can be good as well, and will stretch your assertiveness. You are aiming to find out how they got from where you are (seniors in college) to where they are now. A good tool – but not the only tool — […]
June 7, 2019

Enterprise Risk Management In Manufacturing

Understand how concept mapping can be used to help refine your thinking and writing of your paper. Concept mapping can be a useful tool for helping you conceptualize your paper. This method is often used in research to help scholars conceptualize research studies. Creating a concept map is useful in helping you think through the major ideas, concept and bodies of literature that are guiding your work and help you organize these in a way that is cohesive, clear and compelling. Assignment: 1-You specifically need to focus on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Choose a “theme” (i.e. ERM in higher […]
June 7, 2019

Cyber Bullying Online Harassment In Social Media Platforms Presentations

This should be a narrated slide assignment that includes text, visuals and sound elements that logically flow with the presentation. The presentation should include supporting evidence and references written in APA format. The presentation should explore cyberbullying and technology from the perspective of digital identity in a couple of PowerPoint slides. It is important that the slides include various forms of multimedia and communication skills (Text, Visuals, and Sound Effects). I have attached the Module Four Narrated Slide Guidelines as well as copies of the previous assignments on this topic.
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