June 7, 2019

Social Service and Healthcare Providers Reading Summary

A QC is a 3-4 page (single spaced) summary, commentary, and question(s) of the assigned readings for the class period/topic. You should summarize each reading for that class period/topic (you do not need to summarize any popular press readings). Each article summary should be approximately 1 paragraph (be concise). This is your chance to demonstrate that not only did you do the readings, but you can cull out the major elements of the readings and make connections between readings. After the summaries, you should write a brief commentary that includes reactions to the readings, connections you see between the readings, […]
June 7, 2019

Communication Within Organizations

At this mid-point in the course, take a moment to reflect on the importance of communication (written, oral, nonverbal) within organizations. Then, answering the following below, put your ideas into a coherent, well-structured essay (5 to 6 paragraphs minimum) using your best Standard American English (coherent ideas, complete, well-structured sentences, logical paragraph transitions). PROMPT: At this point in the course, what do you feel you have learned about communication within organizations that will benefit you as a communicator in your professional life? What do you consider to be your greatest strengths as a communicator right now? Where do you see […]
June 7, 2019

Against All Odds Political Refugee Game

ou have to do it in 6 hours, no more than that. You will write a short 2-3 page reflection paper about your experience playing and thoughts about the game (Please use APA style as you use for your inquiries). We will discuss your notes and reflections in class.Be prepared to discuss your choices, the thought process behind them, and other reflections. Please remember to define terms, provide in-text citations and reference other class material if appropriate. Include a reference page that will not count toward the 2-3 pages. No title page is necessary for this paper35
June 7, 2019

Democratic Leadership Style In Group Communication

We’re currently taking a group communication course and my part of the report we have to do is: 1- Who is the leader (in this case it’s Sarah) 2- What is her leadership style (We chose democratic) 3- How did the leadership style affect the group dynamics. Please be creative in answering question 3 specifically, by mentioning (Sarah) with a democratic leader characteristics. I need it plagiarism free and not to exceed one page.
June 7, 2019

Should Companies Be Allowed To Test Their Products On Animals?

Activity 11: Annotated Bibliography Instructions: This assignment requires you to work more on finding, evaluating, and planning how to use sources for your final paper. (1) To complete this assignment, you will need to find at least 6 different sources that you plan to use in your final paper. Academic articles, books, and primary documents are all great sources. Newspapers and editorials can also be used, but be selective. Remember, you should already have three sources from completing Activity 10 – use these again for this activity if you are sticking with the same topic. (2) Provide a reference for […]
June 7, 2019

Concepts And Principles Of Nonverbal Communication Video Review

View the Amy Cuddy video “Your body language may shape who you are” and the Allan Pease video “Body Language, the power is in the palm of your hand.” In no less than 1000 words, consider the impact of nonverbal communication on your ability to communicate effectively. Select one concept from each video which you can implement to overcome communication barriers. Give examples of how you could demonstrate the value of each concept, both in your own communication and as you have observed it in others.
June 7, 2019

Records Label Independent Recording Company analysis

Question Description Overview This Critical Process exercise takes a deeper look at indie labels. We will be applying the steps of the critical process (that we read about in Chapter 1 and is discussed in every chapter) to the music industry. Instructions Investigate a small, independent recording company (of which there are tens of thousands throughout the United States and the world). Visit its Web site, and/or e-mail or telephone the company. In your investigation, proceed through the steps of the critical process (listed below). Write up your analysis in about 3- 5 pages (double spaced). Please number your responses. […]
June 7, 2019

Areas of a Kindergarten Virtual Classroom

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling. Assignment: Part One: Create a virtual classroom to include developmentally appropriate areas and centers. You may use clip art to help you or create a classroom map using MS Word and it’s tools to create your visual layout. Be sure to label each area. Be creative! Part Two: Write a detailed essay, which should be 1250-1500 words and should include at least four (4) citations. The sections should be clearly marked with headings so that your instructor knows which points […]
June 7, 2019

Interpersonal Communication Letter of Advice

Letter of Advice For this assignment, you will write a letter of advice to either a newly engaged couple or a group of coworkers. Imagine that either the engaged couple or coworkers hear that you are taking a course in interpersonal communication and want advice regarding how to communicate in their personal or professional relationships. Based on what you have learned in this course, your personal experience, and the five learning objectives we have covered, what advice would you give them regarding how to communicate effectively? How can you use what you have learned in this class to offer a […]
June 7, 2019

City Beauty of Plastic Surgery Informative Speech Outline

Hello, I got not so good feedback from my Professor on my Informative Speech Outline. I was told that I need to: I have attached my outline that can be revised to make it more faster0 1. Stronger Introduction, that talks about Plastic Surgery 2. My Central Idea need to have 3 main points. I. The History of Plastic Surgery II. The Cause of Plastic Surgery III. Effects of Plastic Surgery. Also answer the question why do people get Plastic Surgery. 3. I need to have Three Main Points I, II, III, I need to have Sub points A, B, […]
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