June 10, 2019

Office of The Comptroller of The Currency Bank Derivatives Activity

In this assignment, you will discuss the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Web site current levels of derivatives in the United States. Go to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Web site. Find the most recent levels of futures, forwards, options, swaps, and credit derivatives using the following steps: Click on “Publications.” From there, click on “Other Publications/Reports.” Then, click on “Quarterly Report on Bank Derivatives Activities.” Click on the most recent date, and download the latest report. The tables containing the data are at the bottom of the document. Then, discuss the following: How have […]
June 10, 2019

McDonald’s Closure in Moscow / Expatriate Problems

Assignment 1 Choose one of the Discussion Questions below and answer it in your initial post, in full paragraph form, using at least two outside sources (always note your sources): 1.Consider Russia’s actions against McDonald’s. Do you believe that Russia’s move against McDonald’s is politically motivated or do you think that McDonald’s has actually violated sanitary policies? In your opinion, does McDonald’s position as a symbol of Western ideals invite the attack? Could the company have done anything to prevent it? 2.Discuss the implications of the closures for McDonald’s. What do accusations such as these mean for a business like […]
June 10, 2019

Public Policy Decision Making

Read Chapter 11: Public Policy Decision Making and Chapter 12: Designing and Facilitating Effective Large-Group Processes. Answer the below question in 600 words Prevention and resolution of customer service conflict is important to the overall impression an organization leaves with both customers and employees. Post about a common conflict scenario you have encountered or experienced in a business, government agency, church, or other group. Using ideas from your reading, what strategies of techniques would you advise the organization to adopt in order to improve their customer service overall? SHOULD BE IN APA FORMAT SHOULD BE PLAGIARISM FREE CITE ALL REFERNCES […]
June 10, 2019

Entrepreneurship and Teamwork Development

Topic:Entrepreneurship Need a literature review on the below hypothesis; Different specific compensation (such as paid leaves,medical insurance,overtime payment etc) is associated with different entrepreneur team ownership shares.An entrepreneur team with a more equally distributed ownerhisp tend to have a higher probability for a certain compensation types i.e. paid leaves,medical insurance,overtime payment,others.
June 10, 2019

Track Employees Ethical Dilemma

Complete the following: Identify a potential ethical dilemma from a real-world organization. As an example of an ethical dilemma, consider the following scenario: an organization may choose to videotape the office and read employee e-mails. The conflict here may be that employees feel these practices are a violation of their privacy, and that they have a right to a certain level of privacy. However, organizational stakeholders defend these practices because their concern is whether the employees are getting their work done. Choose any organization about which you can find sufficient information to complete the assessment. For example, you might use […]
June 10, 2019

Capella Breaching Confidentiality in Health Care Facility Ethical

Imagine that the CEO of an organization has asked the human resources department to review the company’s policies. You, personally, have been asked to propose a policy that the organization can implement to address an ethical issue you have identified. You may choose any workplace ethical issue for this assignment. Recommend a policy that resolves the ethical issue you have identified. Evaluate ethical decision making models and associated parameters applicable to the recommended policy. Assess how the recommended corporate policy is socially responsible. Support the recommended policy with well-reasoned analysis and specific examples. Analyze and recommend a strategy for communicating […]
June 10, 2019

Amazon Inc Leadership and Organization

ASSIGNMENT PREP COMPANY SELECTION AND SOURCES Due Week 3: 60 points There are three written assignments in the course,in which you will use the same organization to analyze the culture and make recommendations. Therefore,it is essential you start to think now about your company selection. Consider selecting a company you work for, a company a family member or friend works for, or a civic organization. To ensure your selection sets you up for success in all three assignments, be sure that your company: ▪ is one you are familiar and can draw on internal processes the public (outsider) is unaware […]
June 10, 2019

Importance of Strategic Business Planning and Differentiating

This week, you take a look at the importance of strategic business planning and differentiating your business to meet the needs and wants of the defined target markets that are served. In building upon these important areas, you are going to learn a bit about Trader Joes® and will address questions related to a real-world case study on the Company. Trader’s Joes symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit in everything they do (just like their Founding Father, Joe Coulombe). They are intrepid in their approach to retailing and they are connoisseurs at explaining their distinctive product offerings to their customers with witty […]
June 10, 2019

Project cash flow

NO PLAGIARISM FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED ARE EXAMPLES AND THE GRADING GUIDE Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student to calculate the project cash flow using net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and the payback methods. VERY IMPORTANT – TWO SUBMISSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT Step 1 – (Submit as a WORD document in APA format) Create a memo to management. Memo must include the four main headings (To, From, Date & Subject). Word has templates that you can download. Use a business or professional template. Your outline for your […]
June 10, 2019

Bidding Contract?

Candie Cardigan as a representative for CARDWARE has decided to auction her strapless giraffe print dress made of silk, satin with velvet markings. This particular dress was used in a movie filmed in S. Africa. The dress had been show cased among other famous dresses in the Silkadonia Actors Guild Museum. Cassie Cardigan was chosen to act as the auctioneer for World Wide Auction House. The bidding for the dress began at $5,000. Pearl has been looking forward to participating in the auction for this dress for over three months. Pearl raised her auction paddle and bid the initial $5,000. […]
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